We might be the first people ever to put bacon on an RC. But this is YouTube. What can you expect right? Oh my god, it's totally gon na work. How amazing, is this truck? What would make it better? What could it do for the radio control hobby to be delicious and provide you with a snack Music Applause? Music Applause. Now believe how stable it is, I think we should try to take the jump yeah. I agree: Music, Applause, Music, Music Applause, Music Applause, no good people say the suspension is too stiff, but that's exactly yeah jump it again. Music that's know is super deep, a huge Music all those to all that torch sitting. Those tires Applause, Music Applause, let's check it out. I was definitely no way. I can't believe this. First of all, look at the bottom of the shock. I busted all right. Look at that it came apart. That'S, okay, though that was a hard hit. You know I can't have that have crumbs. That is how hot that truck is wicked dude. So let me know, comment section down below: does bacon make it better? Is this a new series? We should do leave it we'll see in the next episode of our sea adventures.