Everyone today we’re going to be showing you how to use the mavic mini first. You want to turn on the drone to turn on the drone. You need a battery once the battery is in. You want to flip it. To the other side. You tap once and hold that turns on the battery to turn on the controller. You need to do the same thing now here. You can follow the drone, but it’s not really recommended. If you fly the drone without the camera, and it would be kind of hard to direct yourself but yeah you started here, you can hold it all right so to turn it on. Without the app you push, the sticks outwards and then down no it’s, not connected all right. So if you want to fly without the camera, you push the sticks outwards and then push them down now that gets the motors going and after that you just go upwards. Okay, so to connect there’s one side that plugs into the drone one side that plugs into your phone and they have one for each type of phone, iphone, samsung or like any other phone. So right now we have an iphone. We want to get this one first, one i’m plugging into here and then with the dji fly, app find the app you could just scan here with your camera. Then it’ll take you to download it don’t. Really. I wouldn’t really try to download it from your app store because you might get the wrong one, so just scan that paper all right now, with this app there’s lots of other modes, you can like modify the drone everything now you can really see where you’re going So it’s way better to fly like this captioning, the minimum takeoff, which is out and then down, but there’s, also a when you load into the app there’s a button that allows you to take off it automatically takes off.

Now, with that same button, you can land. Okay, this is how to replace fins for the mavic mini. First, you take off the guard. Okay, once the glide is removed, you can see on the fins right here. They have a mark right there, a little curve, and so does this little fit this arm. So that means you have to match them up. This one does not have that mark and the in the arm does not have that mark either. So you have to match that up that’s, basically, how you replace the fins make sure the screws are tight, not too tight if you’re feeling resistance, you’re, probably you’re, probably putting the screws in wrong and yeah. If you break a fin, you want to replace the fins and the screws, and you might want to just throw the fins and the screws that you used previously.