My name is dennis. Today we have unmanned air. We call barakhtar tb2 on review. Lets go im sure that you already know about this fantastic ear strike machine, since there are lots of videos on youtube showing the effectiveness of this uav or you may call it drone, even though it is a military drone, but it was designed by the private companies Called by car machina, the tp2 was designed in 2014 and got its name in honor of the founder of the barak tag. Company ozdemir bairaktal after the test flights were successful. The barak tower was delivered to the turkish army. However, later they decided to sell it abroad. To such countries as ukraine, poland, azerbaijan, turkmenistan, libya, qatar and iraq, baraktar is not just a drone. It combines lots of systems and equipment. The standard, barricade, combo mode for order usually goes with two control: centers six drones, 200 rocket shells and other supplies and accessories. The price for that combo is around 58 million united states dollars. If you want to buy the drone separately, it will cost you 5 million dollars. You may also combine the number of controlled centrist number of drones and rocket shells, as required for your particular order. As you see, the bioretar tb2 is much cheaper compared to the fighter jet, which is good since most of the missions. This drone can do as or even better than the fighter jet. The drone is much smaller, so its hard to identify it by the enemy radius and also its hard to target it with standard ground to am styles, and there is no only risk of losing the pilots life since the pilot is far away.

Controlling the drone remotely. The tb2 can stay in the air for a remarkable 27 hours and you can transfer the control the drone from one controlled center to another. So actually, the range of the drone depends on how many control centers you have. You may put them aside for around 150 miles and youll have the constant control of the drone throughout its flight about the drone itself, its made out of the composite materials and, more or less it looks like the standard airplane. The tail part of the barricar is quite interesting, so there are two bars and two stabilizers forming inverted v type of the tail quite rare, to see this construction, but i think its made because of the pushing propeller on the fuselage. Just for you to understand the dimensions, the length of the drone is six and a half meters, and the wing span is 12 meters and the height of the drone in a top of their stabilizer, where they connect to each other is 2 meters. The maximum take off weight is 650 kilos. The maximum payload is 155 kilograms, which is quite significant because remember, the russian flagship moskva was destroyed by a ukrainian made neptune rocket. That has a warhead of 150 kilos thats quite a lot. The biatar tb2 is equipped with fantastic optics, also night vision, cameras, thermal cameras, infrared cameras and distance measuring equipment to the target. It is also equipped with automatic takeoff and landing system, reducing the human air for the critical phases of knight the drone can fly up to 8000 meters and maximum speed is 222 kilometers an hour.

The cruise speed is usually 130.. The heart for this drone is standard. Rotex 912 engine – and it goes also for many of the general aviation airplanes. This engine is very reliable and you dont need to use the special aviation fuel to feed it. You can use the standard automobile fuel and also the maintenance is not that complicated there. The power plant is not that powerful and has just 100 horsepower, but it is more than enough for the baraktar tb2 kind of good deal here. So we trade some engine power for the low fuel consumption, with the fuel capacity up to 300 liters in a fuel tanks. We can fly this thing for a very long time. The three crew members required to operate the drone from the command center. Firstly, commander of the crew, then pilot and weapon operator. They may also operate not a single drone, but many simultaneously. The byrochtar may carry high precise turkish made bombs like mum c or mom l or laser guided highly efficient, bazooka missiles. The bozok missiles are also equipped with artificial intelligence, so operator decides whether they want to shell, the armored vehicles or the troops of the enemy and its up to the artificial intelligence to program. The rocket for targeting the missile range is up to eight kilometers and in most of the cases, the enemy did not know where the rocket came from. Because of that sadness. Targeting the rocket not just destroys the target, but also demoralizes the enemy, because they just dont know where their next shell is coming from.

The expert says that the pirate tb2 is one of the best drones in its class, and it really shows its effectiveness in a modern day war. It showed that the multi million dollar tank can be destroyed with a rocket that cost several thousand dollars. The baraktar tb2 is a best seller and it has a bright future. It will be modernized and will be built also in different countries like ukraine, also its saying that it will be able to attack even air targets and new water engine will be put on it. Very very soon the engine is also made in ukraine. I also want to share my regards to turkey for their support of our country. During these hard times, i mean support of ukraine. My friends, you may also support my channel. I can become the member of our patreon crew to have the access to special perks from my side, or you may support this channel just through the paypal all the links in the video description below my friends.