tv and today ive got my full review on the dji mavic 3.. Now this is everything you need to know before. Buying djis latest flagship pro prosumer drone, the mavic 3.. A lot of dji enthusiasts have been waiting for the next iteration of their pro drone weve waited years now, since the mavic 2 pro and the mavic 2 zoom. And then what theyve decided to do is kind of combine the two in their next iteration. So this is the mavic 3 and it has two camera systems on it: thats right its a dual camera system and there it is right there, its a micro, four thirds wide angle, camera on the bottom, which is a hazel blad, color science powered camera system and Then youve got the telephoto half inch sensor on top there, so theyve combined the zoom and the pro into one drone, which is the mavic 3. Music djis previous flagship drone that came out not too long ago was the air 2s. Now its ridiculous to hold this. In my hand, now in comparison to the mavic, 3. theres, actually quite a big difference here in terms of its size, the mavic 3 definitely weighs a lot more and its definitely slightly longer. Here. It really does feel like quite a small drone when you hold the air 2s in comparison to the mavic 3, but the mavic 3 is double the price of the air 2s. Now does it justify that massive price increase thats the whole idea of this video here before you buy the mavic 3? I want you to consider your options and just learn everything there is to know about the mavic 3 in its current state.

The mavic 3 is expecting a firmware update in january, so theyve released an unfinished product really, and that frustrates me a lot dji havent done that in the past i know thats, like the common trend now with games and with products they release something thats just not Finished here you go grab it and then its like months later, when they actually create the product that they promised you. This is really frustrating to see from dji, especially considering its 4 000 australian dollars. 4. 1999. Australian dollars for the fly more combo. Where you look at the air 2s, its 2099 australian dollars for the fly more combo, so its double the price and the product isnt, even in its like proper form right now, its like a pre release product. Almost so with that being said in the january update, we are going to be seeing, hopefully, fingers crossed. All of these features become available, so active track, which isnt available right now in the mavic 3 you cant track at all: theres, no master shots, theres, no quick shots, theres, no hyperlapse and theres no pano modes. All of these are hopefully coming out in january with a software update, but right now all you can do with your drone is use the telephoto camera system. You can record video, you can record slo mo video and you can capture photos and thats pretty much all you can do with your mavic 3 right now for most people who are in the market for a brand new drone, i would actually recommend waiting for that January update ill have even more content on the channel to really showcase what the mavic 3 has to offer and what all these new features look like on this new drone, because right now, in its current state, its very hard to review it like in terms of Its flight performance, in terms of its you, know, battery performance and video and photo capabilities theyre the main things im going to be focusing on for this review, but all those other modes and features i cant even test right now.

So i will have like a full, comprehensive review in january or february, depending on when that update comes out, so i would recommend holding out for the mavic 3 if you do want to pick it up right now. I do have a code that you can save a hundred dollars off any mavic 3 that you pick up. If you go to the d1 stores website, you can use the code dans 100. You can save 100 off the drone and you also get three gifts. You get a micro, sd card, a battery, safe bag and a landing pad as well. The code is dans 100 and that will save you a hundred dollars off your mavic 3 purchase, whichever one you decide to get, and it will also allow you to get those three exclusive gifts that are only available through dans tube. So if you want to get the mavic 3 definitely check that code out. But if you watch this entire video and still think to yourself, i dont think im going to want the mavic 3 after that update anyway, its just way too expensive, and maybe the air 2s is something you might be interested in. Then you can still go to the d1 stores website. You just need to use a different code, it is dans tube and that will save you, 10 off your air2s or whatever drone you want to pick up besides the mavic 3, that other code is exclusive to the mavic 3, where dans tube is available for all The other drones and accessories from the d1 store, if you are new to the drone space but youre feeling overwhelmed by the whole experience.

You know theres so much to learn about theres. So much that you need to know that just isnt taught to you when you buy your new drone, then check out the feeler strong academy, its the ultimate online drone course for beginners its packed with insights, guidance and resources, but people starting out their drone journey. And if you want to use the coupon code dans tube, you can save 10 off. That course right now so go over there to to start your drone journey. Today i will have a comprehensive comparison between the mavic 3 and the air 2s on the channel. Very soon, but lets now focus on the mavic 3 and what this guy has to offer to the drone community. So, like i said before, there are two camera systems. A dual camera system built into the mavic 3 youve, got a micro four thirds system under here and then on top youve got the tele photo system. So the telephoto or tele camera system is basically the zoom system and its got seven times optical zoom, and then it can go up to 28 times hybrid zoom, where its utilizing like a digital zoom as well as that optical zoom. Now i will say seven times: optical zoom looks phenomenal very happy with that seven times, but when you go to 14 times or 28 times it loses all of its clarity and becomes almost unusable at that point. But if you go with the one times the two times, the four times or the seven times, zoom youre gon na be pretty impressed with this zooming system on the mavic 3.

. Moving on to the micro four thirds system, this is utilizing: hasselblads, color science, so youre getting some amazing colors out of this camera system, its got 12.8 dynamic stops and its also capable of capturing 5.1 k. Video just a quick side. Note the air 2s. With that, one inch sensor can capture 5.4 k video. So even though this is apparently imaging above everything – and this is the innovative next evolution of drones, this guy can shoot 5.1 k where the air 2s can shoot 5.4 k. With. That being said, though, you can actually capture up to 50 frames per second on the mavic 3 at 5.1 k, where the air 2s can only capture up to 30 frames per second with 5.4 k. So for me in australia, i use 25 frames per second. So having 50 frames per second at 5.1, k is actually significantly better for me than that one inch sensor at 5.4k. The other major benefit of the mavic 3 camera system is that it actually has adjustable aperture. You can go from f, 2.8 up to f 11 and having that adjustable, aperture really does take your images and videos to the next level. 100. It does make a big difference here and thats. Obviously why this is the prosumer drone thats on the higher end of the scale over the air 2s in terms of the design of the mavic 3, it still looks like a dji drone. Its got that similar color tone its got that similar folding design its recognizable as a dji drone.

But, as you do fold it out youll notice, it is significantly larger than probably most drones that youve used in the past, its quite a large drone. I cant even really get it in the frame here, its its a very large drone and the arms, like the actual wingspan, is very, very large. One thing i did love about this redesign is that the way that theyve angled down the front arms, as you can see it kind of like angles down and then props up the camera system. This is something im actually really impressed by, because what it means is now you get a little bit more clearance on the ground here, so theres a little bit more clearance from the camera system, which means, if youre in tall grass or, if theres lots of like Rocks or debris or something around youve got a little bit more clearance from the camera system, which means theres less chance of you damaging this really expensive camera system here, but i love that redesign its just slightly angled down for the front arms there. The other thing i noticed straight away when i got the mavic 3 out of the box, is how long the wing tips are the propellers its actually ridiculous, like theyre really really long, and i mean thats amazing, it allows it to obviously carry all of the weight Of the drone, it means its really fast, it means its super stable in the sky, but that was something i noticed straight away, its just a really large drone in comparison to a lot of other folding drones from dji, which i was impressed that they were able To house such a powerful drone in a folding body like this and to still create the most amazing flight experience, ive had um in in a very long time like it just cuts through the wind, its really reliable in the sky, and it does such an amazing Job in all conditions, even when i had extremely windy days, this had no issues at all.

The other obvious changes here are that weve got like the front. Scoop weve got a rear exhaust area here. Weve also got the rear, loaded battery system. Now massive batteries on this and the obstacle avoidance sensors are just everywhere now and theyve got more of a wider kind of fisheye design, which means theyre going to have a wider field of view. This drone can pretty much sense every single direction, but it doesnt have active track. So you cant even really utilize the sensors right now it can kind of just let you know that there are things there and try to avoid things, but besides that, they dont really have much of a use right now, on that note of obstacle avoidance and the Obstacle avoidance sensors on this unit. I did find them to be just a little bit too sensitive. I found that there were a lot of occasions where id be flying side on and the drone would just increase in altitude. I wasnt doing that at all, and it must have been sensing something or it must just be a default maneuver for it to continue to increase in altitude. It did other weird things like when i was trying to come in. It would notice something and it would kind of dart the other direction. I just found it to be way too sensitive. But if i compare it to my experience with the air 2s, i found that one to be a lot more refined and the tracking was amazing and it did a great job of just subtle movements to avoid things where i find right now in its current state, The mavic 3 is definitely a little bit touchy with its sensors, which makes me think.

Maybe this was a little bit of a rushed release considering most of the features arent actually available right now, ive mentioned how the mavic 3 can capture 5.1 k video. It can also capture 20 megapixel stills and they look great. You know if you compare it to again. I know im talking about the air 2s quite a lot here, but the air 2s images are fantastic as well and when i look at them side by side, im not noticing, like a massive difference in terms of the quality from the air 2s photos to the Mavic 3 photos, but i will say that with that micro, four thirds camera system, i am noticing the video quality that dynamic range and just the color science of the mavic 3, to definitely be like noticeably better than the air 2s. But is it 2 000 worth better? You know what i mean like its double the price, hard to say whether its that much better than the air 2s definitely an improvement, but is it 2 thousand dollars of an improvement moving on to the explore mode, which is basically the telephoto, the tele camera zooming System theyve called it explore mode fun little adventure name, but the explore mode is really cool um. I do love having the additional zooming options there. I will say, though, that again very limited in its offerings like this is meant to be a pro sumo. Like top of the range drone, its four thousand dollars its a lot of money, you know and the fact that its limited to video options of 4k 30fps or 1080p 30fps thats ridiculous to me.

Theres. No variations, theres, no options to change that its just thats. The options you have right now again: this is a prosumer drone. You want a lot of options and a lot of variety of features and modes here so to just really cap it out and limit. It is a little bit disappointing, but hopefully that will improve with these updates. Coming soon, like i said before, the explore mode is great up to seven times zoom. I find that its super crispy, the detail is there and it definitely gives a unique perspective. Like seven times, zoom is actually quite a lot when you look at it, but it can go up to 28 times hybrid zoom. I mentioned this before its, not that impressive, the 14 and 28 just loses all of its quality and its almost unusable, but up to seven times, zoom is really nice. Its definitely usable and the image quality is very nice. Back to that previous point i made before where i spoke about the mavic 3 as being a prosumer drone. This is like the flagship, prosumer drone from dji right now and again, there are a few things that are lacking in it, a few things that are amazing. Obviously, a micro, four thirds camera system, a dual camera system, a flight time of 46 minutes all those additional sensors, just everything about it, screams that this is a flagship drone. But one thing i dont understand for the life of me is: why have waypoint modes not been added like if this is going to be used in the application of like commercial work, and people want to replicate the same shot time and time again to create that Same replicated, shot of like a real estate property or a building, or maybe a client doing a similar kind of sequence of walking maneuvers.

Whatever that looks like you know, you want to be able to like replicate that with waypoints and its ridiculous to me that they still havent done that again, prosumer drone over four thousand dollars. I really thought we were going to see waypoints with the mavic 3.. I hope that comes out in an update. I dont know whether that will be a thing, whether theyll even ever, do that or whether theyll leave that to third party apps to implement waypoint modes, but please dji bring waypoint modes to your prosumer drones. If you dont get the pro controller for your new mavic 3, then youll be getting this controller here, which is a great controller. I do love the redesigned controller that theyve brought out its been the same design. Now, since the mini 2, we had it with the air 2s and now the mavic 3 has obviously got the same controller design. Here i do like this controller design, i think its great and its definitely something thats going to be around for a little while now. I also love the fact that the mavic 3 has a range of up to 15 kilometers and the flight time of 46 minutes is just amazing and, to be honest with you, i very rarely use more than one battery like. I can find myself using half of a battery in one location going somewhere else and then continuing to fly and being surprised that im not even down to like 30 at that point, its amazing having that additional like 15 or so minutes of flight time, definitely makes A big difference i did find that on most days that i was flying the drone, it was extremely overcast, extremely windy and not the most ideal conditions to be flying a drone in, but amazingly enough, the mavic 3 performed really well.

It did amazing and high winds. It could just cut through winds and keep a very high pace like a high speed to it. I found that even flying into the wind, i could get like 50 kilometers an hour on sports mode, ridiculous stuff. I just had no worries when flying through the wind. It really handles it well, and on top of that that larger sensor there can do amazing and low light. So i found that, even though it wasnt the most ideal day to fly or capture video on the mavic 3 still performed in a condition that most other drones probably would not perform well in Music. So that was something that i was quite impressed by. Obviously, that larger battery makes a big difference. One thing that i noticed i dont know if this is just my unit, but it is a little bit fiddly to kind of push the battery in like you really have to put force to it and make sure you hear that click, because yeah you get to A certain point – and it makes a little click, but it isnt actually properly connected youve got to put a fair bit of force in there to click it in properly. At least you know its properly secured into your drone. At that point, the other thing to mention here is that the video transmission feed, so the feed youre, getting to your phone when its connected to the controller is now up to 1080p at 60 frames per second, but previously was 1080p at 30 frames per second weve.

Now got just a more responsive feed to your phone, so 60 frames per second is going to make a big difference to people out there who can utilize that, but my phone, it doesnt, really make a difference, because i cant even get 60 frames per second on It but if youve got a phone thats 60fps and you can actually utilize that – and you can see the video and its proper elegant 60fps 1080p, then it does definitely make a big difference to have that additional bump to the like video transmission feed. The bag is something i actually definitely wanted to talk about, because theyve put a lot of energy into it. Its a high quality bag with a lot of options and a lot of people have actually commented saying like i wish they put more energy into the drone and having all the features available instead of all the energy into the bag. But i mean it does make a big difference if youre going to be using this drone all the time you want a comfortable bag, thats, secure, safe and versatile and theyve definitely brought the heat with this bag, its its fantastic theres, so many options with it. So, firstly, the materials theyve used are extremely high quality materials, theres so much space in here to store stuff, and then it actually works as a backpack as well as a bag. So you can unzip this compartment here, pull out the straps and then youve got an additional section that you can store stuff in and then it works as a backpack as well as a bag that you can carry.

So i love how versatile it is. I love the build quality and theres so much space in here you can fit tons of stuff in the mavic 3 bag. The other thing thats kind of unique about the mavic 3 design is that previously weve seen gimbal covers like this, where it just covers the camera system. But now weve got like a full like body cover almost so, as you put the drone inside like this. Obviously, the the wings will go away, but, as you put it in like this, it actually comes around and then it magnetically clips on, like that. Its a very unique design that holds everything together definitely took a bit of getting used to, but im quite impressed that everything just houses nicely in this kind of like mask design. Almost. It really does look like a muzzle on the drone, but it does a fantastic job and it definitely protects the drone, a hundred percent Music so anyway, guys that is the end of my before you buy the dji mavic 3.. There definitely are a lot of positives about the mavic 3, but i guess one thing: thats worrying me about recommending this to people is that its double the price of the air 2s and right now, if youre going to pick up a drone, if you have to Buy something right now: i would actually recommend the air 2s to like most people, the majority of people out there, unless you really need that additional flight time or you need the you know, adjustable aperture or that larger sensor.

I really cant recommend the mavic 3 right now. Until i see all those additional features and options come out with that january, update so anyway make sure to subscribe to the channel to keep up to date with all of my mavic 3 content to keep up to date. With that comparison between the air 2s and the mavic 3 to see how they actually compare in terms of the video quality and the photo quality as well but thats the end of this video id love your thoughts in the comments below and ill chat to you.