This is the eachine law, 5 style, and you might be wondering why they call it the style. I have an idea that they call me of the style, because it is what does it say with me: guys: freestyle it's, the freestyle version of the original law 5 with. I believe it was a cat X tarsier on board shooting 4k video. So you had dual cameras up front and what's interesting about this setup is that you can still tell they're using that same type of front end on here. It has a TPU mount and it looks like it would still accommodate two cameras. If you wanted to upgrade this to a tarsier later or put the run cam version on there, you can do either of those and shoot 4k on this particular Freestyle frame. But I think that a lot of people like to shoot with GoPro, so they wanted to come up with a go pro version and that in return makes it cheaper right now. It'S, a hundred and fifty nine dollars for this quad, which is kind of a crazy price for what you get, especially for how it flies now, the original one I felt like for some reason it it draw too many amps too quickly out of the battery, and I got a fairly short flight time under three minutes, so I think it was a beasty quad. These are it's one of 405 motors on here. These are 24 50 kV, we're running some very similar, looking sight, props.

It they're not cyclones, though they're actually race, star, and these are 51 45 inch props, with a nice sort of medium cord and a nice tapered tip out on the end, with not a whole lot of pitch, so they they fly nice and smooth, but they give You a decent punch out, you do have also two options for battery mount. You can do one on top just behind the GoPro here and I usually like to fly a 4s 1550. The second map mounting option is on the bottom and I'll show it up on the screen. Here you have really nice carbon fiber on the bottom and a strap option on the bottom as well. So either way you'd like to mount your battery, you can do that. You can fit a little larger battery on the bottom if you want, because you have a whole length of the quad now we also have 50 amp BL heli SCS and those are programmable by the on board bluetooth. You can use speedy, be on your phone, so you you download, speed, EB. You turn on the quad. Obviously take the props off indoors and you're going to be able to go into beta flight change around your parameters and you can add new pigs. You can work on the pigs make a little little better in the back. I also have a TPU mount right back here and I also like seeing that they use of lollipop three.

We have our antennas come out, the back of that TPU mount and my xm receiver is just underneath here and I was able to get to it pretty quickly, which was also really nice. I think it flew awesome. It was really easy to just take off and start flying and it's one of those quads that I was impressed with the flight time before, because I was getting 5 minutes to 6 minutes freestyle and 7 to 8 minutes on a 4 s550 1550 with a slower. More cinematic style fly, so it definitely has duality if you want to symma like it's a really sick clothes in cinema shots with this or you just want to bomb down a mountain, this quad will pretty much do either freestyle. It could also do some racing because of a these motors are super beasty, but the best thing about this one so far is the flight time and up to an eight minute flight time is unheard of on freestyle quad, so throw some crossfire on here with your Mortal T on the backs already got that spot there for the immortal T and send it down a mountain or, if you're, a beginner start out in stability mode work your way up to a crow, and this would be an awesome, acro trainer. So let's go ahead. Now let's go hit some cliffs of Oregon guys and after that, I'll give you my final opinion on the law: 5 style.

Here we go Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, alright, guys welcome back, and you know I always like to ask you guys what you thought. I think that this this quad, I did have a little bit of antenna damage from my crash in the top of the tree, but I did a nice durability test for you guys. This quad has five millimeter arms on the bottom. They are replaceable arms and it has a classic long body design, which means you can get plenty of battery on the top, but it goes all the way up to 800 millimeters that's. One of the thing I forgot to mention in the very first of this video, so for freestyle guys you can get really big air maneuvers. You can go way out there and you can really have a nice transmission back to your goggles, a really solid transmission. You want to be careful cranking, it all the way up to 800 during the summer months, because this little btx can get super hot and possibly fried don't. Leave it sitting on the ground crank an 800 for more than even a couple minutes very, very sensitive. During the summer months, so I can only imagine how hot this little guy would get, but the cool thing is that the good news is that smart audio came pre configured. So I was able to change my power modes with the sticks on the fly, which is really nice and in combination with speedy B it's, really easy to go in there and change the pits, and I didn't have to do any tuning out of the box because It flew great out of the box so already I'm having a lot of good stuff to report back about this one, and you know you guys want to hear some negative stuff.

One negative is that I came back missing a couple screws on the bottom. These two screws I had to replace and partially that's my fault, you guys. Whenever you get any quad, you get any RC car or any, even any RC helicopter airplane anything you get from some factory that has sort of pre built you something like a Bynum fly. Take your driver and go around and tighten up all the screws and also missing one screw on the bottom of the motor here and one on this motor. So I lost a total of four screws off this quad. So go over this quad entirely with the driver and we have metal to metal connections. It doesn't hurt to use a little bit of Loctite, because that will save you and it'll keep your screws in place while you're flying now. What I also like about this frame is that it does have a little 20 by 20 option on the very back as well. You decided to upgrade this to a CAD X for your DJI goggles later you got a spot for a CAD X, visto back there, which is really cool so upgrade it to digital and fly with a GoPro, so great price.