I know its not something a lot of people want to hear, but 2042 is dead. Thats it end of story. Whoever says the opposite, doesnt want to accept the truth. The game has been out for literally a month a month. The game came out on 19th of november. We have 18 of december, and right now it has a 35 and 40 discount on every online store. Origin store steam store. Epic games im pretty sure that, on all the other sides, where you can buy games already with a discount when they dont have an official discount on statement on origin stuff, like that, if we go to those sites right now, you can get it for even up To like 50 discounts, while at the same time heres with the up thing, while at the same time that there is this huge discount going on, they have a free trial. This its just screams the whole situation just screams from everywhere that what theyre trying to do right now is give the people the chance to play their game for free and then try to take away the money, because they know that everybody has left the game. The pc players before the discount before the trial happened were at 17 with 18 000. That was a 24 hour peak every single day, okay, 18 000, or something like that. Battlefield 5 had just a couple of hundred less, maybe 200 less, maybe 300 less, maybe even less than a hundred a game thats.

You know button five has been out for three years and everybody complain about it and talk about. It turns out that its so much better than about 2042 and its just unacceptable, that, a month after the initial release, when you told people when you ask people 60 and 70 dollars and 120 dollars and 90, depending on which edition they bought, you know after a Month to go out and say: hey everybody here, try out the game for free and if you like it, you can get it for 35 dollars. Well, what about me? You know its literally unfucking acceptable and the only reason that theyre doing that is because they know that everybody is leaving. The game is gon na be dead before they even released the first season and its. You know what its the most wonderful game, ive ever seen, get killed because it got killed. It didnt die by itself. The developers dies and ea killed this game, not the player base and the game. Definitely didnt kill itself, the developers killed it and they and ea killed it with the whole shitty idea of producing a city fps game which is not barfield but not cold. Its its a mix of those two things, but has none of the good things that those two brilliant franchises offer, because both battlefield and call of duty have great futures and both again have shitty futures. If you want to combine those two and make you know a mix of a game, what you should do take the good things from battlefield like levolution destruction, big maps, you know nice maps with you know that that feel, immersive and uh.

You know, feel alive. Caspian border operation firestorm – you have so many great maps from about three and about four all they had to do was just remake them, but no what they give you they give you an empty desert, an empty desert with a tornado and thats it everything else on This map is just its sand everywhere. The buildings are empty, just four white walls, every building, every building that you enter right, so they they dont, take the best parts from battlefield and they obviously dont take the best parts from call of duty. They just took micro transactions and specialists, so they mix those things together and theyre like boom here, take it buy it for 60 dollars and three two months after the initial release were gon na start pumping out season passes with micro transactions for especially skins and weapon Skins and were gon na make even more money, so here it is no its unacceptable. I love to see the game die. Im telling you im im 100 honest with you right now: im still playing the game because you cant have fun sometimes in this game, but its very rare and im actually not playing any other games at the moment and im telling you im gon na, be here. Im gon na watch the entire process. The entire thing go burn down to the ground, while the developers, the next two months, literally kill the game because they are incapable of fixing it.

They are not the old guys. They are not the people who brought us pf3 and bf4. There are new people with less experience, obviously so much less capabilities than the older guys that you know that that used to work a dice. These guys cannot figure out how to make the mouse input work properly and how to you know, get rid of the pack where you dont jump or your loadout doesnt exist. All of a sudden, its been a month that my loader has been backed its been a month that the mouse input is literally and they cannot fix it. Battlefield is not what it used to be and will never be simply because the people who actually cared about the franchise and wanted to give us a nice – and you know one of the best fps games out there – simply dont work there anymore. The people who work there anymore, the executives, only care about how they can make money and the simple developers who dont make of any of the decisions. Just do what theyre told they dont. Do it very well or even if they you know, maybe they dont have the time. Maybe they dont have the resources who knows, but obviously theyre not doing a good job and theyre, not saying anything. You know to the management, like you know, this thing that were coding right here, its gon na need much longer time in order to be ready than the time frame that you have given us or you know what, if we release the game right now, we will Need to put out parties every two weeks for the next six months in order to get it to a playable state.

We cannot release it like that so yeah, i know, even if they said, maybe nobody actually cares so yeah. Who cares like i dont? The game is piece of um its gon na get fixed eventually, and maybe then it turns out to be pretty good. But, to be honest, i dont, you know the 90 euros that i personally gave in order to be able to play in the early access. I really dont regret giving them, because the entertainment of how this game is gon na burn to the ground. It has no value, it has no price, its so much fun and so much enjoyment for me to see to see them get shared on on on every reddit person on every twitter post that i really dont care that they took my 90 years so yeah. Thank you very much for watching have a wonderful day.