I actually have a lot of information for you guys. Dice has actually responded to a lot of people over on twitter. Now, if you guys have been playing battlefield 2042, youve, probably noticed a lot of problems with the game or if youve checked out the reviews. Youve noticed that uh reviews arent exactly going too well for battlefield 2042 and its just kind of a disaster. And if youve looked at all at reddit, the battlefield, 2042 reddit or even the battlefield reddit its not looking too good for dice uh the past couple days. So the lead game designer has actually been responding to people and their concerns over on twitter, which ill get into here in a minute. But first i wanted to go over just how bad the reviews are for this game. If you check out these steam reviews it currently, as of recording this video has 18 353 reviews that are mostly negative, and this game is sitting at a mostly negative review right now, if you go to steam, i mean its got the red thumbs down and its Pretty much telling you hey stay away from this game, and not only that not only is it getting a mostly negative review, its actually in the top 10 worst reviewed games in steam history, its sitting at number, eight right now, let that sink in for a bit. Its at number, eight on the top 10 all time games on steam ever since the beginning of steam, every game that has ever showed up on steam.

This is number eight on the worst games list, so people are not very happy and if you go over to metacritic it has a meta score of 73 from critics and it has a user score of 2.3, which i mean that kind of speaks for itself. So yeah its not going too well with all this games, problems and lack of content and things that were removed from previous battlefield games and all the broken promises. And you have all these youtubers talking bad on the game and stuff its just, not looking good for battlefield and you cannotice this i mean as a youtuber. I look at analytics all the time. I want to know how my videos are performing. I want to know how other youtubers videos are performing. I want to see what topics are trending so that you know i can help my channel grow and ive noticed like pretty steady decline in battlefield 2042 and its pretty noticeable, without even looking that hard. Just looking at twitch twitch is always a good indicator of just how popular a video game is, because you know the most top viewed games are normally the ones that are pretty popular. Well, if you go to twitch as of recording this video battlefield 2042 has fallen clear down to the third row. It only has 22 000 viewers, as of recording this video and normally that just fluctuates depending on what big streamer decides to play the game anytime shroud or someone plays the game, it bumps it up a couple places, but normally just on its own.

It keeps falling steadily every day that this games been out. It just drops, lower and lower and lower and for being a brand new first person, shooter battlefield release. That is really bad. The fact that people just are losing interest in watching streamers play it and its getting absolutely review bombed and every single day on the battlefield. 2042 subreddit has just been nothing but people just hating on the game and wanting things to be fixed. Its just not looking good if they keep this up and if they dont have a bunch of bug, fixes and just complete overhauls of this game and its mechanics and bring back some missing features its gon na be dead in the water before you know it its Its not looking good so speaking, of changes and things that dice needs to do to the game lets talk about some of the changes that dice has already announced its going to be in the next upcoming updates. So the battlefield direct twitter announced that the lcaa hovercraft will be re equipped with lighter armor, lowering its health and theyre tuning down some of its weaponry and then the md 540 knight bird will also have some similar tuning to its weaponry too and theyre. Keeping a close eye on early balance for future changes, so the night bird helicopter is getting a little bit of a nerf because it can just absolutely wreck people. If you have someone thats, really accurate with the helicopter, they can just mow people down with ease and then the hovercraft speaks for itself, its extremely overpowered it can climb on walls.

It can take multiple rounds from tanks. You cant snipe out the driver, its got multiple weapons, the hovercraft is easily the most powerful vehicle in the game, so it definitely deserves a nerf, and then they went on to talk about the soldier. Revives they said were confident that weve identified the cause of the issue that was preventing you from always getting off a revive, particularly when a player is in close proximity to nearby geometry. A fix for this is on the way. So, within the next couple of updates, we should get a fix for this. If you guys didnt, know theres a bug going on where, if youre too close to a wall, when you die or youre touching any sort of part of the environment you cant get revived or if youre playing as a medic class, you cant revive anyone. So if youve ever been killed and youre wondering why no ones reviving you, it could be because youre just too close to a wall and it bugs out and it doesnt give them the option to revive you. So that should be getting fixed pretty soon and now getting into some individual responses from dice. This is from the lead game designer at dice, so hes sort of top dog and hes been responding to a lot of peoples. Concerns on twitter. We have this question that says what are your thoughts on c5 being attached to caspers drone, given it is a fun little thing.

I personally find it quite annoying in certain situations, most notably in breakthrough as an armored vehicle. Have you considered making c5 not stick to the drones and then florian the lead game. Designer says that this is being discussed with the team agree that this is causing frustration right now and there isnt really a good counter play to this. So the c5 drones are definitely being looked at internally and they might get removed in the future, and then someone else asked any news on. If icon transparency settings are coming back and then florian says yes, we are working on adding options for icons, transparency and scaling. So this has to do with the objective icons being too big and stuff, and the ui is kind of a bit of a mess and its really confusing to look at so this is them saying, theyre going to add an option to sort of down scale. All the objective things popping up on your map at all times and all the objective icons are just too big in general, so theyre looking at a way to turn those down if people want so next up, someone says that theyre being stuck in crouch and theyre, Getting stuck in the drop ship at the start of the map said that theyre really weird glitches and theyre kind of funny in a way, and then florian responded saying that we also have a fix for the stuck and crouch issue which should come in the same Fix as the stuck and down state fix so here within the next couple, updates theyre going to have a fix for that.

If you didnt know, sometimes you can spawn in and youll be stuck in the crouch position. So you basically just have to kill yourself, because you just have no option, you cant stand up and you cant run around and you know that thats a fix to that and theres also that bug that he mentioned thats going to get fixed where youre stuck in The down position sometimes itll happen where, if youre activating an ability at the same time as you get killed, youll be stuck in that down position and nobody can revive you and the only way to fix it is to back out to the main menu. So hopefully that actually gets fixed here soon and then up next somebody said how about seeing where nearby medics are. It was a great feature in battlefield v, but now its gone in battlefield, 2042 and florian says its coming back in an upcoming update. So this is a good change. The fact that people dont know where medics are and a lot of people just die because they dont want to wait on a medic and its kind of really confusing to tell whos a medic and whos not in this game. So this is a good sign if theyre planning on bringing back things from other games and theyre planning on bringing back missing features. This is a step in the right direction. The more features that they bring back to this game from previous battlefields, the happier that the player base is going to be so that definitely gets a thumbs up for me, and i hope that that comes in a pretty soon update.

And then next, this person asked any updates on hit registration issues or at least are you guys aware of it, and they said yes aware and we are working on it and then the next thing kind of goes along with that too. They said what about gun bloom? Will you fix that aiming down and the bullets highlight the player? Then florian says it is going to receive changes. Weve done those changes on our side already now its a matter of getting the changes in one of the upcoming updates. So those two questions sort of go together: the hit registration and the weapon bloom in this game. Sometimes you can just straight up shoot opponents and the bullets just dont register, which is extremely frustrating when youre in a 1v1 situation and youre shooting an enemy and they just dont die. And then you instantly die and thats a pretty big problem and the weapon bloom. Where youre, just shooting and shooting and shooting at an enemy and all your bullets tend to miss, i mean those are two big problems currently in battlefield 2042. Your bullets miss like 80 of the time and when your bullets do finally hit you can get that bug. Where the bullets dont register, so imagine how frustrating it is when youre running around and your bullets are missing and then the bullets that do make contact dont actually kill your opponent. So those two things need to be in the next update.

In my opinion, those things need to be fixed, probably first and foremost, because you cant have a first person shooter where the shooting doesnt work, but i guess well just have to wait and see so that is everything for this video guys. Let me know what you guys think down in the comment section down below. Let me know what you guys think about the reviews. What do you guys think of battlefield 2042? Are you guys still playing it? Are you guys gon na put it down and come back to it later or you guys just completely fed up with battlefield at this point and if you guys are enjoying the game? Thats, okay as well! This game may be getting a lot of hate, but i know that there are still a lot of you guys that are having a lot of fun. Ive. Seen a lot of you guys comment that on my previous videos, that you guys are enjoying it and you dont really understand all the hate. If you guys are enjoying the game, then let me know down in the comments. Let me know the things you guys are enjoying about the game and why any and all opinions, let me know down below, if you guys, knew here, hit that subscribe button and hit the bell for notifications. You can follow me on twitch at swannyplaysgameslive and thats going to do it for me.