Well, i have the s135 drone right here. This is an under 200 us drone, its for beginners entry level, but it has a lot of cool features in this package, so it comes in the shoulder bag. Let me tell you about the drone here: it is another mavic. Looking drone so whats interesting about this one. Well, it has a three axis gimbal with electronic image stabilization. It also has 360 laser obstacle avoidance, so a little laser unit goes on top its included. So when you fly forward, it looks forward. When you go sideways, it looks sideways. When you go backwards, it looks backwards on the bottom. You have optical flow and you can switch between this camera to take video and this camera on the bottom. If you wish. So the optical flow is good for indoors. It keeps the drone steady and when youre outdoors its just, you know kind of holding its position above the ground. It is a foldable drone and you can put a micro sd card in this unit and then record the video on the micro sd card, but you dont have to you can record it right on your phone. If you desire to do that, its got some pretty cool lights up front, all blue and flashy and glowy, it looks pretty neat. The battery will give you 30 minutes of run time, so you should be able to fly for 30 minutes and, like i said you know, for under 200 bucks, you can get quite a few batteries with this.

I think you get uh three batteries for under 200 bucks im, not really sure, but you have to check the links below range on. This is advertised at 3, 000 meters, which is three kilometers, which is about close to two miles. I honestly dont think it gets that because the antennas on this controller – i do not see wires going through. So that means its shooting from the inside to this, and i dont see antennas on this and i dont see antennas on this. So its kind of hard to get 3 000 meters and the final thing, if you read the specs, it says its an 8k drone, obviously for under 200 bucks youre not going to get a drone with 8k video. What theyre talking about is for the photos. Theyre. 8K, so all theyre doing is manipulating the software on your phone to give you 8k, if you want it so basically, youre getting like i dont know a 2 or 4k photo bounced up to an 8k, but in this video im going to check all that out. So were going to see how good the photos are and how good the video is and how good the range is and how long the battery lasts and all that other good stuff so lets go fly it now all right wouldnt, you know it. I forgot the landing pad, so i have a mat from the back of my jeep thats. What im gon na use right here all right lets, take our drone and our controller and lets get going.

So the first thing we want to do is open up the arms on the controller. You can see how it opens nicely like this. These antennas move them out away because they really dont do anything this little spot up here, flip it up and youll. Have your display in there – and this is for your cell phone, so lets power this on little power button down here there we go got a blue screen and lots of information on it on the drone itself. Right up here is where you put the obstacle avoidance im gon na fly it without the obstacle. Avoidance. First ill put it on later, so we just power it on back here, im gon na press. This button and youll see what i mean by pretty blue lights. Music, pretty blue lights, and then you take the left, joy sticker and this joy sticky thing and move it up and down get a little beep a couple of beeps, and that means this is connected to the drone. Next thing you have to do is: take your phone and manually connect to the wi fi of the drone ill. Stick it and ill. Stick it over there. Someplace youll see it here that im connected make sure you do that at home before you come out to the field so that when you come out to the field and theres no wi fi around it, just automatically connects thats what my phone is done, then you Open up the app the app i want to open is called rx drone, yeah thats it rx drone and uh.

There we go and the cool thing on this app is on the bottom of the screen. It tells you the wi fi youre connected to and it should be the wi fi of the drone. Now i will show you something i found very funny when you go into these settings uh. You have all these settings, but the first thing youre going to notice is they spelt settings wrong at the top. And if you look at a lot of the words, they are not going to make sense and when you go to the bottom, wi fi version and if i click on any of these things, it says firmware. And if i click on the bottom one. It says firmware and you can see down here, you see where it says, snapshot settings. You have all the way up: 4k. 6K. 8K. So thats, where your 8k comes from right. There ive left it at 4k, because thats probably more realistic what it is all right. So im gon na hit the play button and you should see what my drone sees looking forward. There we go next, like all budget entry level drones, you have to do a compass calibration so up here on your controller, the top button at the top right just hold that in for about three seconds, it will beep. So now the lights are flashing on the drone, so i know its working. That just means do a compass calibration, so you hold it up and you just spin it three times or until you hear a beep well thats a way too fast with that beep.

What are you doing? Im just gon na keep spinning it. Then it says, put the nose down. You should spin it at least three times. I dont know why its beeping. So soon there you go. It says thats, good and im, putting it back down then theres. Another button on here below the top one at the upper right, the next one down it looks like a spinny top thats. Your gyro calibration just press that one there we go. My lights are going nuts on the drone when they stop says its all good. Now, look at your controller and see how many satellites you have it looks like. I have 19 satellites. If i understand what im looking at ill take my phone ill, stick it in the top. I have a case. I have an iphone 11 pro max and with the case on it, fits in the controller nicely. All right, i think, were almost ready to fly. This stand back here, drones over there im going to pull the joysticks out and im going to lift the left joystick here up and we are going to rise way up in the sky. Lets bring it down. So i must have. Did the gps calibration correct because its extremely stable right there, all right, ive, got the record on on this camera, and here i am see my long shadow ill walk around. This is what it looks like. I do not know the resolution that its recording at but im going to put it right up there so thats the recorded resolution on this drone.

Now there is a gimbal on here that you can manipulate with a little dial on the side. So, as you can see right here, if i turn it one way, i can bring it down. I get a little bit of beepy sound, okay, im standing in front lets see how it flies. I got ta, take it forward nice and slow well, thats slow, but that looks fast to me. Ill just spin it around here. So there we go thats it going in the sun. How does that look flys, pretty nice! You got to get used to the joysticks, though thats for sure i will click the little item on here. Its a picture of a drone and those are all my settings, look for the one that says follow. So where are you circle follow there? We are gps. Follows the one you want, so click on gps follow all right, so ill just turn around and walk and see. If it follows me ill go really fast see if it can catch up quickly, is it coming or is it waiting a while? Oh finally, there its coming it was hesitating. It was like. Where are you all right, so there we go okay, its right there. It probably doesnt have the greatest follow me mode on here. Let me try the other one. Let me go back to the cameras. Lets go this way, take it out and follow me and go back this way come on.

I guess its still in follow me and head back. This way see how it works, and then it takes a while and then it comes there. It is, it has to decide which way to go all right so now its coming all right, so lets go back over here and ill. Try. The other follows me, because the other ones made no sense. It was like body follow and stuff like that. So here we go, click on follow, it says, face follow body follow. So i have no idea lets go fa. I dont know what face is lets go body follow? Is there a s? No, i dont know what that does palm follow. No idea. These might be. For indoors ill try face see what it does. Theres my face. There you go theres my face, follow my face. My face is moving. This way my face is moving this way. Nope. I have no idea. I just dont want the drone to hear me, but sometimes these apps are made for many drones, not just this guy up there. So i think thats the case here. This app is made from multiple drones. So all the features on it only apply to certain drones. Thats, why theres, no body follow face, fall or anything else dont want to hurt its feelings. Lets go back. Lets try another one, a simple one: circle mode whoa. It shows me a whole map of where i am thats kind of scary said: current height, good 10.

5 radius and somehow i have to make it go so. Okay, hang on a second drone im going back over here. All right, i cant figure out how to get the map to work so im going to skip that. I dont know if it even applies to this drone. Okay im having no luck with a lot of the settings on here. Let me take it up. Ill switch cameras here, ill just show you. The two cameras switch cameras there. We are theres the grass, oh, my god that looks terrible lets walk under it. I should be under the drone at some point now looking under, so this drone does have a virtual reality mode. You can buy those goggles off of amazon theyre about 20 or 30 bucks. Then you tap on your screen and theres two of me, so i walk in front theres, two of me out here, but if i had those goggles on it would look pretty cool. There is a speed setting on here im at 60, so im going to play with that. So let me just see how this goes sitting right here. It looks good with the lights lets break it down and let me just gun it: okay, so thats 60 thats pretty slow, theres a little speed dial here it says: speed go faster there, two beeps that should be faster. Yes, that is faster and then, of course, i should get three beeps three beeps.

This is uh sport mode, so i got ta hold it, bring it up a bit there. We go yeah so thats fastest. Since i like flying drones, i do like flying in fast modes like this. The lights on this drone are extremely bright. You could really see them all right. Im, gon na take it out of sport mode here, pour chops off my head. All right lets. Try a photo on here. Let me just stop the video ill, try a photo Applause, theres a photo im gon na put the obstacle avoidance on and well try that. Hopefully i have better luck im having no luck with this drone, like you know it flies, but i just cant get the features to work. All right did i even put the obstacle avoidance on correctly? Yes, i did good okay, so thats on. So this is a laser rangefinder, more or less it can spin 360.. So its going to look that way when were flying forward to the side and to the rear for each direction its flying, the sun is going to mess it up because all of these get the sun reflecting back and that messes it up so im gon na Have to fly it that way away from the sun for obstacle avoidance to work. These laser rangefinders are all made to work when the sun is directly above, not when its sitting right there, all right, ive got the obstacle avoidance on it.

Lets go. Take it up. You can see the obstacle when its moving side to side look at that its pretty cool. All right lets go up: Music, okay, so the suns over there. If i go forward no problem because it will move forward, so watch this forward. Okay, now theres our little guy watch. What happens when i come backwards coming at me here this things gon na flip around coming back now see it there we go and if you go side to side uh, let me try this way. So im gon na go sideways. Its looking backwards, go sideways here, go sideways, so its gon na monitor itself uh in every direction, so it doesnt crash into anything. Does it work lets? Try it all right, im standing here, youre gon na crash it to me its beeping and it stopped. Thank god. I always thought those spinning blades of death were coming at me, so uh lets try other things theres my jeep over there. As soon as it sees the sun, its gon na stop, oh its going pretty good there we go, it saw the sun, so lets go this way well get out of the sun, bring it this way all right and were gon na go forward into the yeah. It sees the jeep already there we go come around and dust storm here lets go in my jeep, okay, im away from the sun that sees the jeep all right, so the obstacle avoidance works so take it high above the tree, so it doesnt see anything and Theres a tree right there lets bring it down, lets see if it sees this tree coming down coming down and theres a tree right.

There lets go into it whoa. I didnt see that tree until the last second. Did you see that holy cow? Okay? So it apparently is blind to trees. It can see me at a jeep, but i cant see a tree, but that just shows how well it survives all right, this crazy. All right, let me take it away up way up there just going to check out the range a bit here: Music, all right, im, gon na hit return to home and see if it lands right in front of this camera. Here we go return home, just pressed it and it makes a bunch of noises. It should be coming back all right so its coming down and it is not gon na land on this landing pad there we go so theres the landing pad down there and its over here, not too bad, see here so im gon na go behind it. Its got the obstacle avoidance going there. We go so thats where she landed, and you can see my camera there and the landing pad is right up here. Doesnt this drone look pretty cool in the evening light all right. Next thing i want to show you is: what comes in the box check this out? This is the box. Your drone comes in inside that box. Youll find a very nice shoulder bag inside that shoulder bag. Youll find your drone and accessories lets start off with the drone. First off the battery is charged via usb, so you do receive a usb cable and you also receive spare props the indicator lights on this drone are very bright and there is no way to turn them off.

The total weight of the drone is 336 grams. If you wish to use the laser obstacle detection with this drone, pull off the top cover and attach the laser detection, the included controller is rechargeable and requires no batteries. It is well labeled, well marked, and it does have a nice bright screen that is rather small but still viewable. Finally, everything you need to know about the operation of this drone is included in the user manual. Okay, so final thoughts on this drone first off lets talk about the controller. Well, the controller is pretty basic. Like i said in the back, these are not real antennas, so theres really no communication system to get to this drone. If its far away the app is pretty good display is pretty good, its pretty simple to use, although i cant figure it out because, like i said this app is probably made from multiple drones. So when i try to make it work with this one, i have no idea lets go to the drone itself. It actually flies really nice. I like the way it flies. It works as advertised. You know, i dont know how the video quality looks. Youve seen it im going to see it after the fact, and i put the resolution and everything else and how the photos looked and everything else, this obstacle avoidance its pretty decent. If you use it when its not an evening with the sun low in the horizon, and if you want it to not have obstacle avoidance theres no switch to turn it off.

You just do this blink, you pull it off there. You go obstacle, avoidance off point and obstacle avoidance is on its that simple, but it does work. The obstacle avoidance works, although it does not seem to recognize trees without leaves. If there was leaves on that tree, maybe it would have worked. I dont know its hitting this: its a laser, maybe lasers, dont work with trees from what i could see in the image. The three axis gimbal see it flopping around or here its actually pretty decent, its accurate, its actually better than even more expensive drones. So it keeps your image quite uh, you know the horizon steady and everything smooth. It looked pretty good in what i saw on my my phone. The range on this just like i said no antenna is visible, sticking out any place on here or on here. So you can fly this quite far, but you will not get video signal back so eventually, when i was flying. My video signal stopped, but the recording continues on the drone and you keep on flying just cant, see where youre flying so thats, probably how they came up with that three thousand meters. Other than that. What could i say its? An under two hundred dollar drone designed for entry level beginners, so what im gon na do is im gon na put links below right here, where you can get it. It is on the banggood store. There is a discount code, go check it out.

You can get it with one two or three batteries. I believe, each time you add a battery, the price goes up. So with all of that, i say thanks for watching the video hope you enjoyed it. I try to keep them entertaining not on purpose its just the way things work out and i have a lot of fun.