You know signal amplifier for this bad boy. Um lets get right into it. You know what im saying lets unbox the mini 2 first. So here we go, i already took the plastic off. Unfortunately, i couldnt get that its always satisfying, so we got in the box. This is the fly more combo 550 on amazon comes in this case. Right here strap its a nice somewhat hefty. Here we go so it is packed like this. Just out of the box. Um lets see start off with the mini itself. Here we go palm of the hand, pretty pretty damn light. Um lets get these off little stickers holy thats, the uh camera case right there and theres the camera itself and the three mount gimbal say: hi, hes, cute, hello, so use the propeller holders to hold it in place seems like they didnt do that, but im sure Thats, just because of shipping dji right there heres my hair lets see this is the uh, the holder itself, its a little clip, and this comes right off, and what do we have here? So it is pretty pretty small little battery case with the battery already in it lets open this up and it looks like i like little snapping. Its really uh snaps feel good. So here we go in the palm of the hand about that big sweet. A couple. More stickers just telling you how to unfold it, its pretty self explanatory, though bam all right.

Well there it is so to put it back into small mode, give it a little twist a little twist and boom and boom im gon na put back the uh propeller holder. It is back to uh business, hopefully thats not hurting it. It looks kind of tight put that off to the side. Next in the box, the wrapped controller, a beauty lets get this on done, could be a little bit more satisfying, but here we go boom all right, so we got the controller. The joysticks are separately in the box and heres a little the mount thats nice sweet. Oh, these are cool. Are these the uh? Oh, those must be the actual uh joysticks just held in there thats, that is nice Applause. All right. Applause: two things in the box here: the paperwork im not gon na do anything with these right now. Oh no, mr alien is falling. Lets get them back boom accessories; okay, these are always fun boom. Sure this is the charger yep battery charger right here ones already in the drone itself, pretty compact got some charging cables wrapped. In a little bit of cardboard, we got one usbc usbc and a usbc to micro, throw those in the back charging block a regular usb to usb c, and just like that for the accessory box, all right, so in here itself, heres, the main compartment got one Like little small skinny pouch, the actual pouch for the drone itself, the accessory areas and then a top zipper loaded with you know spare parts.

So we got three sets of propellers another set of joysticks and a little tool im sure this is for the propellers sweet. Putting it all back, put this back back on, so it snaps into place like that top first click it in its a little finicky slide that back in right there. So here we go thats. What it looks like might as well just put some the paperwork in the skinny pocket sweet. Next we got the skyrie signal. Amplifier boom, nice little packaging, so i dont have a knife. I dont want to. You know what youre going to need a knife – Music, big boy right here – give that a little cut with a big boy and then a little case um. So this thing attaches to the back of the controller. Show you that later, but here it is little cell towers, for your controller bam, so real, quick ill show you how to get this thing started. According to the quick start guide, weve got the controller with the joysticks mounted from right here, screw them in nice and quick download. The dji fly app, and here we go get a little. You know video im gon na gon na skip that agree to the terms. Allow by using app im sure, im gon na allow those notifications, bluetooth, sure, okay, all right all that data improvement project collecting data. You know what not now so time to register your phone and your app.

So here we go so once you get that new user guide playing three videos: Music, Music, so Applause, Music, bye, Applause, Music, sweet, so lets get it connected now lets do mini 2. Take it on install the control, sticks short press, the remote control power button, not the alien, give it a short press, its at you know two thirds press and hold again until the remote beeps all right, so the drone is on its blinking, lift it up. So i thought it was just a long press thats what it says, but instead its a short press and then a long press boom right there, okay, all right and then it automatically switches next to the app thats sweet. Okay, the eula yeah sign in with everything all right, so this is the refresh which is pretty much like the insurance for this. I might look into that in a second, but not right, now skip sweet. So here we go. We got.