But right now, ive stumbled upon the fact that battlefield 2042 is downright hated. In fact, this game is already one of the most low rated games of all time when it comes to steam reviews. So lets talk about this gigantic dumpster fire whats up gabers dreamcast guy. Here and what brought this to my attention is this article that a bunch of subscribers have been sending me, which is that battlefield 2042 is on steams all time worst reviewed game list now? Part of the reason i want to talk about this is because im still fascinated by how unfinished battlefield is ive played it. This is not some conjecture im, not just talking about some random game. I saw on the internet, ive played 22 hours of battlefield and the game is a freaking catastrophe. It is unpatched. The servers are broken most of the time you get this error message. If you just try and actually play it, it is so obviously undercooked and people are very, very annoyed about this. Alright, so lets dig into this. The recently released battlefields 2042 has already earned enough negative reviews to secure its placement on steams all time worst games ever made. Excitement about the latest battlefield entry seemed to be incredibly high early on with many anticipating its over this years. Call of duty installments now thats going to be a separate video, but holy heck is call of duty vanguard just such a separate disgusting mess. But lets talk about this so part of the reason that people are just understandably upset about battlefields 2042 being a broken mess.

Is that in order to play it up until now, you had to pay 100 technically the game came out yesterday, but if youre somebody that decided to play the ea pay pro price or go through origin or you buy the gold or ultimate editions of the game, You got the game on november 12th, so a lot of us have been playing the game for eight days and the game completely sucks its got stuff like its got rubber bandings youre, constantly bouncing back and forth the xbox version constantly crashes, faulty weapon unlocks like its Insane to me, how destroyed this game is now. I want to pause this article for a second and show something to you guys that a lot of people have actually sent my direction, which is this somebody over on the battlefield. 2042 reddit has compiled a list of every single missing feature from battlefield 2042 let this sink in now. This is over 100 different things that have been downgraded removed or are currently broken in the game itself. Now this goes everything from obviously no single player campaign, but also going all the way up to the fact that the class system sucks theres less in game assignments. Whenever youre trying to play the core features, there are less guns in the game itself, no manual leanings. You cant do the like corner peaks that you used to do no high wall vaulting. It goes all the way up: less vehicles, no naval vehicles, which means that you know you cant, do anything except drive.

The hovercraft on water, like this, goes on and on and on score system. No squad, wife scoring no player damage points, no vehicle damage points, no vehicle kill exists, no headshot bonuses, no long range, kill bonuses, no assist, kill bonuses, no multi, kill bonuses. Look at this! Its insane to me that this game – oh my gosh, this goes on and on and on its like, even now having known about this list, it is appalling to me how much is not in the game itself like straight up. Look at this lack of persistent servers means poor map rotation. I played for 10 hours and never saw the kaleidoscope, horrible or breakaway maps, fewer game based maps like heres the thing the game is obviously unfinished. I made a big video saying: do not buy battlefield 2042 and a small section of the internet got incredibly enraged. They thought that i was being overly harsh on the game itself, but part of this comes down to the fact that im, a big supporter of review bombing, which sounds drastic, but it comes down to this electronic arts, actually understands that. We are not happy. If you see the score right here that this has 25 000 reviews and 75 are negative, i think that shows. I think that shows the fact that people are just very understandably upset. People want a better product review bombing is kind of fantastic because i feel like it sends a very clear message to two separate people at once and manages to tell the developers that we need some extra polish to make the game actually playable.

And additionally, it tells the investors, the businessmen, the dudes in suits, who never actually pick up a controller that this is not worth selling. It manages to send that clear message that hey this is going to cost you money, because your game, obviously isnt done going back to that original article, though you see that its talking about the fact that this is now technically one of the lowest reviewed games of All time its between some very weird projects like space based df9 games, you probably havent heard of because they are just such broken messes. So personally i decided to dig it up. These are technically considered to be the 10 worst games ever released on steam, at least according to the number of reviews and the lowest score possible. So we have esports 2022 flat out three uriels chasm, which sounds a little bit like a ladies clam anyways kinetic void, space base, identity, gasp, roller coaster, tycoon, world and godis, and here we are number eight battlefield, 2042, being the eighth worst lowered rated game of all Time holy heck, how bad is your game if youre able to be crowned is one of the worst of all time within the first week of being released now ive said before that im, a big fan of review bombing and part of it just comes down to The fact that i feel like it does tell people to do better. Weve, actually seen a game in the past that got review bombed that got some fantastic updates.

Chrono trigger when this came to the steam version was terrible. It was essentially the worst cell phone port. Just thrown onto computers and sold for an exorbitant price, but you know what, as a fan of this game, ive bought every single style of version of chrono trigger and over time the developers listened over times. The developers did actually fix that, and now the steam version is surprisingly decent. Now, im gon na end this video by just trying to address something that im sure is gon na, be in the comments section, which is people saying that im being too rude to battlefield 2042 or some people saying that im being too harsh heres my thoughts, battlefield 2042 is going to be great in like six months, the developers are not going to abandon this project like straight up. This has too many billions of dollars invested in its ea is not the type of people that typically drop games and run. Electronic arts is definitely going to pump the time the infrastructure and the patches into improving this experience. I have no doubts that next year, battlefields 2042, when it goes on sale, is going to be a very fun experience, especially co op. The problem i have specifically is that so many of these companies now just expect that this should be allowed. They are allowed to just drop completely broken completely unfinished games with a gigantic price tag on it and were just supposed to accept it.

I am tired of this idea of dropping a game and just saying itll be good down the road. It needs to be good at launch. Okay, i dont care how much you manage to fix it. I dont care how good it is in the future if your game starts off busted its, not good. Somebody in the comment section a couple weeks ago drove me nuts. When i first dropped the battlefield review. There was somebody that said: oh man, youre playing on console thats the wrong version: oh youre, not supposed to play it on playstation 5. youre not supposed to play it on xbox series x. If there are bad versions of the game, then its a bad game. Alright. Well, these have just been some off the cuff thoughts because holy heck has this been a complete catastrophe. Im gon na get ready to eat some pumpkin pie with some friends with a friends thanksgiving thing. I wish you guys the best this next week, obviously is thanksgiving. Theres probably going to be less videos because im hanging out with family and stuff, but i love you guys a bunch and i hope you all enjoy your holidays. If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like share with your friends and subscribe. If you havent already, but do me the biggest favor of all and keep dreaming thanks so much for watching that video, if you want to see something else, you can always click this link to see what i put up last or you know, subscribe and see.