Today i have a fun review for you, we're, going to check out the eachine e160. This is kind of like a beginner to expert advanced flying heli. You can start off with stabilization with this little heli and you can flip into 3d mode and do something pretty extreme 3d motives like tic, tocks, funnels and all that good stuff learn how to fly. It inverted it's. Also, pretty durable i've had some bumps and crashes with it and haven't broke or even separated. Some of the plastic links in the head. The head is also all metal. It is flying on a 2s 700 milliamp battery and this one's gon na get you about five minutes flight time with some extreme 3d or around eight minutes flying time, if you're, just kind of generally flying around with some sport flying now what's cool about this one Is it is kind of you know it is that updated version of the xk k130 a little bit longer tail here for 160 stretch. We have a plastic main gear, which is okay, but they give you an extra one in the box, which is cool, an extra tail rotor and you get an extra set of blades here. It has fairly durable sort of unbreakable type of landing gear. It does have digital metal gear servos. We have underneath the canopy a pretty awesome brushless motor here. This is the hulk brushless motor and it is a 1312 brushless motor also on the stabilized flight controller on here.

This is kind of cool. It does bind up s fhss on here, which is this futaba standard, and you can also put on an additional receiver on here for dsmx, dsm, 2 and even sbus and ppm are supported on here. There'S two little plugs right on top of the flight controller that you can plug in a three pin, jst to and wire it up to your receiver. So you also have your esc on the bottom, coming out down to an xt30 on here, which is nice, because this is going to give more power in this heli than just running a standard jst, some of the older style helis, maybe even two to three years Ago used to use the little red jst connectors for 2s, and it just didn't give us quite as much power. So this is a much larger motor esc flight controller combo with digital metal gear, servos, all metal head, carbon fiber tail boom and a new brushless motor on the tail. So this holds pretty good in some 3d maneuvers but i'm pretty happy with the overall design. The price is around 180 for just the heli by itself. If you want to throw in the transmitter the eachine e6 along with it, you can get this one for around 200 with four batteries in the box, so pretty decent price, but let's go out now. Let'S. Do some flying with it we'll do some minus light flying we'll check out stabilize mode we'll, do the 3d mode and just for fun i'm going to see if this thing will carry a gopro here we go guys.

Let'S do some flying okay, guys let's go ahead and get the e160 up in the air got the 2s 700 milliamp battery in there let's go ahead and spool it up and i'm in 6g mode right now, so we're going to try out stabilized flight, but watch Out on that spool up, because let the heli sort of come up to speed and until you hear it really really powered before you give it sort of positive collective pitch, because the tail will spin out at a low rpm, so um. I think that the motor feels pretty good. My first impression of the hulk motor it's, it's beasty, so i'm doing some pitch bumps up and down, and it feels really good like it would really 3d really well, but we'll see how the tail holds up after we do a little bit of stabilized flight. So for the beginners, the the great thing about this heli is that you really could learn your orientation hovering. First, the pitch bump seems to be really great, almost a little bit aggressive at times for a beginner just watch out when you press that left stick up and down that's going to make it go up and down, and hopefully you're flying a heli simulator of some Type before you start doing this, but you can see that stabilization works pretty good. So if i push the stick left and right like that, it will pretty much go back to stable and then hands off.

It does drift in the wind. It doesn't have like an altitude hole. Doesn'T have positioning holding no gps on this one. It would be cool to see position hold on something this small. They do make some smaller gps's that you know banggood could eaching probably put on this little heli there's a bn 220. I believe that would fit it if they would just wire it into a new flight controller. That'D be really neat and you could also have return to home, but forward flying. I was impressed because it is actually quite fast in stability, mode and new guys who want to watch out for that sort of uh loss of the altitude when you're doing forward flight. So you got ta think about your your altitude because, again guys you don't have altitude hold, but it seems really capable and sounds really really good in the air really liking. The way this heli sounds in the air, it sounds like one of the more expensive blade full metal blinged out, helis that i've flown in the past, pretty decent quality, so stability mode is looking good. I think we should put it down real, quick and let me go ahead and switch into the 3d mode and we'll play around with idle up as well. That'S. On the top left hand, part of the transmitter and that'll give you about 85 percent throttle it's, not maxed out to around 100 throttle which is kind of a protection for that power system.

So, but looking pretty good i'm going to go ahead and switch into 3d and i've got throttle hold on right now, that's very important for new guys to hit throttle hold before you take off when you're plugging in the battery it's. A good idea to have throttle hold on so you don't accidentally spool up and hit yourself now, i'm in 3d mode and once i'm into pile up. I can start doing some flips and rolls, and when i go inverted with idle up on what happens? Is it it maintains that 85 throttle no matter where the stick is you just have to be careful if you're new, you crash and idle up a lot of stuff can break right there. I just did a little flip playing around without being an idol up, but i'm just gon na do some basic stuff. With this, a little inverted loop there tail down loop seems to be pretty good, really a lot more aggressive pitch bumps up and down with idle up on, and you can practice some very mild type of 3d maneuvers. With this heli. I wouldn't say that this would be a total pro heli. I think if a pro guy had it, he could probably just about do anything with it, but it does flip very, very easy, very solid. It feels like i'm flying a bigger heli, something like a 200 to 300 class. It has a nice stable, feel to it, which i like a lot and the smaller.

They are the harder they are to see to 3d. So keep that in mind: if you're new, there's a nice little tick tock, it will do tick. Tocks just need to get it to hold a little more it's, really fun that hulk motor really seems to give it a good amount of power. Now we'll go for aileron roll. It did that perfect, no problem there, but overall, i think it would be a good 3d trainer, really nice flying helicopter and i did have you know. I had some couple a couple crashes with this one. So far, i've had it about two weeks and it still hasn't stripped any gears. I haven't torn anything up in the head and now i'm back on the ground in one piece you guys so should we try to put the gopro on there? Should we try to see if this little heli can lift a full size gopro? I think we can do that just for fun. I'Ll put it on there for you guys. I wanted to see a little bit of some type of flying footage it's not going to be super great, but what a great combo, because the radio is actually not bad. This is this is better than what we had before. It feels like a normal size transmitter with these gimbals and the sticks aren't overly tight, which makes it nice to fly not too loose and not too tight, pretty pretty good setup here for an rtf kit.

So now i put the gopro on the bottom and i had to launch with it in that hole inside that big spindle and i was able to get it up in the air. But there is a little bit of kickback from the heli. You can see and i'm using hyper smooth, so there is quite a bit of vibration, even in idle up it smooths out a little bit, but it's it's really not going to be super usable footage just for fun. Just wanted to show you that i could actually do it and the tail was blowing out a little bit. So keep that in mind. Don'T try this at home, but i just wanted you guys to see some fun footage and tried to land, but not quite over on its side and we're done. But a lot of fun to fly this one and play around let's go back to the studio. All right guys welcome back from the flight test. That was a lot of fun. This little e160 surprised me, because not only does it look good, it flies good, which is awesome, so you can do some pretty aggressive 3d with this. If you have more advanced pilot skills for the the absolute beginner it's, also nice, because you can start out in that 6g mode, that's going to give you stabilization for the six axis gyro, which is really nice and you should be able to get about eight minutes. Flight time in some stability type of flying, i also like that they did pretty much bling out this heli from front to tail, because we have all metal gear servos on here.

We have the flight controller that accepts multiple types of receivers, which is cool the all metal head with plastic inks, which is nice. The links are fairly cheap. You can get extra packs of those as well on the site and all the parts are available on banggood's website, which i think is a big thing for most of you guys buying a chinese heli. One thing to consider is: can i get parts for it? If i couldn't get parts for it, it kind of makes it like a walmart toy heli or something an air hog or something. But this one full parts list available from front to tail um. And i i think that the the brushless motor on the tail held pretty well. It didn't hold super well when i put the gopro in there, but hey this thing is heavy and it's not meant to carry a gopro, but i just wanted to see if it would actually fly in stability mode and still get some some video. So my suggestion, for you guys, is not a gopro. You want to get the insta 360 go and i'll try to put a link down below for that. The insta360 go is about about 16 grams or so super tiny. You could put it on the bottom and make some cool little stabilized 1080p heli videos, but uh. I think overall i've got two thumbs up for the e160, so double thumbs up for this product on my channel because it held up it's durable, it looks cool and it flies awesome.

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