Is this the official cinewoop lifestyle channel kinda for the last couple weeks, we’ve had a ton on the channel the new bumblebee v3 is here. We did a review on that one, a while back that one is a great choice if you’re looking for a three inch and we’ve done a ton of 2.5 inch cinewoops on the channel, there is loads and loads of 2.5 inch cine whoops in that category. Analog and dji digital, but today i have something that’s 2 inch, so this one is a little more compact. This one is the aurora rc egg version 2.. This is very similar to the demon 4k and dji version and the analog version from aurora rc, it’s kind of a scaled down version of that quad. I believe that one was a 2.5 inch as well, so there was the demon, and now there is the egg series here and i got ta say this is a fantastic little backyard. Basher cinewoop! You can fly this one around playground equipment. You can bounce off things with it and as much as i crashed and tumbled and ran into things with this quad, i didn’t break anything in the backyard, which is the best news, because some of the other cinewoops i’ve flown recently. I have broken the frames and the internal parts on the interior of the prop guard, so they have struts. They have six drop supports in this one and a sort of a hybrid carbon frame with a tpu top mount canopy with our caddix nebula pro nano 2.

Here so a very nice looking camera run it 50 megabit and it’s going to make really fantastic video inside your dvr. I feel like as good as 50 megabit looks. I mean you know, make a comment down below if you guys agree with me, but i think that the video from the dji goggles looks so good. I don’t even really feel like. I need an action cam on here. If you really want to you, could mount an insta 360 go on here, this little tiny camera or a dk’s gopro this little 2 inch quad on 4s will definitely carry pretty much any lightweight dk style hd camera. But why would you really want to the dji footage, looks so great, but we have tbs crossfire on here. We have the cherry antenna very much like what the same configuration on the emacs baby hawk 2 hd has it’s the the same camera here same camera system. Same cherry antenna, but this one’s 3.5 inch. You should go back and watch this video by the way because it rocks and if you’re looking for a total ripper this year, this one one of the best 3.5 inch. I mean the one yeah, the only 3.5 inch static phone that rips that hard freestyle, king god and total rock show, like we mentioned yesterday on the channel, but go back and watch that video it’s insane, so that one does not have prop guards. It’S. A total freestyle quad on 4s, but this one today is all about cruising.

This one is a cruiser and it needed a little bit of pit tuning pulling out of the box when you have a 4s battery on something as small as this frame with 2 inch. Props i’ve built them custom over 5 years ago, and i had some of the same issue. All that 4s power on a 2 inch prop is pretty hard to tune down so with this particular quad. It has sort of a high center of gravity on here. It is kind of equalized out with a low mount battery on an underslung battery, but i was able to tune it down quite a bit for you guys, so the numbers are drastically changed from the original stock. Pid tune so check out the link down below there. Will be a setup cli dump down below? So if you bought the egg 2 and you want to get a much better tune on there by all means, grab my pid tune and my cli dump down below and put it on your egg version 2. It will fly night and day better, so i smoothed out a lot of the vibes and, on you know, certain cornering and uh high speed, maneuvers there’s still some vibes in there, but it’s it’s drastically better. So you guys can enjoy that in the fpv community. But i always try to share my pid tuning with you guys so we’ll go ahead and take this one in the backyard where i think that this one is the best.

The egg 2 is just so much fun in the backyard and wait until you see how awesome this backyard is so let’s have some fun and hit some gaps together. Thanks for flying with me afterwards, we’ll come back in we’ll, take out the egg 2 on the bench. Here we go so all right guys. Welcome back from the flight test, welcome back to camp life, let’s go ahead and jump into this review. The aurora rc egg version 2. 2 inch hd fpv, cine whoop. It has the nebula pro onboard. We have an f4 flight controller, it weighs 180.4 grams. My favorite battery is the 4s 650 from gnb on here. This is my go to battery for all of my two inch cinewhoops for a good flight time of around five minutes, and it felt like i could fly forever in the backyard with this. It was a lot of fun so um without the battery we’re. Looking at something around 100, that was around 110 grams, so 108.5 without the battery, you can still keep this quad under 250 grams. If you decide to add a dk’s gopro up here, which will give you stellar footage, you can also add the new insta 360 go i’ll, try to find links for those and put those down below, and my recommended props and batteries. If you decide to go this route and let’s just jump right into uh what this quad’s all about, i feel like this quad is primarily just a backyard, basher or sort of a backyard ripper.

I feel like the durability factor on this. Quad is good it. I didn’t come back with anything broken all of the struts six different struts in a three up configuration on each prop duck here, looks good and the foam is quite effective, so no damage on this quad with all the backyard bashing i did, which i think is Really really good for the value. If you pay around three hundred dollars for a two inches in a whoop you, you expect some type of durability factor there. So all of this framing in here works really good with this sort of hybrid carbon 4 up configuration. This is a true x design with external bracing here as well, so you got some extra bracing on the outside, which is great and running. Dji cadx nebula v2 on here is also nice. This is the nano v2. It has really nice footage and i feel, like i don’t, even have to put an action cam on here when i’m running 50 megabit recording that in the dji goggles it looks great. It looks fantastic. So if this is your backyard cruiser or acro trainer you’re going to have you’re going to have great video from that, so it is very fun. So let’s get let’s, get technical with and get critical about. Some of the features about this quad um it’s – not a freestyle, quad let’s, just put that out there. It does have sort of a high center of gravity here they did balance it out a little bit with having the vista underneath sort of the top plate here.

But with all this extra tpu up here and the battery down here, it kind of it balances out okay, but this wheelbase is so small that, with even like a 650 at certain points, it kind of does have some wash out in something like a power loop. So not the greatest freestyle quad, but straight ahead flying was fun and i could bounce off just about anything in the backyard, whether it was a metal pole or a tree branch or whatever. I didn’t break the quad, but i can get critical about the pid tune. The pid tune is not the greatest on this one. It needed some work out of the box. So if you bought this one and you fire it up for the first time, you may see some jello in your dji goggles. You can also use an nd filter on these and i’m, not sure if they’re making nd filters for the nebula series cameras. Yet maybe freewell will release some of those that would be cool that would actually um calm down a lot of that jello that you see without having to do a whole bunch of pid tuning. However, you can look at my cli link down below and and use my pids. It is drastically better with my pits on here so, but i can still see some vibration in there so uh. It is what it is at this point, but we have a much smaller format and that’s hard, because with this small wheelbase, when you’re running two inch props and you have 4s on there, all that power is very close to the camera.

The smaller you get with the frame and you’re still running 4s that’s a lot of motor vibration to kind of tone down for any fpv camera out there. So i’ve built custom for a 4s rigs 5 years ago that were close to this same diameter. Here very very hard to tune so that’s going to be a challenge if you feel like you’re, seeing too much vibration and you bought this one. My first recommendation is flight on 3s get a 3s650 and it will break it in half, if not almost eliminate it. Sometimes, when you just go down a little bit and the voltage on your battery that helps out a lot with camera vibes, so that’s going to be my recommendation there, and you know i can be critical on my channel too i don’t have to you know everything Is not the best some guys are like, oh well, you say everything’s the best no don’t watch more of my videos and you’ll find out the foam did great. It did not break in the backyard again i’m. Happy about that this top plate. Canopy right here is almost exactly the same as the demon series that we saw before they make a demon hd. It is the 2.5 inch version i’m, not sure if they make a three inch version, but we have 25 amp escs on here is an all in one flight controller, just above the cadx nebula nano v2 here and you have a usb port.

This is a android style, usb port and we have the bind button there for your cadx nebula and your usbc port, which that’s what you’re going to use to register it with dji. Before you fly with your goggles and then you pair it up with your goggles. But it looks really sturdy. This quad is really stocky. We’Ve got inverted motor design here, and these are iflight zing motors guys, so they use some iflights motors on here, which i think is fantastic. I didn’t expect to flip this quad over and see zing motors on here. So these motors are series they’re, 5000 kv and i’ve been flying zing motors now for years. They are really really great and the way they’re mounted on here they’re going to get you a lot less vibrations than if they were up when they’re up. They cause a little more wash wash out when you’re coming around for maneuvers, because the airflow is not totally unobstructed when the motor’s on top. So a lot of these new center whoops had inverted motors. You see a lot of 2.5 inch with that same configuration on there, so this makes a very clean power system and flies great indoors. So if you’re looking to fly this one indoors or outdoors, this will fly indoors. Just really watch this power system, because if you get this stuck in anybody’s hair it’s going to rip it big time and this quad can hurt somebody, it is quite powerful.

So be super careful with that, but i like that they have an option for tbs crossfire nano. I feel like this isn’t really a send. It rig this isn’t, really something i would send out there for you know a mile out um with an 850 you’re gon na get a max flight time around seven minutes, probably um. If you’re just cruising so you know how far can you go out and back seven minutes on your batteries? You have to kind of start coming back at about the halfway point on your battery, so that you can make it back right and if you have a headwind, it’s going to eat even more battery up. So you know keep out your keep your environmental conditions in mind, same thing with the dji quads guys fly way out there over the ocean. Then they they can’t actually make it back because of a headwind, so um that headwind’s eating up more battery it’s, just the power system’s working harder to get back, but this one again it’s, not a freestyle quad. It is a straight cruiser. I did some mild flips with it. I tried to power loop, the um, the walkway out there with the grapevines over top of of the walkway, but it it uh. It can do it. If i did, you know if i got the timing right on it. I’Ll probably do it, and it does much better now with the new pid tune on here, but definitely a beasty quad.

You can um also fly it with fly sky receiver and i i believe they had a couple extra uarts on here. They don’t have a ton of uarts they’re, not you’re, not gon na be able to put gps on this one. I believe there was uh four uarts on here, um so bottom out battery xt30 back here with the capacitor, which is nice, two bolt configuration on the props four bolts on top holding the motors down and around a two millimeter carbon frame with that cherry into the Back here, so this one comes in again around 300 um. I i would say if you’re looking for a cinewoop i’ll, try to put my top five favorite down below um. You can consider this one, but it’s gon na need a little bit of work, so um it was fun to fly. It was really fun to fly in the backyard, but again still still just a little bit of vibes on this one so uh. I will leave that up to you guys and i would i would probably pick up the gap rc cinelog 25 before i would spend the same amount of money for this guy, but yeah that’s my opinion on the channel guys and i can definitely be critical. I think that aurora rc needs to to really work on their pid tuning before they send these quads out because it’s a great collection of parts, but it needs to be well tuned before it gets to your door.