Its very simple i found it at hobby lobby for 25 dollars, ive been flying it for a little bit, and i thought you know this is not bad. This is not bad at all and id like to go and do a little review and show you what all it does. I find a lot of fun, its quite simple: it doesnt have its like: no, its, not a professional drum its its a toy. You know um and it doesnt have camera and it doesnt have all the fancy. You know visual stuff that you see around about it because its like you know i love flying, and i figure why not you know, give it a try and i found it to be a lot of fun. Even for me, uh flies up to 131 feet and its very lightweight, very simple soft plastic, but its durable. The flying time is about five to seven minutes. Depending on how you fly. If you fall a little bit here right there, it can last you about 30 minutes, but if you run it completely all the way constantly its about five minutes on the battery the battery, like, i said the back of it here, the battery comes up like this And you install it, put it right back in the only thing about this. That im not really too happy about is that it takes about 30 minutes to charge the battery, and, i think, probably, should take a lot less than that.

You know charging 30 minutes fly for about five. You know thats thats a little something there heres the connection there close the latch there and just lock it in turn it on its too lightly. This ones lit interesting enough. Usually the blue ones means youre flying forward. The red ones is back for some reason: mine is kind of backwards, might be a setting or something i need a switch, but yeah mine is backwards. The blue one is over here and the red ones are front and it flies forward like that. So i got ta look into that. The remote control looks like this, its really simple it requires, i think, four double a batteries thats about it. I found this to be very, very simple and a lot of fun lets go ahead and fly. It lets check it out all right, so the way i turn it on is just push that button. There lets fly Music, Music, Music, uh Music. This is so much fun. Its a little crazy flyby Music also comes with extra blades Music, so Music, Music and there he goes. Oh you can see it took a pretty good hit and still flies so very durable, very awesome. Looking little drone its pretty steady as well. Look at that wow Music see if we can get it closer closer closer, oh yeah, nice lot of fun Music. Now, obviously i dont fly this drone much higher than maybe 10 feet.

This is a toy. This is definitely not a professional drone. Just for fun fly in the backyard or a big garage, maybe but definitely not a professional drone, still a lot of fun to fly Music and we can get it closer Music, oh yeah, nice. This is what it looks like when the battery dies out and it gives no more so there you go folks.