Here we go going to fly to the throne, all right, we’re, just going to test it out and see how good it is so yeah we sell these drones in the shop so yeah, so they just looking at buying one and uh yeah we’re gon na fly Drones today, why not tom? What are you actually doing right now? Oh we’re setting up the splash drying three plus okay, getting ready for a flight, so that’s the camera, yeah and there’s the bed, dropper thingy, yep cool man, so it’s. Just that one lock. The pin you just screw that in right that in and that’s good to plug it in yeah just put these graphite landing a little feed on Music. How long do the batteries last probably about 23 minutes? 23 minutes? Okay, yeah! This drones are fully waterproof and stuff. They’Re awesome for fishing, so yeah mad fully waterproof um made for the surf meet for the serve, so the blades just push down place the trouble by the way one piece: oh they i want uh yeah one thing, so they’re really really strong yep so that, because They’Re one piece and they’re strong: they actually can hold a bigger payload right. Yeah yeah see the angle of attack on the blades they’re, just crazy, yeah cool, and what about wind speeds? Uh it’s happened to about 40 k’s an hour i’ve i’ve heard people say yeah they’ve flown them with um it really. It really depends on how much you’re carrying and you know what what you’re doing, which one’s 40 k’s an hour just with not carrying any weight.

Yeah you can, you can have them carrying weight you just if, if you were to fly within 40k an hour winds with the wind coming from behind you, it would go really quickly this way and then coming back can just be really slow. So you can be careful with the batteries Music. Here we go, maybe Music, so the controller comes with a screen and everything too yep. Oh man, look! Oh you probably can’t see what the controller is seeing, but yeah cool. How hard are they to fly? Oh they’re? So easy so so easy just got: ta wait for it to connect to a few satellites: okay, yeah we’re at four five, six yep straight to 11, so we should be able to take off Music. Oh yeah man, Music, they’re, really stable in the air just finitely on it yeah a drone before all right so i’m going to give it a go. I’Ll see how easy it is: Music, okay, up down right, left, whoa this man adrian having a go don’t chop. My head off brother Music: how do you actually what weapons do you press to release the payload, so the top left? So if you flip that switch down so stop there flick that switch down on the top left up here, yeah that opens up and then there you go. So what do you do? You fly the drone? Try it out so you’ve got it yet yep slide out flick that bait drop it down.

Dropper pretend to hold it. You can put the controller down, as you can see, it’s in return, so the best thing about this drone right when it returns the base. It obviously lands somewhere in the water if you’re on the boat right, but because it’s waterproof, they actually recommended that you land it in the water and then you use a net to actually scoop it up into the boat. So um yeah, none of like trying to catch in the air and the kind of stuff you actually landed in the water and then you scoop it out with a net, so i’ve actually lost a drone. Actually scotty has in malaysia trying to catch it on the boat and then it hit the boat, and then it went into the drink. So um yeah the splash zone, um 1203, pretty cool, pretty cool once this thing’s in the water right. How do you actually clean it like yeah, just get a hose out or take it in the shower with you and just give it a nice fresh water, dousing yeah, and it should last you forever. Okay, like you’re talking about salt away, do we need to use salt away or how often is really good, it’s, really good for removing salt and things but yeah as we’re saying, if you wanted to use the saltwater, you would salt away the drone with water and Then wash yourself, okay cool, so with this drone. If you want to clean it pretty much just take in the shower, so yeah that’s how you actually watch the drone on the sort of the drone and stuff awesome awesome.

So adrian, how do you find tell us the problems with the dji when you’re flying it on water and what’s? The difference with this one, like i mean you’re, going to buy one now you’re giving a deposit yeah. So what does that mean in the water? With the dji one on a boat when i’m drifting, especially 100 meters in front of you, um on the drift and then um, you just pick it up with the net yeah straight to the boat yeah. So a problem with um yeah with the problem, with a lot of the i mean like i said, i lost one because me and scott was on the board and then we’re trying to catch it with our hands and we wouldn’t get carrying yeah and then the Boat was moving and it hit the boat, and then it went into the drink. But this thing you know you just landed in the water it’s fully waterproof. You can actually use it as a submarine too, like you know, you can land this in the water and the camera. Actually, you can look into the water and stuff so yeah, so agents putting a deposit today for one and yeah pick up probably next week. Sometime thanks so much tom for showing us yeah so guys if you want one of these things right, it’s, so cool like it’s, pretty fun, um and it’s, probably like the best thing out there for fishing.