Video on this video were going to take a look at the bewind f7 4k camera drone. They said it offers excellent night scene. Shooting features so were going to take it out on an extremely overcast day flight. At the lake fly at the park, do some waypoints do some of the uh intelligent flight modes and then were gon na, of course do some night flight. So we can check out this excellent night scene, shooting capabilities Music. You know i have to go out and test exactly what the company says. They said it offers excellent night scene, shooting capabilities, so we out here shooting some night scenes were gon na blast off a couple of photos close to the end of the video but im. Basically, just showing you exactly how it looks raw straight out of the camera, i do like the way it looks. It seems to show uh the skyline, the lights, nice and bright, but were going to do more flights at night time, but this is just the first flight uh. I flew it out. 1010 meters didnt have any type of disconnection at this point. When i flew it out into the city, but when i took it out to the lake later on, i did have a little bit of disconnection issue and it returned to home, but uh. This was my like my second flight. I took it down uh and flew it in the city, but, as you can see, this is the night scene, shooting capabilities im gon na.

Let you guys check out this and uh blessed up a couple of photos, but uh check it out. This drone shoots at 4k 15 frames per second. I hope that another company steps in and makes another camera that you can attach to the bottom, because this is removable that they can uh shoot at like 60 frames per second or have a zoom lens. That would be absolutely awesome, but uh the photo. The photos are pretty good. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below okay, so this is the box that the b wine f7 comes in the box looks absolutely awesome guys. I know the light is shining on it, its kind of reflecting it off its kind of a gray metallic box. Honestly, this is one of the best boxes ive seen this year for drones, but i got a couple more coming in here shortly so well see which one actually looks the best okay right here on the side. It says it has a 3s gimbal 3x stabilized gimbal has wi fi uh camera at 4k has excellent night scene shooting functions as well as the super long control and fb fpv transmission distance. That sounds great. I mean as far as the specs of this thing. This thing sounds absolutely awesome on paper: uh, 4k camera drone, three axis gimbal long uh flight range, and that would be the app that you would need to scan to uh to uh download the uh that the fly.

So this is the apple fly, were gon na. Go ahead and get that installed while we get that installed, lets do a quick, unboxing, all right, so heres, the drone. It comes with two batteries. Both of these batteries are intelligent batteries. They do have the lights on the back and the button where you can turn them on and off and check the power levels. It comes with this nice controller as well as heres the star to show the drone. I really really like the way they have this uh little brace to hold the propellers, so they wont flip and flop all over the place. Oh man guys. This is another point that i really like the way these legs fall out. Oh man, they remind me of my mini sc. I really think this drone is capable of uh a camera upgrade because you can remove the camera on the bottom, but this is a 4k camera with a three axis gimbal. It does have a micro sd card on the back of the camera gimbal, as well as it has a nice gimbal guard to protect your camera and your lens, while youre traveling. As you can see, it has vent holes on the bottom right where the optical flow and the lower landing lights would be and guys im really a fan of the phantom series, like i said before so this drone right here really looks good to me, and i Really like it and as far as the controller, the controller seems very well built its nice and heavy.

So you already know just by holding it in your hand, it does not require batteries, it has its own internal battery and has this nice lcd screen? As you can see, it shows you all your telemetry and everything on your screen heres the charging port. It requires a usbc charger which is supplied right here on the right. You have your video record button. Then you have your gimbal wheel. Then you have your zoom button on your left as well as your photo button up front. You have your mode button where you can change your camera mode, normal sport camera your emergency, stop button on the opposite side. You have your take off and land button. It says take off and lane i tried to take off with it, but i can only land with it and check out this right here. This is how it boasts. It guys check this out. It has wire antennas both of the antennas, its kind of hard. For me to get in here, both of these antennas are wired, as you can see. That is absolutely awesome. That is how this drone can fly so far so easily without any type of uh transmission. Disconnection for your fpv feed thats. Absolutely awesome guys because i didnt experience any type of disconnection when i went out and flew it but uh the drone is, it seems to be very well built, its not all plasticky its a seems to be very robust, guys very robust, as you can see.

Every time i change the gimbal wheel hit the zoom button. I mean the zoom wheel hit any type of button on the controller. It actually shows you exactly what its doing all right lets stick a battery in this thing, so you guys can see exactly how it looks when its about to take flight, and so you can see how long it takes to connect the controller to the drone because They say 40 seconds, but were about to test it stay tuned lets, get it all right. As far as the directions, the direction said, start the drone first. But this time i started the controller first and it took less time when i started the controller first. I dont know if thats gon na have any type of effect, but starting the controller first cut the start time down by about 20 seconds, so that took about 35 seconds. We are here to late with the bee wine. F7 4k camera drone were just gon na cruise out over the lake actually were gon na see. If we can do a range test out here, i dont know how far how long the lake is or how far it is across, but im gon na. Take it up here, see a couple of boaters out here. A couple of fishermen, so im gon na, be real careful. You know i dont want to disturb the fishermen, because i know i wouldnt want anybody to disturb me. I definitely wouldnt want anybody disturbing me.

If i was out here trying to fish, you know so im. Just going to take it easy, we only at five meters high were gon na. Take it up a little bit yeah, so we only at like 130 140 meters out, take it up a little higher started to lose sight of it behind the trees yeah. I love being out here on the water guys im telling you i cant wait to get me a boat. I need me a rc boat, thats whats next rc boat yeah. So were like 300 meters out just cruising thats, the floating dock. I come and fish it. Every now and then, when im out here late, i was gon na take off from here, but sometimes when you take off from here its so windy up there at that point, uh you just sometimes its just so windy you just you just dont want to take Off from there, you know, were only 15 meters high were gon na. Take it up, a little higher were gon na. Take it up to around 30 meters thats the boat launch out here at the lake, lift that gimbal back up. We had 500 meters guys. I know ive seen so many videos of this by uh f7 ive seen so many videos of this drone and most of the people who are who have this drone out flying it. They fly in the daytime. You know they promoting that. This drone is good for nighttime flights and night scenes show night scene photos i mean if its good.

For that guys, you know just think about it. This drone has to be more uh more of a low sunlight, low light type of drone. You know so im out here on a very overcast day. Its very overcast am i just out here in the lake. Just cruising guys got it out about 700 meters Music and were just cruising. I see a fire truck coming down here coming down the side of the road, i hope everyones. Okay, i think we did lose connection for a second okay, its returning home, so its gon na come back across the lake. We got it out around a thousand wow about 900 meters, its not too bad its pretty overcast. I got a lot of homes around here, as you can see. Thats the uh floating dock – i was just telling you about – were about 400 meters out. Let that gimbal down a little bit all right so were gon na cancel that return to home and were gon na. Take it over here to this side of the lake, bring it down a bit. I actually think i see some fishermen. Oh im, sorry i see some fishermen over here in this direction right here and i think theyre right here. Im gon na get im not gon na get too close to them, but uh matter of fact lets see if we can zoom in on them. That should be them right there in the middle of the screen, were still at 61, so im definitely paying attention to my uh battery once we get it down to about 50 im, just gon na bring it back in well.

Yeah guys were just out here cruising at the lake man enjoying the day we got some snow got some bad weather coming in here in the next couple days, guys they talking about a lot of snow, a lot of snow, so we are at 57 percent. I think we were flying around oh 10 minutes. Maybe so we had like 500 meters out right now and theres a fisherman lets see if we can zoom in on. Let that gimbal wheel down whew its a boat zipping across the lake gimbal wheel up, give him a wheel up see if we can catch him. Where is he kimberle down hes going toward the dog there? He is zoom out zoom out zoom out zoom out. Oh man, there we go were catching a boat going in give a wheel up, but yeah were 47, so were gon na bring the bird back to me and lets kick it in sport mode sport mode see how fast this thing comes across the lake, its zipping. In swap mode, it is zipping 300 meters out 278 and i see it coming lets turn it a little bit, so we can bring it back down over toward the spillway okay. I see i see my bird coming gimbal wheel down theres the spillway that we took off from actually lets lets, go back down the spillway and fly down toward the bridge and im not quite ready to fly under the bridge.

But i fly down toward it and were gon na. Take it out of sport mode, put it back in camera mode, 37 percent 36. Its dropping! I got enough time to fly down toward this bridge, but lets go ahead and fly down toward the bridge gimbal wheel. Up, i would try to fly under this bridge, but i do not want to disconnect and this thing tried to do – a return to home and pop up and run into the bridge. You know, i think, thats more of an occu sync thing. My opinion, its more of a hockey scene thing, but yeah guys were at 31 im just coming up on this spillway trying to see. If i can get some footage from this yeah i like that that was smooth 29. So what were gon na do is were just gon na bring the bird back on over here, while im at and were gon na go ahead and land while we can switch batteries and possibly change locations, start recording, recording back lets push on 64 battery life, Music Thats yall around a little bit and lets bring it back. Oh its cold, guys, gimbal down. Oh boy, man were gon na, go ahead and do it its cold out here and im flying into the wind, so the wind is blowing directly in my face. So i just had to turn around and turn my back to the drone Laughter. Hey so were gon na go ahead and do some of these um some of these uh features on the drone.

Actually, while we got it up in there lets go ahead and do some waypoints uh Music. I know its returning to home. So how do i add waypoints on the map schedule rules. Two three four were gon na, make sure its up high enough and hit go confirm the waypoints and the drone should be moving headed over to waypoint number one. Once it reaches waypoint number one, it should turn head to waypoint number two. Just reach way. Point number two: now it should turn head toward waypoint number three and now turning headed toward waypoint number, four, all right. So the waypoints work lets lift that camera up camera down just a little bit gimbal down so come forward its cold guys, who is freezing all right so lets bring this thing down. Ah boy lets go ahead and get these follow me features uh at the track. All this out of the way boy give him a look all right. So i see myself now envelope. It was cold all right, so thats high enough lets get in here and lets. Try gps follow. So we in gps follow mode as you can see. Gps, follow mode works guys. What are you saying? Follow an image image yall around lets. Get this whole ugly, mug, Music, gimbal up lets follow this guy Music. Ah, that feature may be something im doing Music wrong whats. That lens angle lets turn that off whats lens angle – i dont know but uh yeah.

This thing has everything you have your color filters. Applause Music check out this sketch check out lets, go to none what yall think. Man y f, f, seven Music, and we got some other people out here flying some some airplanes. We got some warbirds look like they got the eastern warburg. I could be wrong, but thats what it looked like you know this is the perfect place im gon na. Take it up, so you guys can see around and im a yard around. This is a great place for drone. Flying guys i mean its a wide open area. You dont have to be next to anyone who im cold is i dont know what someone just yard around im shaking like a leaf? Just like i was the other night shaking like a leaf once again yeah i like flying out here a lot, but when its very windy. This is not the right place for you, but this drone claims it can fly in the winds in the uh level. 6.