This is like my direct reaction after having obviously just crashed my inspire 2. uh and you know with these videos i like to try to provide like as much worth as possible. Like i never want you leave in one of my videos thinking i didnt learn something or i didnt take something away from that video uh and really im. Still in the moment like this just happened so im still trying to process, you know what i want to say and almost like what happened. Really. The thing that i want to say is just always be careful with your drones. I mean this is new technology. Yes, uh, you know obviously theyve refined this technology over the years. The inspire 2 is a four or five six year old drone at this point uh. I think that mines about four years old, just because i bought it a little bit late, but i think the biggest thing that i want to say here is like when you take your drone out theres, always a liability theres, always a risk theres, always something that Can happen whether its pilot error, whether its uh, you know determined by the weather, if theres a high gust of wind, whether you just totally lose control, which is what happened to me. So i guess youre probably wondering the back story behind this totally busted up inspire 2.. I actually just got this fixed. I had actually crashed it. I clipped a tree.

It fell about 50 feet, one of the legs kind of bent off and they actually had to replace. I forget, i think it was this leg over here. They fully replaced this leg on the left side, so um i actually went with a local repair shop. They fixed it, they, you know, put the leg back together. I took the drone home. This is now my first time flying it. It is the 12th of june um. So i took the drone up. Everything was fine. I did a couple of loops, probably two minutes into the flight. The drone just starts going absolutely crazy. It starts spinning around like a top. So if you look at my flight record, ive got it here on the dji. Go application well kind of scrub through here and as you get about a minute and a half into the flight, the drone veers a little bit to the left. Does a complete 360. almost tries to correct itself and then just goes into a death spiral and whats crazy? Is that at this moment it was just spinning in place like it was keeping its altitude but it wasnt dropping i mean i was doing everything that i could i was going on to uh. You know sport mode into adding mode into position mode, doing anything to try to regain control of it. As you can see its over this little field area which, thank god, it was, but i mean really like thats.

The main reason that i want to make this video, because what, if i hadnt test flown this drone, what if i had just taken it out to philadelphia and flown over the schuylkill river, and as i was flying, you know up and doing a reveal. You know of of the um of the arm museum and the city skyline in the background, what if the drone just fell out of the sky and into the water? What if it fell? Uh you know over a parking lot and damaged someones car. What if, in this instance, i was flying my drone over someones home, it fell onto their roof to damage their roof and now im liable to repair their roof. I mean theres so many things that could potentially go wrong and in a situation like this, you might come out and be gun shy right like its sometimes, if you get a speeding ticket youre like man, i really got ta watch my speed and youre gon na Start driving slower so in this case, like with a drone, if you crash it like this, you know in your mind, you start to lose faith in that drone and in this technology, because anything like this could happen. Like literally i didnt do anything wrong. I was flying around a minute and a half into the flight. The drone decided to just go into a death spiral, so i think the main thing to know out of this is like just just be careful really, because this is technology that absolutely can do damage, especially something of this size, whether its a person, whether its property, Whether its anything, you really just need to be absolutely careful, and i think that this is a really good learning experience for myself, because sometimes i really do like to push the limits with my drones and its almost making me second guess things that i should be Doing and shouldnt be doing in the future with them.

Now i will say that, because this is a relatively older drone, there has been some issues with the inspire 2 related directly to this issue. I know that my friend brett from elevated angles, hes got a great instagram account. He actually had a similar issue where he had a drone go down and inspire too in fairmount park. I believe so he had a similar issue. Luckily he had insurance on the drone and was able to cover it, but in this situation im hoping that the person that repaired it is going to be able to make it right for me, because obviously this is my first flight after getting it fixed and then It just ended up falling from the sky, so thats kind of the route that im going to go here, um but yeah. I mean i think that as technology has gotten better with new drones, we have out like the mavic 3 and the mini 3 pro. Obviously, dji has tweaked their flight, their flight software to make these drones better, make them more resilient, make them more uh redundant and things of that nature. Um i mean if you look at some of their new commercial drones like the m30 and m300. Those have a very high level of redundancy built in for anything that might happen like this, where the drone just goes down into a death spiral. So this is what a crashed inspire 2 looks like. It is caked with dirt and again im very fortunate that i was in a remote area where the drone was able to just tumble down and fall into a field, but again heaven forbid.

If i was like covering an event with my inspire 2 uh. You know if i was doing something in a more populated and crowded area. I dont know what i would have done if it would have hit someone if it would have hit a building if it would have damaged someones property. So the thing to take away from this video is just be careful with your drones. I mean its so easy to have have so much trust in them and see what other people are doing, but just be careful and ill.