This is an early update and i wanted to put this out there for you guys to kind of understand what is on their. I guess agenda, for you guys so were gon na be talking about the future of the c5 and recon drone. Hud customization aim assist and a bunch of other things in this video. This is compiled by battlefield bulletin, which is a phenomenal source of information and news over on twitter. So, if youre on twitter, please consider following them a links in the description down below, they are a great source of this kind of information. But i will leave graphics on the screen, so you guys can read along and figure out whats going on, and these are all courtesy of drunk. Who is the lead game design for dice? One of the bugs theyre going after is one where players cant jump after reviving a teammate. There is a potential workaround by pressing the revive button again and you should be able to jump again, theres another one where players cant ads after leaving a vehicle. I see this actually quite often. Potential workaround is open and closed the in game, weapon customization menu, a weird glitch where some players can fall under the map and then popped up, making them invincible. The sprint animation may cause a bug where players shaking the left hand in a rare form, some instances where players are not able to leave vehicles when spawning on them.

That one is really common for me. Theres, a visual xp bug with the so flame, the game tracks the xp earned it just doesnt show up on screen. Some players may get stuck in a crouch position after climbing and jumping back from a ladder. Ive seen this happen, the smoke grenade launcher for the s4 only works on certain occasions and collusion issues in specific areas. There are some instances where ground vehicles fall through the map. Players name doesnt, show up correctly in the kill, feed visual bug where a black square appears on the screen, while sprinting mckays grappling hook can grapple on the smoke. Yeah thats a good one and for page two rush is addressing the endless match situation. Probably my favorite fix here is going to be your weapon. Bullets tend to get blocked by the trajectory of your teammate models and the dead bodies on the field. Theres a lot of times where im trying to kill a prone target – and he just happens to be next to a dead body and that dead body eats it or im trying to kill a guy who is literally right in front of another and it doesnt collateral. It doesnt go through it, doesnt penetrate and the person i killed in front just absorbs all the bullets and i still get blasted missing loadouts on the deploy screen. This is another revision. This is going to be huge because i know a lot of people are still dealing with this aircraft.

Splash damage against infantry, the fix is ready internally and well. Go live in a future update the teleport glitch on manifest. The fix is ready internally and well also go live in a future update the flickr issue in the down screen because of the dsync between client server. They have a fix coming in the next update, the plus menu and weapon attachment issues, and also invisible players. Inside of certain vehicles, okay, finally, the overall balance – tweaks dice is still working on improving aim. Assist on consoles, update 3.1 was an attempt to improve it, but it wasnt good enough. Yet the hud opacity customization is coming in a future update with 24 options to allow granular control of icons in the world, including the option to make icons invisible or ads. This is going to help a lot of people just less things on the screen less busy and not enough things to honestly obstruct your vision anymore, and i think this is a huge thing to give us a lot of control in our optimization. Finally, and weve heard about this one recently, they are going to be removing the ability to play c4 on the recon drone, so those that love going ahead and driving the recon drone into tanks into rooms full of people and detonating the c5. You will no longer be able to do that in a future update, and that is the news guys if you guys enjoy videos like this.

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