As an entry level, drone cost less than 150. Now this guy has some enterprise features and, if you’re looking for an enterprise drone, really your best option is probably the mavic 2 enterprise series and that’s going to cost you three grand this guy’s less than three hundred dollars, absolutely the way to go. Stay tuned, i’m. Gon na tell you why this may be the absolute best drone you can get on the market because of this pretty cool feature all right. So before i get into the enterprise features of this drone. Let me just tell you a little bit about the beast pro 2. it’s, a pretty solid entry level, beginner drone right we’ve got a 4k camera upscale right, so decent pictures got a three axis: gimbal optical flow, about a 25 minute flight time. They’Ll tell you 28. If you get 25 that’s a good day now range is, you know, maybe up to a half a mile, but really don’t be flying. Something like this too far away. Now it is gps, it does have some gps modes returned home things like that, but uh this one with this megaphone is pretty darn special it’s. Basically a beast pro 2 package. With this this megaphone – and you can see it says, spread in time and get started easily if that doesn’t get you excited about this thing, i don’t know what will so in this enterprise edition. You get this drone, this beautiful megaphone speaker, some pretty high class velcro straps that kind of hold it in place.

You get this super high quality, walkie talkie, so that you can communicate with people out in the field. It does all come in a nice little carrying case like most beast pro 2. Now there isn’t a spot for this really cool speaker, but uh. You know. Is that necessary, you just throw it all in there. Okay let’s get to the magic. You turn the speaker on by just pressing a button. Get a little blue uh led in the back now it does charge usb uh micro, usb so that’s pretty nice. This also will charge micro usb hold down the power button. Here you also get a blue button and listen to this. This is just such a game. Changer Applause, i mean. Can you not think of the applications? For this i mean it’s so clear. You know, and of course you know, there’s a little bit of prop noise, where you’re flying that certainly wouldn’t be distracting Music, i mean who wants to spend three thousand dollars on a mavic pro enterprise when you can get this thing for like 250 bucks Applause? Is it really such a big deal that this speaker sits over the gps unit causing magnetic interference which will likely cause a crash? I mean i don’t know it happened to me a couple of times, but you know if you like to roll the dice, or maybe you don’t, like full control of your drones – that’s – really cool option.

It is 10 times less expensive than the dji enterprise series. I mean, and for 10 times less the price you get almost zero functionality out of this speaker so yeah. Would i really recommend you get this speaker come on. I mean it’s a novelty. I guess it’s kind of fun, but it’s just not it’s, just not going to be something. You probably want to look at now. The beast pro 2, as a drone by itself, is actually pretty solid. As a beginner drone, like i said, it’s 150 bucks it’s got a decent camera on a three axis: gimbal it’s, pretty darn, stable, okay, so let’s take a look at some video that i i captured from the beast pro 2. um. You know it’s it’s, not bad right. It does have the three axis gimbal but it’s, not you know, it’s, not dji quality. But again you know this drone’s starting at about 150. It does have some uh. Some cool features like you can zoom in while you’re looking in the app now it doesn’t record the zoom. You did see some props there in the shot. You will get a little bit of jello. You know it does have the orbit. It does have the follow me um, you know they do say: 4k camera, but really it’s, not it’s, not 4k quality right sensor and things like that are more important than pixels. So just kind of keep that in mind. You know it does have the return to home feature.

You can adjust the gimbal, so it does have again some good qualities as a beginner drone, but really, if you’re thinking about using this as an enterprise replacement, i mean come on. So you know, as a beginner drone sure give this thing: a whirl 150 bucks not a bad deal now it’s, not my favorite drone at that price point that’s, probably an mjx bugs 12 or bugs 20. Depending on whether or not you like, folding or the you know, the standard kind of phantom uh look of the drone, but it’s a good beginner drone, especially this thing goes on sale fairly, frequently plus it does come with some nice goodies, including, like i said, a Carrying case now, i do probably prefer the beast pro 3 or the beast pro max now that one actually has the obstacle avoidance which i don’t recommend using, but i do find the camera i’m in the remote to be a little bit better. So hopefully you found this review helpful um if you did give us a thumbs up click that subscribe button, because we got more content coming your way.