Our um drone is a little it’s a little bit amazing for me, because that’s a lot of views for a small small channel, guys um now the reason why i’m making this guys is because i’m i’m getting comments or i’m getting mine in two weeks. Well, i’m. Getting mine today, or i already got mine uh whatever a week ago. How do you do this? How do you do that um, just just tons of comments, you know and me guys. I i don’t want you guys to buy something that isn’t. What i think you guys would have fun with um or the quality, so something like this is like 48. Now you know the price just went up on it: it’s it’s it’s, a it’s, a high cost drone um. The quality of the camera is not great guys. Um let’s go ahead and open this it’s uh it comes in in 4k. These are some of my other batteries. It comes in in 4k guys. It really does have a 4k camera like 4k ish. It will give it to you in 4k and even when you take the video and put it in something else, it will say it’s in 4k, but other than that guys. This drone is not my first one on the list that i would buy, not to mention guys. This is something that i don’t want. You guys really to spend your money on um. This drone is about 40 to 50 bucks.

Guys and it’s quality is very it’s, not as good it’s, not super poor quality, guys it’s, not um it’s, decent quality, it’s, not horrible. I mean i’ve seen really worse. We all have being in this um rc stuff. You see some horrible items out there. You know, and this one is not the most horrible iss item. It has a camera on the bottom right here, so it has a visual positioning, so it it stays still pretty good guys, but this is something that i really i mean i i didn’t i don’t have any problems with it guys it still works fine for me, Um the thing i didn’t like about it is, i couldn’t go very far from this cheap transmitter. It comes with um. Another thing i had is when i had my phone connected to it. It started going a little haywire, so uh i would. I would still use the app, but i would not keep the phone. I would not attach it to my phone. I would just press record, throw it in my pocket and hope it came back. You know came out good because the interference is just way too heavy and you end up you’ll end up crashing and when this drone crashes or it like just lands a little bit funny, it turns itself off so you’re, not finding that drone once it it lands Somewhere, it’s not supposed to you’re, not gon na, i mean once it lands and it bumps into something.

It’S gon na turn itself off and you’re, not getting it. You’Re not gon na be able to find it because you won’t be able to sync it back to the transmitter to hear where it’s at um and that’s that’s. Another thing i didn’t that’s. That was what i’m, like i’m telling you guys right now: that’s that’s one of the biggest problems i didn’t like about it is that i could not separate this from this transmitter that far. You know it just wasn’t good enough, and if i did, i was a little afraid that it might fly away. I mean it does as soon as it does not feel i mean as soon as it does not receive any signals from the transmitter. It will land itself after flying forward a little bit. It will land itself guys, but i don’t know guys. I just don’t want you guys to spend your money on something like this guys. I mean it’s a cool drone. If you got more than one, then this is okay. You can grab this one you’ll have fun with it, but for this to be somebody’s first drone, i do not recommend that guys. I do not, especially if your money is low, say you got 50 bucks and you’re a kid. You know you don’t got very much money to be spending on a drone, not to mention you probably need an adult to do all these returns if it’s bad. So what i’m, trying to tell you guys is it’s a cool drone, but i don’t think this should be a drone that you get if you only have 50 dollars.

I do not recommend the strong for you. The quality of it is not very good guys. It is very lightweight in your hand, it has. The plastic is not too good, not too bad, but it is not the best guys. It is just not the best and if you’re looking for a drone – and you need one, but you don’t got much money guys. Then you’re going to have, i recommend that you do this. I recommend that if you got some money on you and you really want to get a drone, i recommend that you go for this one now. This one here is a older drone does not have visional visual positioning. You know it’s it’s, the smart, this one’s really a lot older than that one. This one’s all over. I forgot its name. It’S been such a while um, not really sure like the e5 9, or something like that, i i don’t know guys. I don’t remember maybe my my manuals inside there, but this is a much much better drone, even without visual positioning it’s. Still a really nice drone, guys um, i think it’s better for the money um not to mention. I think that it’s built better it’s a little bit bigger, uh easier to get parts for it. I’Ll tell you that much! I got it. I already bought a whole bunch of extra parts for it, so you see, i have um, i had lost some parts in a tree and i had to go and order it online and the parts were very easy to get.

The other drone is a little bit difficult, sometimes to get you might have to go for sure from china, but this one guys. I think this is the way to go. So you know wow. This is some of my rc stuff in there didn’t know that was in there good to know i mean it comes with uh two: it came with two batteries and it’s two yeah, two batteries, so it’s, just a really good drone guys, i think it’s much better. In its quality compared to this one here now this one isn’t as bad guys, it’s not horribly bad it. It just feels extremely light. When you open this part up here um these may be slightly loose a little just not as tight. You know, um. It just feels very lightweight, doesn’t feel quality guys i mean it, doesn’t feel horribly bad, but it definitely does not feel good um. This one here feels better in the hand um it feels better. When i open it up, it is cheaper and it feels much better, and i know that if somebody were to get this one you’d be really happy with it. It’S a really nice drone works really well flies. Better comes with a better transmitter easier to get parts. It flies pretty good there’s, nothing wrong with its flights. You guys can see it online there’s tons of videos of this thing flying as a matter of fact, i even think i got a video of it flying so for it not having visual positioning.

It does fly really good guys and the transmitter itself is pretty nice it’s, not ugly, and this transmitter you can actually get some distance with it. You don’t have to worry about your drone taking off on you, um also guys uh. What else was i gon na? Tell you let me put that back Applause yeah, so the drone is just better it’s gon na cost you about maybe 38 bucks but uh. I think this drone is much better and if i can save you guys the hassle of uh the drones, because i mean when you’re looking at them online, you have no idea what they look like um in person, you’re just you’re, just looking at them. You know you don’t know but that’s. Why i’m trying to tell you guys this one is built better guys. It is built better. It will last longer not to mention the parts. Are super easy to get it’s uh it’s, just a better product. Overall, you can see they’re pretty much the same size of a drone but i’m telling you guys if you’re gon na get a drone that’s low cost. I think you should go with this one guys it it does have an adjustable seat. Can film the horizon a little bit it’s a little down still, but you can’t move it since 720p um. Do we got it? We got an sd card slot right there, so it’s it’s it’s. I think it’s just better.

I think that if you were to purchase this drone um, if you bought them both, i think you would prefer this one, because i you would feel the quality of it not to mention it flies further. Um it just it just has this one is good at flying. It’S decent, you can see, it really will focus on the horizon, how straight it is um. It looks pretty cool. I, like it, it looks nice, but it just feels absolutely light guys and uh. It’S flight characteristics are not the best this one. Here i had more fun with it. I was able to fly it further. I got some decent pictures from it, decent video from it. Um, just i had a better experience guys with this one than this one and a lot of you guys are buying this one, and you know me, i suggest you guys go if you don’t have much money! Okay, if you don’t, have much money, guys and you’re rolling with only 50 bucks, maybe 40., okay, so and you’re. Looking at a drone, this one will probably come in a 36 dollar zone, maybe 40, and this one the same thing, maybe a little higher. I noticed its price went up, so if you got around that much, i would suggest going with this one, not this one. But if you got like 55 and you’re willing to spend 55, then just just get rid of these drones period, just get rid of them and go straight to this guys.

You will be extremely happy with this drone. You will you won’t even want to buy another drone guys i mean this thing is so good, so good that it mean it flies absolutely brilliant. Compared to these i mean i’m, not saying this is brilliant. Drone flies great, but compared to those two guys. This one is so much better guys, even in its quality, this one would run you about 50, and it comes like that very very nice drone guys really good quality. You can see that i have unboxings of these um the camera itself. This thing can really focus on the horizon. You can see that the camera itself is really good guys. I was amazed at the camera quality of this thing. Um. It says that it’s recording in 1080p – and it really does – i mean it – does a great job at what what it’s supposed to do guys. So if you’re looking for wrong guys – and you got about 47 – just save up and get this one, even the transmitter – guys you’ll love it. I know you will it feels good and thick the plastic not super thick, because it is a drone. You know it has to be lightweight, but it just feels so much better than the both of these guys, and this one should run around 50 bucks 55 um on amazon. I believe it’s under this name here or you can look up the d m 107s.

Look up that and you should find it it’s. Also under another brand it’s been tossed around, so other brands picked up on it and renamed it, but uh. It is a awesome drone guys. So, if you’re in the 55 range, this thing was only 40 dollars. When i bought it, but now it’s like 50 55, you know so, if you’re looking for a drone guys – and you got around for 55 bucks – get this one. If you got around 47 bucks, wait until you get this one do not do not go and purchase this drone here. The 4k camera will disappoint you not to mention it. It does not fly super good. I just had one of my subscribers lose it. I felt really bad for the person too, because they were fresh to the hobby and because of my stupid video, they probably lost their money. You know so guys that’s. Why i’m making this one? Because 15 000 hits that’s a lot of hits for a little tiny channel like this that’s a lot? So i just i have so many um, not millions of comments or even thousands or even hundreds, but i got comments of people saying i’m buying mines, mines comes tomorrow, um and when i go look at the price, this is not no 20 drone, guys you’re. Looking at least like 50 to 40 48 bucks it’s, it went up in price, so uh. If you got like 40 bucks, go with this drone it’s all it’s an older drone, but it gets the job done really good.

It feels good in the hand um. If you can also buy one of these little um handbags for it, for like 12 bucks all over the place, you know you could even buy it from american sellers on amazon for about 13 um yeah, guys so don’t. I don’t want anyone to purchase this drone unless you have tons of drones and you’re. Just you know, you’re just buying them just just for fun. You know um, but if you don’t have, if you’re not in that situation, and you don’t have very much money, then try to stay away from this drone because of the it’s. The signal guys that really the range that really makes me not want to refer it to you guys it’s the range this one has much better range: it’s, a better quality plastic and it just overall. The build quality is better guys and it costs less. You know so, if you’re in the market for a drone, guys um and you’re about to spend 50 60 dollars, um try to stay away from the richie drone go into more of the older ones, because this one right here unless the transmitters change like there are Some that are sold with different transmitters, then you can purchase that one. But for me guys, i do not recommend this really because it does not allow you to fly for far from it. It just doesn’t, and when you connect the app to it, it goes a little haywire and if you’re new to flying, you will lose it you’re.

Going to lose the drone, so maybe you might want to go with this one. 38. Bucks. 40. Bucks. You know this one about 50. it’s like it’s, going up in price i’m. Not too sure might be 48 bucks. Something like that, but i just think you guys should stick with the this drone here. I think what is the name of this drone? I used to remember it, but uh it doesn’t seem to say it. I and i don’t have the box anymore, but i mean you guys know that drone i mean it’s, pretty popular. You know been out for quite some time yeah, but you guys should buy this drone better. If you don’t have much money it doesn’t matter, if it doesn’t have visual positioning it’s just built better flies better and you can fly it further away. But if you got like 55 guys, then just dump those two drones and grab this one and i promise you you’ll be you’ll, be uh. Commenting me saying, thank you so much it’s awesome. The pictures are crisp. You know i flew it over a lake and i didn’t have to worry about it falling out of the sky. I mean this thing flies through wind, good, it’s got that follow me, although i don’t never use any of those features. Um but it’s, just overall great quality drone guys – and i just don’t – want anybody trying to buy that richie drone anymore and it ends up flying away on you guys, um.

If you’re someone who’s experienced with drones and you got tons of them, then you can go nuts on that. But if you do not have a lot of money guys, i would suggest going with the emotional drone. I believe, that’s what they call it too. I think it’s called the e59 or something like that. So just go with this drone better guys, it’s older it’s got a better transmitter um if it comes in the bag. It’S even better, do not get the richie jump stay away from this drone. I got this drum because i got in an auction for like 20 bucks, so stay away from this one guys and uh. If you like, i told you if you got a little extra money, you’re gon na go with the dm 107 for around 55 bucks. Stay away from this drum, so that’s pretty much it guys thanks a lot guys for uh watching the video. I really hope this helps somebody out with their purchase and uh i’ll be back with some more videos later.