Now today. Are you a third grader? Are you 13 today yeah youre, a teenager today? No wonder youre, so moody, today triple b dreams. Now pat riley, my neighbor Music. So my friends, hello, and welcome to the birthday special episode of triple b, where we have presents, rides and accidents Music. Oh, even though its xenyas birthday danny got a brand new bmx and he needs to take it to a test. Drive baby Music, nice Music brakes. Not so good brakes, its not so good, Music oops danielles son was not the only one to be stung by a birthday gift of science. I kill you. Oh my god, dudes we just had a drone attack and i got messed up messed up by this drone. Music man, that is cool, were gon na. Have some cool bits, Music dont go there dont go there, go Music, go really high up. Lets, have a look. I think hell show you when it loses connection, you should do it Music, Music. Now that is the best thing ever Music, even though the drone has cut my lip. Dookie duke came back with his new whip. Oh, my god, dukey duke you never failed to amaze me the is that thats, some good bro, no, its fine, its a new shape as well. Nice emoji, look! Oh oh nice and the molotov even lowered. My audi yeah 119. smells nice! No, no! No! 1918! When i got it, but smells nice in here looks nice and man.

I want one of these now, damn its got no ill put that in there youll put that in yeah, but hes. Not in that double doom, bad boy, yeah. I need to go mate. Look are you gon na youre gon na wrap it or youre just gon na spray it get his roll to spray it for you or you can spray get a can and spray it its only that wing isnt it maybe put it put it here in case Someone comes damn what engine is that 2.5 1.6? Why is it so big its an m5 god? Damn you know what this engine comes in there you can put it you can you can put two you can put that engine in there, which was in the silica thats two liter, oh yeah, yeah, because thats the same size yeah you wish well, you wish Music Are you um? The differentiated is trying first that way: yeah theres a real job, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, thats, good mate. Is this new as well right in here? I have not touched anything. This is how i got it. Ive done nothing decent pieces, ive not done anything apart from check the oil and all that yeah yeah, but im with it well done. Brother g Music should be here yeah. This is decent clean, oh yeah! Wait were just sorting out the headlights. You want to do it. Talking about the headlights. I cant cheat out at nighttime yeah, its very mystery, but its inside no ill show you on the internet.

Do you think yeah you got them. You think yeah its an inside yeah, i cleaned it already its on the inside its got like, so i might need to get a blower or something too sure. Damn duke this is one blind. Its got like coma or some decent. I didnt shadow done there. We go and um congratulations. You are now an mx 5 owner. Have you ever had an mx 5 before? Never. What does it feel like fun? Kind of charge? Oh, yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes, yes, Music, Applause, Music, Music! Have you yeah? You tried it sideways. Yet. Yeah i dont know 24 hours already. Are you up? No, are you up? Have you up Music? Are you up thats good yeah anyway, thats good check check this out. Remember how up the headlights were. I remember how everything up was now which weaver. Oh, his plan is not working. He thought i had one, but he didnt realize that obama was e36. He uses the e46 different engine, but for some reason i thought that one would fit even though the same engine still doesnt fit. So you need an e410 yeah, which is strange because thats exactly the image, oh man, my keys are in there, but anyway yeah our office looks much better, though cleaning everything yeah uh, the windows going up and down uh this door, lock wasnt, closing uh. Now its tom spent about two hours fixing that it was the biggest mission.

Basically, there was a pin in there that got rusty and thats. Why it wasnt moving. So you had to drill it inside because they made it so you cant take it out. He drilled it inside anyway, and my dear puppets, if you want to check out our new series wheeling dealing, you can see how to have some fun and make some dough at the same time. Hey daddy, that one hello gets in it. Yeah yeah whats, your man. I know you may look at the shoulder down. Well, have a race, mate ill? Take you on well, have a race mate ill. Take you on. Can you help me out? Do you want to have a look at dukes new car come on danny Music thats? Like looks like a man in black bike that will smith used to have theyre very tiny, i dont know yeah im very tired. I, like it yeah Music ive, been uh unloading. All these slabs as well. Richard gave me all these slabs. Oh yeah lets go now. Yeah ill bring your hammer Music, yeah, youre, sure Music come on, have a look yeah. If you need any thoughts, boys give me a shout Music, i probably wont have them. Have you got a word, um, Music off yeah, how to put it somewhere? Oh man, that is dodgy, that is quite cool. Actually what i like to call this color? Yes with the wing, but you could uh Music Music, not Music.

Music is oh yeah. Yeah Music, oh yeah, look dancing! You press the button, yeah um ready! You see that pin yeah, oh yeah, um, Music, Music, look what it says here: oh thats, a bit rude man! This is well comfortable. Is that the keyboard yeah thats, a nice one, you put it on that is cool dudes. I actually like it. You know its like really. I bet its really comfortable to drive isnt it. You want to charge around yeah film film we go, man kill me, go yeah, im gon na go now, have you got really lonely huh longer legs? No hes just got three legs and the third one is very long. Oh there handle it underneath. I think youve got a lot longer legs than me, hows that how i drive this, could i just do it sometimes Music, i like where the uh, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, uh, Music, Music, okay, Music and yes, do not try drifting if you are complete or it May end up dangerously bad theres gon na be some decent footage. What a complete, oopsie or blood Music yeah ill! Tell you when to talk for the reef im behind it, keep coming keep coming, keep going, keep going, stop stop there we go. So what do you think very, very nice, guys a much better drive than e36, the one i had much better? Oh, you actually think its actually better yeah. Really the driver is definitely much much tight.

How much um youll feel like youre much more in control? Well, maybe because e36 was all messed up and stuff, perhaps either it takes a little bit longer compared to this yeah yeah. It looks like really compact. I understand now why people like small cars, yeah yeah, well, im not going to lie down about. You should have it for your yeah, duke. You should make this one purple right now. Are you going camping or something? No im, not gon na go yeah them. You open the booth and jump in with a patchwork and guess what were going to pack your cabinets over there yeah i dont have to always bring your nutshell for petrol mm hmm. Earlier i had a presentation i pulled a hold over and i was just listening. Music and guess what were going to put your graphics over there yeah, i dont have to always bring a nutshell for petrol mm. Hmm earlier i pulled a hold over and i was just looking down just open that is sneaky mate, yeah, obviously ignoring my mention here. Could have 500 quid you paid for this really mm? Hmm, the bootspace is actually okay. I just clamp it in with stuff at the moment, so im telling you get rid of ah its, not too bad boot, actually for wow. For me very, very nice and spacious boot, yeah, Music, very nice, but is this supposed to have a soft top yeah? I havent got a sharp top weve got a pure shoulder.

We moved it idiot im, not complaining im, not complaining, because the hard top is actually worth more than yeah its much better, so yeah i look. Seats are in perfect condition. This is how um japanese used to uh build cars back in the day. Yeah, its amazing man funny enough yeah, i got you im going backwards, the black one. You want im im, painting the trap anyway. Are you? Oh? Yes? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, the only thing is you cannot say i cant see. I cant see anything out of this. You should uh make this smaller seriously. You cant its coming up to here to my eyes, dont blame me, charlie. I cant see gon na drive in a couple years. Youre only gon na drive in many years time so forget about it at the moment. Stick to your bicycle: oh thats, our friends, yeah tom, just helping him to fix his radiators, not working um uh. We dont think so. Well, no, because we have to sell it and if we crash it were not gon na get any money for it ill be back Music, oh yeah, and of course, if you want to be a g, please subscribe to triple come on.