Today it won the top 5 competition just recently uploaded to my channel, and that was based on the quads that I've flown and the quads that perform well. For me and the baby Hawk just overall kind of won the competition out of a lot of medics flown for its overall performance and ease of use. So we're going to talk about that baby hawk again today and we're going to take it a step further we're going to talk about the baby Hawk XXL, and what that is is that is a new baby Hawk that I've built on a carbon frame with some New es es that Emax release 12 amp d, schat es es and their new RS 1106 motors that I have sitting over here to the side I'm, going to show you those in comparison really quickly. I also upgraded the camera on this aircraft to a run camp micro with a little tiny eachine, 200 millimeters. So I can get way out there and get a much better signal, but you can also do 200 on this one. So not a big deal now also check out the motor size difference here from the 1104 to the 1106. Now the es es do sit out on the arms on this aircraft. As you can see here – and I have that emacs femto f3 up inside here and it's just hard mounted to the frame with a piece of BH ba to sort of dampen it from the motor vibrations.

Now these motors will take some tuning inside bata flight and it's going to be a challenge for me to get it in tune correctly and perfectly done it's going to take a few hours to do that out of the field, not a big deal. I'Ve done it on other quads, so when I do get a nice tune going on this I'll share those pigs with you but I'm. Also going to show you got some video. How much punch out this one has now 12 amp will allow you to do easily. Do 3s to 4s, pretty nice also. I don't have to worry about running too much voltage to this camera and frying this setup, mainly because this camera can handle up to in upwards of 20 volts, I believe in spec's, so it will go well over 15 volts. No problem there with a Ford S battery now on the original baby, hawk we're running to s and it's a lot of fun on 2's, but you know I'm, the kind of person who's always wanting to upgrade something or see what else I can do to something. Take it apart and add something better on it, whether that's a better camera, better motors, whatever now you're, probably asking why didn't you put those 1106 is on this frame. What you can do that, but I'm, not sure these six am BSES will handle it. If they will. You can probably do that and get a little more power out of this, but you might be stressing the system so in order to run these correctly really need to put these 12 amps on there and the deal about.

That is the fact that these es es won't fit inside this frame, so there's no way I can mod this or change it, and I can't in any way shape or form it be able to add these es es on this frame, unless I somehow put them Underneath have them riding underneath they just won't fit. So I use this little carbon frame, and this is uh for my friends that flex RC that's the P coax frame. I had an extra of – and I used his little tower here for my setup, with the run cam micro, so try to put those links down below. If you guys want to build your own baby XXL, you can do that from some of the links that I put down here. This is quite a lot of fun to build and it's going to have way more power, and once I get into incorrectly and all the wobble out of it, it's going to be amazing aircraft very flying very, very much like a 5 inch is going to fly. So and it's even kind of a lower profile, a little bit shorter stack than what I have going on over here with this camera tower. So a little less sticking up and I'll probably put some type of roll bar over top of it, whether it be a zip tie, roll bar or something else. So I got one of these: RS 1106 is out of the bag for you, so you can see it up.

Close and personal it's got that kind of classic trademarked red bottom on here that you know it's Emacs and it is also 6000 kV. It says race spec, on this side and over here you get the Emax logo on there and that's that's pretty cool. This is a nice upgrade from what we were running 1104 s have been my favorite for for quite some time, but 1105 s and 1106 motors are starting to creep onto microwaves. A lot of guys are using 1105 now so natural progression of things or that things just keep getting more powerful in a micro package. So this is pretty cool the direction that we're headed now the nice thing about this motor. Also, is you notice that I do have the original baby hawk props on my baby Hawk XXL? Well, you can also put regular props on here as well. Cuz check out the top of this motor. They have mounts on the inside the smaller mount or for traditional micro props, and then the wider holes out here on the outside of the motor, those are for the proprietary Emax props. So Emax is listening to you guys and they're. Making a different size prop mount for each different prop on this individual motor, which is pretty cool, so just wanted to show you guys this up close, pretty standard mounting plate on the bottom and traditional three wires coming off. They also give you in that package. They also give you a variety of different screw sizes and the same style.

Baby hawk prop nuts prop bolts here, but tonight, so they give you different size screws for the mounting the motors, because you need those for different various thickness on different frames. So that's also pretty sweet. It has this kind of old sort of print out on here that says, did buy fpv racing champion motor that's such an old print don't don't put that in any context with this loader because that's a an old print. But this is what the esc package looks like and that's the bullet series, multi, shot and d shot support one shot and active. Braking. Now, with these motors, you might have to revert back to one shot 125 to get them to work correctly. If you do get them to work with D shot, let me know if you do that, but again, these es es were a little too large to fit inside the baby hog frame so I'm, hoping that as technology progresses, that they'll come out with a smaller version Of this one, maybe a 15 to 18 amp, who knows, but these are a great step forward for sure so I'm stoked to have a set of these to play around with, for you guys and show those off on the channel and also before I let go Let'S go ahead and pull down the scale over here. The scale sitting up here and I'll go ahead and plug that in and let's do it way off this custom XXL frame here I'm just going to bring the camera up and move it down.

So you can see I'll turn it on and put it on grams let's. Do it way off here, okay, so we're in grams, I set the original baby hawk on there and we get 65 grams without the battery, depending on what batter you put on here is going to be a heavier or lighter. Of course, let's put this custom build with those new motors on there. That'S 73 grams right there, so about eight more grams, heavier than the original baby Hawk, but that's, not bad. Considering the power upgrade that we have going on here, just to double check that I'll go ahead and put that back on 65 grams and 73 grams, so right on the money guys about eight grams. More, not bad! For such a massive upgrade, so let's go outside let's. Do a little bit of flying with this. I'Ll show this one to you, you're, going to have to deal with some mud, jitter and because it's not totally tuned yet, but I can show you what this is. This power systems like on 3s and it's um it's, actually pretty crazy, it's super super lit up so enjoy the flight.