laughing Dad. I under here Dad Whoa, Oh my gosh. Can I have this Its so cute.? Do we need markers mom? Oh yeah, Lunchboxes, Ah Kids for sale., Dad Busted Ill buy one of these and then Ill buy one of these.. Oh, I got my back to school, Niko, Mom Niko! You want this one Yeah Wee Dad Such a good boy. Yes, you are. Good boy. It not a real doggy, Dad Yeah. It is Dont say that to Mr. Snuggles. Mom Yeah., Dad Whose boots are just floating there, Whose boots are those? Oh yeah, you look cool. Hairdresser, Easier to brush now., Dad Ew thats, your hair. Oh, You look so handsome Pirate Islands all flooded, Ew youre like in the swamp. Look at this muddy puddle., Dad Muddy puddle Cheers., Dad Cheers. Boop Cheers. Do you even know where the idea came from Your brain, your brain, your brain., My brain gave me the idea. Lets start figuring out how to make a family cartoon. Yeah, No, No way, No way. Thats gon na be goofy dad.. I like this one.. You got way bigger, cheeks. All of Pirate Island like this whole thing is mapped out in 3D., Thats, so cool.. So now we can take any of our adventures at Pirate Island. Re imagined in like a fun animation, way. Kind of like the way kids would see. It., You know what Im saying I havent even seen what the cartoon looks like yet.

. I need to find some food for my fairy friends. You look so cute. Whoa Youre, crazy, fairy. Whoa hold on. Adley laughing. My hat Whoa Were on a fairy island.. Our team of animators in the space station goes in and they move them around.. So theyre like oop, Move this hand right here, Move this hand right here And make them fly And make them spin And then make them smile.. But Dad do you think I ever go in those extra swell waves, Whoa Pop up a boat. See we can do whatever we want.. Ah sharks. No, What happened? You crashed the boat. Everyone Welcome to the best rainy day ever Its raining its raining. I was just literally blowing away before we started.. She literally was just blowing away.. You wan na say, Welcome to the best rainy day ever Its actually flying away Im, not lying Mom. All right, guys., We are on a mission., Were gon na go pick up hello, Dad Wheres, Dad Hes at the space station. Mom, Hey you wan na share that with me, come one.! No! Will you share with me Niko Wheres, dad At work.. We need to go steal Dad from work. Ooh. We got double umbrella. And then, where are we going? Were gon na go birthday? Shopping? Wait were not going birthday shopping. Where are we going? Niko Birthday shopping Were not going birthday, shopping, School shopping, School shopping Were going school shopping. We got to go back to school items and were going to go.

Get some haircuts.. You ready for a haircut Yes. Mom K lets go, get Dad. Dad Run Mom Holy. Oh, my gosh.: Do you see that Okay.? This is weird guys, but the grass is like a trampoline right, there. giggling What the heck Ive never seen that before. What in the world? What is that Its? Like a giant bubble. Niko Like a pizza bubble? That is so crazy.. I dont know why this is so fascinating, but its blowing my mind. water splashing. Why is it doing that? I thought were going up to Dads work.. Do you see Dads work? Oh its raining, hard., Dad Mom Dads taking too long.. Can I go get him You wan na go, get him Yeah.! I wan na get him with you. Yeah.. Can you unbuckle Niko too Adley Yes. Mom, You guys going to go on a mission. Yeah. Open the door.. We are ready for anything.. You have to be ready for anything. Adley Come on Niko., Dad Its raining Adley. Well, we were just waiting for you.. We were gon na. Come Dad. Sorry get me this car Mom. Can we just go get him? Everyone buckle back, up., Dad So whats the plan. Adley We are gon na go, get some haircuts and get some stuff and get some stuff for school, Which do we want to do first Paper scissors. Shoot Dad. Oh Niko won that one. Rock paper scissors shoot Parents. Oh Adley won that one Rock paper scissors shoot Dad.

Adley won All right. What are we doing? First, A haircut. Dad All right. Everyone buckle, up. Buckle, check. Adley Buckle check, Dad Niko No. Dad Niko. I cant buckle myself. Its raining Rain rain, go away. Adley Its raining in the car Got to get ready for school day. Adley Its raining in the car. Niko Youre sitting too gangster. Mom laughing Its raining in the car. Dad. Are you buckled? Yeah. Mom Buckle check. Dad, Not check. Mom Niko. Check, Mom Dad. Check. Mom. Check Feeling like a star Lets, go Niko. Lets go. Lets go. Change of plans there. The haircut place was full for two hours., So were going shopping. First. Lets go. Hands hands hands. Oh, my god, split up. No Stick together.! Well, never survive alone.! All right. kids screaming That almost shut me. It closed like this.. You almost got stuck in the door. Yeah. Probably need a full cart.. All right, vloggy. Youre, strapping in. Niko, I wan na get in there.. You want to get in with the vlog Okay.. Oh tay. Theres a puppy over there and its so adorable.. Dad. Oh puppy. Kids footsteps: Niko Come back here, real, quick Niko! I, like the sign of the new Paw Patrol movie There it is Come on lets, go quickly. Look at it., Dad, Oh dont, get distracted. Come on, come on. Quickly, look at it. Dad, No, no no.! Ah, a skateboard. Wait. I want to see the skateboard. Ooh skateboard.

, No getting distracted. Okay, I wont. Hey no getting distracted Its hard, not to get distracted at the store. Huh Niko. Did you get distracted, Come on put it back.? Oh man, I want it. Mom youre. Getting distracted. Dad Mom, are you getting distracted by candles, Smells good. Dont, get distracted by candles., No Adley. Niko., Okay, nobody get distracted. Niko screaming Niko come on.. Is this what its like, when you guys go to the store, or is it just our family? I under here. Dad Whoa., Oh man., Were losing people. Uh hello. Are you getting distracted, Follow the cushion. Come on., Follow the cushion., No dont. Follow it. Anymore. Come this way.! No, no, no no. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Were in the school stuff.. Its all gone Were too late. Wow.. We just barely got our list. Everythings gone., Oh my gosh. Can I have this Its so cute. Dad? What do we need? Mom Whats on the list? We need glue, sticks., Okay. Tissues, wipes markers, treats and bags.. Oh one. Thing., Can I get this Dad That can be your doodle book.? I dont know. Lets go.. Can I have these colorful pens, Ooh pencils. Thats, a good idea. Adleys, going into the first grade., So shell need stuff while shes there. Like a lunch box.? Oh my gosh.. I want this pumpkin. Dad. What is it Pumpkin., Dad Those arent pumpkins.? Why do you think those are pumpkins Cause? It is. Lets put my erasers in here to take to school.

Dad Thats a good idea.. Can I mom? Can I Dad Cool eraser bags.? I need glue sticks., Dad And Niko needs some. Here, Niko. Mom. Now we need six of those. Theres. 2. 3. 3 more. Adley. Do we need markers, mom, Dad Good job, Niko bear. Mom? Hey! Do you want to count how many crayons we got? 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.. Dad We got lots of crayons Ooh a pencil case Dad Oh thats, cool Thats, a pencil case to put your markers and glue, sticks, in. Theres, a Paw Patrol one. You can put your crayons in there. Mom, Oh that ones pretty Adley. Dad! Oh, that is beautiful.. You need a lunch. Box. Lets go, look at lunchboxes., Oh guys.! Guess what Nana just texted me. The powers out at their house., Her and Navey are in the dark. Navey and Nana are home in the dark. Theres no wifi.. Are they doing? Okay, Yeah. Shes, like is the power out where you are Im like nope., Just her and Navey chilling in the dark. Good luck., Sorry, Nana., Sorry Navey., Oh Im gon na get this. Where Oh yeah. Im going to get that just so I can stay organized with What I got to do, every day. Look at me being all organized. Pretty much everything I do is basically just just on a whiteboard all the planning and business stuff.. I just use the whiteboard and then I take a picture of it.

Its kind of funny., Not the most organized person, but Im figuring it out.. Where did the family go? I started walking and talking.. Oh here lunchboxes Dad That looks cool.. I need to check inside.. Look inside this. Niko screaming Dad Oh thats cool.. Should we do those ones Mom its not opening.? Ah, This is so fun.. I remember back to school shopping. Every year was the most exciting time because youre going back to school and you got to get all your stuff and you want to get cool stuff. Youre wondering whos, going to be in your class.. Just saying back to school is an exciting time.. Im glad were were vlogging it with you, guys. Keeping the memories. Mom. Have you seen Niko Dad Niko? Where did he go? Niko We lost Niko vlog.. Does anyone know where Niko is We seriously just lost Niko.? Oh no., Ah ha busted., Two kids for sale. Dad Ill buy one of these and then Ill buy one of these.. Oh, I got my back to school Niko., Oh yeah., So heavy. Wait. Wait, wait, wait! Wait., Mommy., Dad! That is actually pretty cool.. She needs one cool pen.. Oh will you snag that Niko Dad Oh yeah. Id like to buy this Niko.? Oh its really expensive.. Should we get it Okay. Bye, Wait for me.! This is heavy.. You can be my cart. Carrier. Dad Yes. Dont lose any of the stuff. Dad Deal. Dad Dad come find Niko.

, Dad, Aha Busted Niko dinosaurs fighting.. I want that one. Dad Thats cool. Theyre, giving a high five Theyre, not fighting. Theyre best friends. Mom, All right.. You need a bigger one. Dude.! Your muscles are too big., I think, were a little late to the back to school. Shopping. Theres, not many options. Niko. Do you want to go and get the fox Yeah Deal. Mom Bear Niko. Dad. Do you want a bear? No, I want fox. Dad. Do you want the fox and the bear Yeah. Adley? Do you want the dinosaur Dad Little fancy dinosaur right there.. Do you like the fancy dinosaur No.? What about this? One Niko Dad Super heroes, Yeah. Super heroes, it is. All right. Nikos easy.. This is easy peasy.. What about this Niko? I like this one. Niko! You want this one Yeah. Mom, Who is it? I am a fox.. We just got like Niko everything he needs for school.. That was like four minutes. Easy peasy. Dad. I wan na buy this space jammys. Dad Space jammys. We love our planet.. This is huge dude.. This would fit me.. I am getting space jammys.. This is awesome. Sharks. Oh this just looks comfy.. I just got dad onesies.. This is back to school shopping.. Ah, I found you. Look at my new jammys. Mom Okay.. This one is a giant shark jammy for dad. Like a onesy. That ones a space one. Wait. Did you find these in the kids section Dad, But theyre big.

? I could fit in them. Mom, Oh okay.. I got some jewelry for school. Dad Ooh jewelry., I dont think jewelry is on the list., Not on the list.. We could get bracelets. Dad Just bracelets. Wee Dad A doggy Hi doggy Such a good boy. Yes, you are a good boy., Its not a real doggy.. Dad Yeah it is. Dont say that to Mr. Snuggles., No it not it not a real doggy., Dad Hes real dont, listen to him. Cover his ears. Youre, a real dog., Oh that is.. Oh, I love that., But maybe theres one, your size.! This would that fit! You I dont know if it fits you.. Im gon na go, ask mom. Yeah.. Where is she Everyone Mom Mom Mom. Mom mom mom were lost. Mom Seriously wheres mom Dad Seriously. I dont know. Vlog, look for mom. Im gon na hold you up. Mom. Mom. Aha, I found her., We found you, I dont know you people. Mom. Can I have those pants Mom Rainbow pants Yes. Perfect. Rainbow pants? I, like those. Wheres this shirt, Hi., Im thinking of this cat shirt., Dad Im thinking, thats you., Its a cat and then its a pumpkin cat., Its a black shirt., Its really a skeleton. Dad. I like that thats cool. Vlog, look what I have. Niko found. Candy Start your engines.. Go Dad screaming Its flat under here.. Dad Go, go, go, go, go, Go, go, go, get in get in All right! Next! Stop hair cuts.

Its raining On my head. It raining on my head: Where do we go Over? Here.? Oh made it Its hair cut time. Fancy.. That is a fancy hair salon. Right. I get a booster., A booster Hi vlog. I want a back to school trim. Dad Those boots are just floating there.. Whos boots are those Oh yeah. You look cool., You look so cool Niko. What kind of haircut are you going to get I dont know. Dad? Are you gon na cut it all off Or just a little bit Just a little bit. Dad Just a little bit Niko. Look how long your hair is Its so blonde too! Look at that.. Do you see how blonde it is? I know. Dad Wow, you look so handsome. Hairdresser, Easier to brush., Dad Ew thats, your hair. Are you gon na keep that forever upbeat music? What you doing? What do you think Hairdresser? Do you like it Yeah. Dad Beautiful.? I love it., Those back to school, haircuts, here. Youre, looking good.! Thank you so much.. Thank you. Wow! Look at the Tesla.. It looks theres a rainbow on the Tesla.. The Tesla looks so cool when its wet., Its like all rainbow.. Can you guys see the rainbowness of it Your leg? Sorry, I ripped off your leg., But could you see the rainbow stuff? It looks cool. Wow I like that., Pretty cool. All right. Where to now Pizza Dad Pizza Can we get pizza, Pizza, Everyone, Pizza pizza and pirate island.

, Oh and surprises., Since Adleys going back to school. That means weve got some surprises for you guys with the A for Adley, channel., Adley, chanting, pizza, But first pizza. Hold on. I need my seatbelt: Pirate islands, all flooded. Mom. What are you doing? I cant walk in there.. I dont got rain boots.. Oh boy. Whos ready for some warm pizza Me Im, so cold Dad Youre cold. Should we go get some pizza Dad? You need a skateboard. Skateboard in the puddles. Are you crazy, Thats called surfing. Wow. Kinda looks cool all flooded, here.. Oh, I should get a skim. Board., What if we skim board it on the track Who skim boards Would that work? I want to snowboard on the track this winter, like packing the snow. I was going to do that last winter and it never really snowed enough. Dad come look at this muddy. Puddle Dad Muddy puddle, Its just the grass Dad Ew Youre, like in a swamp. Disgusting. Niko. I dare you to come in here. Dad Go in the swamp Niko. I dare you., I triple dog. Dare you to come in here. Dad No way. I have my normal shoes on. Triple dog., Double dog, No way., I am resisting the dare. Lets – go, get pizza.! I 30 hundred fifty. Dad. Oh careful Niko.! Dare you to go on there. Dad No. N O. Hot dog days, Dad laughing All right. Im excited to tell you guys about all these surprises weve got for you.

. We are prepared for Adley going back to school. Holy smokes. Wow. I want this big one. Dad. Oh big one., I want this one look: how big. Hey thats the one I was gon na grab All right.. I want this one.. Oh my Goodness., Dad Moms going crazy. Cheers. Cheers. Cheers Boop boop, boop., Mmm delicious. Lets eat and then tell the vlog our surprises.. Guess what We have the space station crew here to help us. What up boys. Nick Hello, I told you – these are good. Surprises. Youre, going to love it. Were launching something special Look at my bubble. Dad Whoa a bubble Adley. Why is it wet right there on that seat? All right. Well be right: back. Adley Watch out. Vlog, Im standing here. Roll somewhere else.. Why is this seat wet Turn on the lights. Hands in the middle. Space station animation on 3., 1, 2. 3. Space station animation. Do I have anything in my teeth? No youre good.. Do I Do I A little bit.? Do I See Nikos teeth Were ready.? How did we get the idea to do a cartoon? Do we even know where the idea came from You, Your brain, your brain, your brain., My brain gave me the idea. My brain got the idea when we were in your favorite place in the world. Where is your favorite place in the world Hawaii family? Cheering? We were in Hawaii with the bucket list family and they were telling us about their idea to do a cartoon of their family, which they are doing the bucket list.

Cartoon.. I was like you know what Thats a great idea.. We should do that for our family. Too. Then, when this year started, Adley was going to first grade., So we realized that Nikos hands, gone. Wheres your hand And mine too, And Adleys hands gone and my hand was gone. And thats when we realized we needed to do family cartoons, because none of us Had hands anymore., We just want to make tons of cool videos for you guys., But with Adley in school were not going to have as much time to have fun and do videos. So thats when we were like aha lets, start figuring out how to make a Family cartoon. Yeah, We hired our first few people to help us solve this problem. One of them was Eli, who does our apps Our Adleys play space and unicorn catch.? He made our very first cartoon. Yeah we tested it.. Do you remember the alligator cartoon Yeah.? This is the secret room. Hurry. The alligators are coming. Uh oh., Lava, Kids Chop chop. Chop. That was such a fun video and then we turned it into a cartoon and it was even more fun. And it got twice as many views as the normal video.. So we know you guys, like it., And we were on a mission to figure out how to make more cartoons, not just cartoons but 3D animations too.. We really look real like in real life., But do you remember early on when we first started that they didnt really look like us, Yes.

Yeah we kinda had the warrants.. Maybe we should show em. Should we show em? Could we get like a laptop with some of our first like animations and stuff on them? Thatd be cool. Okay., So check some of these out. First one. Whatd. You guys think of this dad No. No way. No way. Thats kind of a goofy dad. Youve got too long arms.. I have Noodlearms. Noodlearms. Now lets look at other funny, stuff.! Oh those Adleys.. I like this. Shes, got way big cheeks.. These ones were done by a guy named Mark Waring, who does animations and expressions for Disney movies., And he came in and helped us and he really brought Adleys crazy personality to life.. Do you, like those silly faces No. You make that face all the time. Yeah? That is your always crazy face.. So then we had some good expressions, but we still didnt know what we wanted. Our characters to look like. Adley, no have a body Yeah wheres, your body And heres, one where we did our whole family.. I love this one, its so Thats a backwards hat.. I no like one. Yeah, dad looks kind of silly in this one.. That does not look like dad. That looks like mom, Adley and Niko though. Yeah. Wait! Wait for them to make a Navey cartoon.. We need to build the Navey part of the cartoon. When Navey starts being in our videos. Well make a Navey cartoon.

Okay. Lets. Look at another crazy one., So this dad was filmed good.. I think this was the dad we were going with for awhile. And then we started to sketch out mom Dad go back., Go back, Dad you so weird. Youre, so weird. The same Mark, Waren guy did my expressions and it turned out way. Cool.. Look at all these dad expressions. Dad you have not a body., You not have a body., I know. Just your face.. So the way we would choose the characters, the expressions the art style that we liked is. We would ask the kiddos because, as you can see, they definitely have opinions and they would share them.. So we found a style that the kids really liked that we liked. Been working on this since the beginning of the year.. Oh theres, mommys expressions.. So this is as dad was starting to get closer, but I still kind of look like a Nutcracker meets Jack. Nichols, I think, is his name or something., And then this one, Oh my gosh.. I do not like that one at all. This one was a little bit creepy.. I remember at that point like wait. Are we doing the right thing here? We started to get nervous and wonder if we should do 2D animation like normal cartoons., But the thing that excited us about 3D is that we can build it all out and continue to use it.. So, like this whole place, all of pirate island is built in 3D.

, So Adley you could go in VR or Roblox or a game, and you could walk around all of pirate island. Like this whole thing is mapped out in 3D in Unreal Engine, which is a Video game, maker., Thats, so cool.. So now we can take any of our adventures of pirate island and put our characters in here, use the same audio and fun storylines from our videos and then animate. The story re imagined in like a fun animation, way. Kind of like the way kids would see. It.. You know what Im saying Dad. I got my hood on. In real life if were playing, hide and seek, and the kids go hide behind the tree and then I find them and they giggle and runaway thats fun., But in animation world they could be climbing to the top of the tree. With a monkey eating a banana, then backflip out of the tree and I catch them and they giggle and they run away. And its like the same story and the same audio. Im, climbing. Yeah, show em Adley., So animation just makes everything more fun. Its like a Way to just reimagine the stories in real life., Its like the very first episode where, like you guys, are fighting over fairy and a pirate. Youre crazy, fairy. Whoa hold on. Yeah.. Then she actually takes off flying. Yeah. In the first cartoon. When you fly me up into the sky and Im like oh, let me go Its really cool.

Yeah. Thats, I dont know if youve seen that shot yet. Yeah. Lets show them the real video. Pop up that shot really quick. Adley Magic wings fly away. Whoa, Stop Flying Get these wings off, so she cant fly.. So in real life we were just battling for your fairy wings, but in the animation she flies me all the way up into the air.. Should we look at some other pictures? Oh, so we hired a bunch of concept artists to do our family to see what style we liked and the kids liked. Niko. Is that baby Navey Thats Niko? Do you like that? One? No, it looks like baby Navey.. So if the kids say no wed keep moving on. And I didnt really like me on that one.. I need to look more like a pirate and less like beauty model.. You do look like a fashion model.. I know I look like a fancy. Dad. Im not fancy. Like a muscle man.. This was very much starting to get the direction we wanted to go more fun and playful and less like serious. Theres Niko. I look like I no have a body.. He would always say that Wheres my body And were like no were just getting your face.. Do you like the hair? This one looks so much like Niko too. It does. Whoa. That was a crazy hair. Adley. Thats me when I first wake: up. Thats Adley when she first wakes up.

Were working with all these concept, artists, doing different things and then thats when we finally realized. If we want to do this right, we got to bring people in house at the space station, just like weve done with e sports and with influencer all other businesses weve built. We just got ta have good people in the space station who can help us on this project.. Then we can play around and have crazy parties. Then we can play around and have crazy parties.. We did hire more space station crew and we have an artist, Kate., Kate, youre incredible. She found the style for our family.. Jenny works with Kate all the time to figure out what styles she likes. What she wants to Adleys room to look like., Kate, youve, been amazing. Youve turned our family into like the way I envision it. If we really were a cartoon, family. Shes even like asked me little details about Adleys room. What shelves she has her wallpaper. And then like we just make little tweaks that I dont like and shes there to help me with that, so its awesome. Yeah., You guys, will notice when you see that animations that its all the same stuff, you guys love., But Now we got animated characters and make it more fun.. I havent even seen what the cartoon looks like yet.. Should we watch a cartoon Yeah Okay. Lets pop up a cartoon., Okay ready. I need to find some food for my fairy friends.

So cute. So the first video is at pirate island and its pirates versus fairies., And then the second video were already working on thats, going to be a family laughing. My hat Whoa All my treasure, The treasure Ooh., So thats a fully rendered shot. Thats. What that things going to look like all the way, down. That looks so good. Wait, whats that Were on a fairy. Island. Hide my treasure Theres, a fairy out there That was you., Hes, sneaking around., And then this one youre flying. Yeah., So its like. We can make Adley fly, now. Anythings possible., See like right here, its not completely finished. Theyre, still working on it. Yeah., Sometimes its not all the way done, but theres just a little segments.. This parts, awesome. Wow youre, a crazy fairy Whoa hold on.. Give me these treasures. I got your treasures Dad and Niko growling. Oh you stinkers. I wan na be a pirate.. You want to be a pirate, So youre in the second episode. When were all 3D, like that, our team of animators at the space station goes in and they move them around.. So theyre, like oh move this hand right here and move this hand right here and make them fly and make them spin. And then make them smile.. They animate everyone and then you guys get to watch it. And were going to try and do as many of these as we can. In the past two weeks, weve hired about six people so that we can do more animations, even more faster now.

Were going to Try and drop like a couple of them: every single month. So now youre still going to get the normal fun Adley videos. Whenever we can do them. Were friends, Yes And youre, going to get our awesome animations that were working on.. What happened? You crashed the boat. I need to find some food. And we started shorts channels, just our favorite little moments in the house or behind the scenes or when were not filming. The random stuff that sometimes you dont get to see just hanging out at the house. What these kiddos do in the morning and the evening. Dad you forgot the ceiling., The ceiling guys look at our ceiling.. We dont even know how that happened. There was a storm here. Last night. Now it just looks like that.. I think there was a wind storm and the wind got pushed off the chair like this, so the wind was coming from this way and it was going whooshing and it went up and then it bounced up and it hit the roof.. I think youre right. And it came down and it broke our roof. Thats. What happens.? Now we have a secret attic.. Why do you look suspicious? I told mom a secret. Whats, the secret Cant. Tell girls only.. Just tell me, give me a hint. Whats. The secret Me and mom have our own animation without boys. A girl animation. Without the boys, We have a secret hideout but Im not telling you where its at.

– Hey, No peeking.. Well, guess what Me and Niko were going to make a boys animation and were going to turn us into riding dinosaurs in our cartoon and were going to have a boys dinosaur adventure.. Well, guess what What Me and mom are gon na make a secret hideout with snacks, cozy, pillows and giant gummy bears. And were going to be mermaids in our animation.? What should we be in our cartoon? What should we do? Ah, be cars Were going to be cars in our cartoon., So weve got lots of good ideas for these animations and the new shorts channels. But we want to hear your guys ideas.. What are your favorite, Adley videos or best days ever that you want us to animate, Were going to read through all the comments and then the space station team will animate your favorite video. Whats your favorite Adley video. I would love to see a lava video.. I think that would be way cool.. What video do you wan na see My dinosaur video. Parents, The dinosaur video? What Adley video do you wan na see animated The aquarium. Parents? Oh, that would be cool. Swimming with the stingrays And theres a little cartoon, stingrays and theyre attacking us And a shark., And then Adley puts a saddle on one and rides it. Yeah. No, you can ride a shark with a saddle., Yeah Thats, the fun part about space station animation is, we can kind of do whatever we want and the videos are going to be extra crazy and extra creative.

. Dad watch out. You guys are on a boat and theres extra swell waves. Pop up a boat, see We can do whatever we want. So were going to post all these new animations on the A for Adley channel. So you guys can see them there, along with some of the storyboards, so you can see how theyre made and stuff. Hey no spanking your brother., But then were also going to do a space station animation, YouTube channel where just the episode lives. If you just to watch the episodes. And then the short channels are on YouTube. Its A for Adley shorts Best Day Ever shorts and Adley gaming shorts cause shes doing Roblox, videos., Ah Shark, No Anything else. We want to tell them about our cartoon. What are you gon na say before you get eaten by a shark? I hope you guys, like our new animation videos and our shorts. Thanks for watching bye screaming.