The engine exports have been halted due to attention drawn by their military usage in october of 2020. Canadian west cam exports were also restricted by the canadian foreign ministry. At the same time, local fleur integration tests begin with aselson’s cats fleur system. On the 6th of november 2020., the development of the bayrocktar tb2 had been spurred by a u.s ban on exports of armed unmanned aircraft to turkey due to concerns they would be used against pkk groups inside and outside of turkey. The bayrocktar tb2 went in flight in august of 2014, then, on the 18th of december 2015, a video would be published for the missile testing of the tb2 baycar signed a deal with qatar in march of 2018 to manufacture six drones for the qatari forces and in January of 2018 baikar signed an agreement on the purchase of 12 turkish bayrocktar tb2s and three ground control stations that were worth 69 million dollars for the ukrainian army. Ukraine received their first batch of uavs in march of 2019. in october of 2020 use of the canadian west camp cmx 15d system in the drone was disclosed after armenian officials claimed that remains of a cmx. 15D system had been recovered from a downed tb2 drone. During the nation’s conflict with azerbaijan that would trigger a stoppage of the cmx 15d exports to turkey and an investigation of global affairs. Canada is evaluating the use of canadian technology in the nagorno karabakh conflict. Turkey selects common aperture targeting systems from aselson as a replacement for canadian cmx 15ds.

When it comes to its operational history, the baraktar tb2 was used in 2018 in the kurdish turkish conflict 2019 and 20 in libya, 2020 in syria and 2020 in azerbaijan and the 2020 nagorno karabakh war operators are azerbaijan, libya, qatar, turkey and ukraine, and when it comes To specifications it features a crew of three who sit in a ground station. Its length is 6.5 meters, with a wingspan of 12 meters, a maximum takeoff weight of 650 kilograms with a payload of 150 kilograms. Its power plant features one 100 horsepower internal combustion engine with injection and a fuel capacity of 300 liters, which is gasoline of its performance. It can reach a top speed of 220 kilometers per hour with a cruising speed of 130 kilometers per hour. Its communication range features. A line of sight propagation with a service ceiling of 8 200 meters and an operational altitude of 5 500 meters, and it can endure through 27 hours when it comes to armaments. It has four hardpoints for laser guided smart munitions with provisions to carry combinations of el umtes m, a m l m, a m c precision, guided munitions rockets on series, tube attack, sage bozik, laser guided rockets and when it comes to avionics, it has interchangeable, eo ir Ld imaging and targeting sensor systems or multi mode asa radar. It also features the aselson cats, eo, irld, imaging and targeting sensor, along with the wescam mx15d eoir, ld imaging and targeting sensor.

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