So much chaos and people taking this game seriously. While me and my friends just put c4 bombs on a drone and fight into people, its the funniest thing ever and of course, thats only one of the stupid things we do in this video so stick around to the end to see more. Why is this old lady here im being the old lady? I mean im all for it, but like isnt, she, like 80 years old, hey, oh god, im sorry that was ageism. Im sorry juice keeps on getting ran over by a tank and hes fine. You, like my furry suit, i mean you like my snipers back up everyone. We have a science experiment. Oh my god stand on the rock. I got you okay lets see, send me into the city. Are you ready id be over count down? Three? Two one: zero! Oh, my god hes flying hes flying holy. Oh, my god, mr editor makes socks. Wear a furry. Is this how you drive a plane? We made it sideways. Okay, guys lets go spy on girls. Wait! Wait! Oh wait! Wait! Wait! Put it in the air put in the air? Oh my god. No way i always wanted to be tarzan so ill, be confident. Wait, wait, wait do any of your c4s. I think this is the c4 wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait! Yo. Did anyone get that our footage? 4K drone gopro? Oh my, oh, you can put one.

You can put one its loaded, its loaded, tbh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Wait wait. Wait. Can we jump on the drone? Oh youre wrong, im, not that bad tbh. I cant lift the oh, my good okay, you know what im gon na go. Kill people ill, tell you when to blow it up. Tell me when dude, you know what im getting a bit tired look at this get out of the way meme god i got places to be. What do you mean? What are you doing? I missed look at this goodbye. Oh i missed again. Oh, you really are bad at this game. I didnt train for this, but i prayed for this Music. Oh god, white mimi, you dont have a license. I need a new license when i perform surgery on you, i dont need license for driving a car wait. That explains everything, wait mean: god, you havent gone to school theres, so many people on that thing. I have my seafarers out and lets go on top and im just gon na plant. It all 12 seconds later. Applause speaking the skies are looking nice. We got uh. No storms ahead, ah its a beautiful day so pick up some women. Am i right or am i right im inside the blue, so i can spawn on you ah come into the blue.

You mean the sea, its looking tempting the waters. Looking more, do you see me come down sucks im trying to turn around, but i dont have a license. I think im outside the battlefield. They just got the doctor when i got shot Music its time to save the day. I just saw that out of nowhere im in boys who decided to give him a helicopter a few inches later upside hes going down to the seas. I just crashed. I im on fire im on fire: oh thats, okay, thats, normal hes, going to see the sun hes going up Music, all right cbh! You see, i dont really like meme god. I think we should finish the job. What do you mean? The drone is locked and loaded merry christmas, Music requesting a revive in the lower regions, but i need it now. Man has a dog, i mean look at this. You wish you could do this. What are you doing? I dont even need a fight, its so useless. What do you mean? Is that useless? It does things for me. What just happened five minutes later anyway, uh like i was saying its, not useless its so important. Oh, my god, you just flew right next to me. Oh, we need an enemy. I blew him up. Oh, my god. Oh my god, are you guys needing assistance? This is captain sucks, i repeat, reinforcement all right boys im, the commander of the ship commander.

Excuse me im the driver, no youre, my uber excuse me. You want to say that again, im shooting im shooting him. I got him. I got him, i got another one. I got another one, yes, lets go mimi watch, oh, we are seeing a tbh with a tank. I got you with aerial support tbh. I do not know how to fly this thing. It seems very, very difficult. I dont know how to fly turn around turn around turn around. Oh captain doctorwood is fine. We are back in business baby me and you were in a private mission. Sucks commander fat meme. God, what is our goal? First of all, why do you look so stupid? This is my normal face. Oh my god! Oh my god, my house. What did they do? They stole all my furniture, okay, boys. I have a rocket launcher. This is our protection. That seems dangerous to use indoors what the heck you should have used the front door. Oh my bad here, let me open it up. Im gon na try to kill this guy with a grappling hook. Where are you hey, yo? Yes, i killed the grappling hook. Music. All right im going in, i see an enemy. Tell me what to blow it up. Do Music. You know what lets try to get high ground and just snipe people yeah yeah. Oh, i see one hows that shot Music put it on put it on it. I put one you got it.

I got two. I got two okay heres one theres two explode explosion, theres, oh, my god, were ready. All right! Go juice! Go up now. Lets go lets, go all right! Im going in! Oh, i see an enemy go ahead. Do it do it lets go uh, roger one, two three, your mama smells your mamas, the most youre youre, your mama smells your mamas bros. I got him gamer.