Today i have the east guy sparrow. It is a beginner ready to fly biplane with twin motors on board. It has a 2s battery on here. We also have a 4k camera on the very top. So, im going to try to show you a little bit of flight footage today in this review were going to talk about everything from the power system on here the battery, the esc, and it has a little stabilizer on here. It has a six axis gyro. It has dual rates on here and it has a throttle. Hold switch so were gon na go ahead and get into some flying real, quick and well talk about this plane, while its in the air and what i think about it so far, oh yeah and one other cool thing is this whole elevator back here moves up And down the entire surface right there that moves up and down pretty cool, it has ailerons, but it does not have a rudder. So a very beginner friendly, slow flying awesome, biplane lets go ahead and do some flying ill show you some on board footage as well. Here we go all right, guys, lets go ahead and take off here were going to see how it does full throttle with that camera. I dont know if its gon na make it off the ground. Oh my goodness, just barely made it off the ground. Im gon na try to oh no hit a tree.

Okay were gon na. Try it without the camera on board. All right guys were in high rates again this time were gon na, take off and see uh. If we can get off the ground full throttle full speed ahead with the camera on board, its recording lets go. We got dual rates happening here. I dont know if its going to get up in time – oh my god, its going to crash again. Oh no were not going to make it up were just going to stop right there. Oh, can we turn around? Oh, maybe we can do a long parking lot. Take off here. All right, full throttle right toward us lets. Go full stick up trying to make it up with that camera come on baby, its not going to do it and im taking off and now no problem – and you know, whats cool about this plane – is that yeah, its um slow enough and aerobatic enough to be Able to fly indoors like inside a gymnasium or something like that totally inside a gym baseball field. I mean this is like making turns right here, and they say in the instruction manual that this baby will turn within 1.5 meters, so yeah its like an indoor or outdoor biplane. We have some actually have some ama flights on thursday nights for sky nights and the sky nights meet, they fly their little stuff and this one will definitely fly in that space.

If you slow down on the throttle just cruises. Hopefully, you can still see that in the camera view, that is a lot of fun and lets come in and do a little landing here. Well, just go down the parking lot circle back around biplane style, no mpv today, just pure line of sight flying and stopped as a feather lets go ahead and take off again taxi around full throttle up baby. So they say it gets a pretty good flight time. Um im not sure what that will be uh. Oh, i almost hit that light pole. You know im thinking like if i get 10 minutes and its 32 degrees outside today. That would be impressive. It would also be impressive if this thing would hover lets, try to get it to hover. I dont think it will, but no its not gon na hover its not like one of those ultra light 3d planes. This baby is just a pure cruiser, really trying not to hit that tree over there. How cool is that? Look at low, slow flying that was unintentional touch and go now im in full rates. Right now, and let me show you what low rates looks like so its going to fly really nice and slow its not going to give me that tight turn so im going to do a big, sweeping turn and fly around the light pole again over the trees And lets just kill the motors and see how it glides to a landing, not too bad.

You have a little better, efficient glide. I guess you could scoot the battery just a tiny bit. The cool thing about this plane also is that it has cg markings under the wing, probably under the bottom wing, for your fingers. So you can see where the cg of your battery needs to be, and that just means moving the battery forward or backwards for the beginners. Look, how cool that thing is. We could do some donuts with this little guy. Should we do some donuts twin engine donuts there we go awesome lets, go full throttle and take off again now the uh, the manual actually says like you, can do full throttle for like the full flight time. Um lets just do a fast flyby there and it is really durable because i already crashed into a tree down at the end of the parking lot and it survived the canopy for the battery flew off. But look at that um in low rate. Did you see that it goes back to level? So if i let go of the sticks in low rates, this baby is leveling out. If i let go of the stick watch this okay, i want to try to watch this hold my beer. As i fly into this pine tree, i almost flew into a pine tree. Okay, im gon na come back around into the camera view, and i want you to see that, oh god, oh god, were gon na, do a durability test.

Oh its flying, crazy, erratic! Okay! Here we go im back to the back to the field. Okay, let go of the stick, see it level out cool now, im going to come back around and i wonder if we can do some flips and rolls in high rates. What do you guys think i dont know if this thing has enough power for that? I need to get really high for that. I really hate to like crash it into the concrete full throttle its not going to. Let me oh yeah, it will oh, no, it doesnt want to do a full roll okay, so it is very beginner friendly. I dont see that it will do manual, but it really does a tight turn. So if this was like your first airplane kind of go from like mild to wild here really having to work on my depth perception today with uh this flight because of all the trees and power poles, that was a navy landing thats, what they call a navy Landing of quick, fast landing. Okay, now, im back into duel rates, high rates, high and low rates, stabilization, gyro twin engine: this is a cool release. Ive got a little tail dragger set up here, and i want you to notice something about the landing gear. The landing gear is super wide, its an extra wide landing gear, and it kind of reminds me of the avastar nitro cleaner that a nitro trainer that i used to have a really wide stance.

Tail dragger. It lands a lot better than you know, say a narrow stance. Wide stance is very forgiving and just kind of bounces to the ground kind of land on one wheel, if i was really fancy id try to land on one wheel, for you see right there right there, it just catches itself, no problem man. This first battery is a lot of fun, so mine came with two batteries and i think you guys will get two with yours and it definitely flies way better than the eachine cessna that i have reviewed on the channel before come back around. How crazy is it that i have not hit a tree since that first crash im loving the high rates so um? I should show you more of the low rates but im having so much fun flying this biplane and the high rates im really getting to work on my line of sight skills here for you uh. Some of you guys are watching my channel most of the time im playing fpv and its kind of like sitting in the cockpit. Oh my first crash there we go so yeah its kind of like sitting in the cockpit with fpv view, but also another cool thing about this is that when it flips over, the props dont touch the ground, so the gyros are trying to help out here. You can see the surface is moving and up and down as well keep the nose up.

We can also do a hand launch. We can try to do a hand launch here. We go and theres like zero wind right now. I almost hit that tree almost hit that tree and were just going to come in for a little pavement landing here. You can probably catch this plane, take off again, Music and thats. What i love about micros, this little guy, is under 250 grams, no need to register this one take off. Weight is under 250, which is awesome. Faa does not care about this one or deem it as an aircraft. This little guy is purely a toy, so cool and lets go back into high rates here. Gon na do some tight turns and itll. Let you get almost like pointing the wingtip to the ground, but it wont let you like: do a roll im going to go up high again and just try that i might be testing my luck here. Its going to go full! Stick its not going to do it, it will dive at the ground, but it will not roll so thats thats interesting. So you have to figure out how to get this baby in manual mode im. Sure it has a full manual mode with rc airplanes. Acro mode is what we, what we call manual mode, and this would kind of be an acro mode honestly, because it still does have some onboard, stabilizer or gyro help, even in acro mode theres, still a little bit of accelerometer help this babys rocking a little accelerometer.

Oh man, i almost hit that tree just in but yeah keep it nice and tight. The battery time is nice and long. It almost wants to hover. I mean, i know theres a lot of better planes out there guys you guys could probably gon na make some comments. Oh this plane is better that plane is better but check that out. That was a pretty hard crash right there. So lets uh check out. Is there any damage im going to flip the throttle, kill switch on the right side and man? This landing gear is really punch back theyre like aluminum landing gear, and this is great for today, because its wet out here and all the electronics are inside the fuselage thats. The cool thing about sail planes and airplanes when youre flying electric sail planes, airplanes outside and snowy day. If you crash in the snow, most of your electronics are inside the fuselage, whereas, like you know, fpv plane, i mean fpv, multi, rotor lets say most of the electronics are exposed. If you dont have them covered or have some kind of conformal coating on them. Youre going to fry that electronics, so whoa, almost almost biffed it having fun flying around that light pole over there. Hopefully you guys can see that man. This thing is like on a constant hover, so cool about half. Stick she almost kind of hovers uh. Oh, i hit the car so as soon as you crash one of the things you want to do to avoid damaging your motors or having something uh go bad on.

You burn up an esc or something like that or burn up. The flight controllers just go ahead and hit throttle hold on on the right side of your transmitter. That is right here. So you see a red and a green button right there. So red is throttle, kill, high and low rates on this side. Here we go. We still got battery you guys lets just keep flying here. Im gon na go ahead and arm it wow. I saw some water kick up off of it. That time went down into the snow. Oh man, that low rate is really low. I dont know how i got between the light pole and the tree. The coolest thing about flying, something i think versus like rc cars guys is like whoa um, getting something off the ground, its always like a challenge to get it off. The ground fly it around. In the air and then like bring it back to the to the ground and land it and you take it home in one piece that day its like thats, like the most rewarding thing ever for rc airplanes, like that to me, is like the coolest thing about Rc airplanes, getting it in the air, take off fly it around, bring it home in one piece but landing it without breaking it. I mean its just such a challenge to fly rc airplanes compared to to just a drone with stabilization i mean. I know this plane has a little stabilization im, really skirting those trees over there, but for the most part you know what this is kind of a fairly manual flying plane, its not helping me out a ton.

It does feel more like a traditional rc airplane. It has pretty good rate in in the in the high rate, if you have a big field flying in the low rate like if youre a beginner, just just go to a big field somewhere, even like a soccer field, would be good start out in low rate And you could probably do a hand toss and also think about your next turn before you do it like. If youre heading toward a tree, you know be sure to bank away from the tree and lets do a little landing here. Its a little plop down and the cool thing is theres no propeller up front on the nose. So when you do plop down, the propellers are up high on the wing, so you dont, actually you know actually scrape the propellers on the pavement. Thats super cool, so this battery is still going. We are still flying this baby. I mean yeah this battery might last like 15 minutes, like its kind of crazy im, still getting a lot of full throttle out of this lipo. Its 2s 650 lipo, oh, i think, were dying now now were dying all right, shes coming down. You should never really fly them down this low, but that was a lot of fun to fly, im going to go ahead and hit throttle, kill there throttle kill. We have high and low rates a little bit of stabilization and just a really easy airplane fly.

So you can check this one at the link down below and as always guys. Please do subscribe to my channel to see whats new whats coming up in the rc community. I have tons of new releases coming into the drone cams channel all the time, not just drones, but airplanes drones, fpv race, drones, gliders, fpv, planes, rc cars. We do it all right here on this channel, so im, justin davis, take care, guys, happy, holidays and happy new year ill.