Team 12s bianca bono talked to one of those board members tonight who says that they had previously voted not to move forward with the project because of concerns over the weaponized drone, and the ceo announced it anyway. The risks greatly outweigh the benefit thats. When now former axon artificial intelligence ethics board, member michael mcbride, said she and other board members told axon weeks ago, when they discussed a new idea, a non lethal taser drone that could be deployed in the event of a mass shooting. There were just overwhelming concerns. According to axon ceo rick smith, the drones, which would ideally be positioned in classrooms, would be equipped with cameras accessible by law enforcement. In the case of an emergency to incapacitate, a suspect, mcbride says among the boards top concerns surveillance, the accuracy of the taser and when it would be used, the ethics board voting eight to four recommending that axon not move forward with the project. But on thursday, following the uvalde tragedy, smith announced that the project was a go, were going to step up and were going to bring a real solution to the table. In an interview with 12 news smith expressing his frustration over a lack of change. In an effort to prevent mass shootings saying his taser drone, which was about two years away from completion, was a different approach. Mcbride was shocked once it gets to a point where you feel like. Maybe our good isnt going to be good enough.

Well, then, you have to make a decision. She and eight other ethics board members stepping down monday leading smith to put the entire project on pause. In a statement saying in part, our announcement was intended to initiate a conversation on this as a potential solution. Adding we dont have all the answers, but we will listen and learn so that we can fulfill our mission to protect life together. They have to reflect on the moment and say you know. Maybe we have to take a beat and take a step back and reconsider.