The fall season is in the air, and all of the leaves have blown away from the tree's. It s an excellent day for a "Halloween Style" creep in the yard route park. Numerous visitors have actually asked to see this truck with the DUB STYLE wheels on the routes. and today, i can make that take place. The model I am utilizing is a 13.5 pound Jeep JK from CAPO. This is the SECOND Version of jeep that the business Capo brought out. It is marketed as a 1/8th range. but appears to be closer to a 1/10th scale (to me). Its most definitely a hefty rig to wheel about, but it absolutely moves a lot like a "real size" jeep. The LARGE tires are from a firm called D1RC, that I located on Aliexpress. These are the 3.2" wheels and "Black Widow" tires. Respectable. However, the large tires have jeopardized one of my Axles – but these axles have actually been abused before this recording. There is no question however, big wheels will certainly have a damaging impact on your axles, if they are "weak" or not set steel. It adds more force, to the weakest point. which was the neck of the axle. I believed a drive pin had bulged. yet, I was mistaken!

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