So this is another uh three and a half inch pusher style, cinewoop um, going to be kind of comparing this to the veyron uh 35 cr and the cinelog 35. I dont have ive never flown the protect 35, so im not going to be talking about that in this video, but feel free to make your comparisons down in the comments if youd like this is a very different design compared to some of the other ones out, There with plastic prop guards – and i know that a lot of you that had some pretty bad crashes on the cinelog 35 or the veyron have told me on in the comments that theyve broken those plastic prop guards. Now this is a totally different design here, no plastic prop guards here you can see pusher style, very open air design in the bottom here, so no turbulence from the thrust going down and instead of plastic pop guards. Here you have a combination of carbon fiber parts and tpu parts. This is kind of what i would call like a skeleton style frame where you cannot eliminate these tpu parts and just have the carbon parts, so some might think thats a con and some might think thats a pro. Let me know what you guys think in the comments, but um. Basically, you have to the the basically the tpu parts are an integrated part of the design you cant have one without the other, as you can see here, you have these carbon fiber bottom plates here, but they dont extend here on the bottom part of the tpu That provides the prop protection, whereas on the on the top part, here you have this thin prop guard here.

Carbon fiber goes all the way around, but only on the top part of the tpu, and so you have these little screws and uh standoffs here to sort of keep the prop guards rigid theres some flex in it. If you want to twist it, but you know, obviously you do want some flex in this. When you crash, you know these tpu parts are probably going to take most of the impact and absorb the shock, so the carbon fiber pieces are probably survive um. I did not run the server with the truck, so if youre asking me to do that, uh youll have to go somewhere else to see that video um in terms of the plates here most of these are two millimeter carbon fiber plates and all the carbon is Very nice uh see the camera can focus on these uh. Clean cuts seems like high quality. The main plate here where the motors and everything is attached to is three millimeters thick uh. Some of these bottom plates are two and a half millimeters thick, so you can see here theres this main bottom plate here where the vtx is attached to, and you have these two front and back bottom plates uh. This is the analog version, so it comes with the runcam phoenix rush tank mini. I believe vtx uh, video transmitter and uh. This one comes with the access flying, express, lrs receiver does come in different receiver versions, does come in um vista version for dji and as well as a full size air unit, which you can get down here in this bottom section so that they didnt send me The vista version – because i guess vistas – are kind of hard to find these days again so apparently theres another shortage occurring um.

I guess thats, not a good sign, so this one here has the 2004 motors uh. This one is 1810 kv, which is like the main one. I think that they are pushing for 6s. If you want to get the forest version, i think you have to do a special order for that. I think its 2950kb. I believe on the 4s version. I will talk about the kvs of all these different versions and a comparison to the other ones a little bit later in the video. So if youre wondering about that, some people have asked me about that. I will talk about that later. So, hang on. Let me get to the rest of this particular model here now. This one here has the dampened um camera mount here for your gopro, so this so the whole idea behind these three and a half inch cinema is to carry a full size. Gopro no naked gopro – and i flew this around with a hero 8 and it has the standard gopro finger mounts here. So you can just pull these little finger, mounts out and mount it in and then screw that down to tighten. Your angle does have the dampeners that the still log 35 has and you cant adjust the tension of these dampeners. So if you get jello in your video, you want to adjust the tension here on this screw. That goes down to uh the nut here on the bottom. You can see theres a lock nut there.

You can adjust the um, the vibration dampening force and its going to change based on the weight of your camera. So if you have a heavier camera, you probably dont want this to be as loose and if its lighter, maybe not it really kind of depends. You have to make your adjustments and fly it and see what kind of footage you get. But the whole point is it: has a nice dampening system here and i like the fact, its got the screw that you can adjust so that the basically the tightness of this rubber ball dampener can be adjusted based on your camera camera weight. So you dont have any vibrations in your in your video, so this is one of the advantages that the um that this model has and the cell lug 35 has, but like other models like the veyron c35 does not have uh this feature, which is good for Getting higher quality video, especially if youre, using like real, steady, go and stabilization, you dont want any additional vibration in the camera. The flight controller is the hack rc, f722, 40 amp, all in one its the same one, that was in the colas 6 folding drone that i showed a little bit earlier. This is a i think, theyre going to be using this one in a lot of their models, theyre using the same board and the uh other versions as well for the dji version, so, overall, its a pretty good board having any issues with it.

Whats interesting is on this model. Here they have flashed, i think, chat, not jazz, maverick um. I think blue jay firmware on this one and theyve rpm filter enabled in this one, whereas they did not have that enabled on the colas, which has the same flight controllers. So something i thought was kind of interesting when, in this setup now, overall, in terms of the pintune and the flight characteristics very solid. In my opinion, i think that they did a pretty good job on this one, especially considering this is probably of the three that ive flown uh cell log 35, the veyron 35 cr, and this one. This is the heaviest of all the three and ill go over. The weight comparisons here shortly and ill talk about that in more detail, but even with the heavier weight and carrying a full size gopro, even though it only has the 2004 motors, i thought it didnt feel too underpowered, although i dont think you want to be doing Any flippy floppies with this one or diving buildings, and i get that question commonly uh and in the in the comments section. Can i dive buildings with a cinema and i would recommend not doing it because you do get some instability from the extra weight being on the outside uh, basically disrupting the center of gravity and also the airflow disturbances. I dont think beautifully can handle that very well when it comes to cinemas. Yes, it is possible, you can do it if youre a very skilled pilot, but for most people i would recommend against it uh its just uh.

You know a lot of times. Youll get some instabilities and then, if youre doing like a building dive and all sudden, it will just desync on you and then you crash and probably crashing uh, diving and building from 40 stories up is probably not a good thing for this. Its probably gon na be destroyed so yeah uh good. Can i do flippy floppy sure? Would i want to do it um? No, not me ill pass on that. Okay, so i made a little chart here for all the different motor sizes and kbs, as well as the weights analog and digital uh. So um yeah just follow along here im going to kind of go over each of these things and explain my thoughts on how each of these flies based on the weights and the motors they have. So, as i said, the blue cat is the heaviest and you can see here theres a slight difference between the analog and the dji version. I didnt get the weight of the um full air size version. Obviously, thats going to be heavier, probably another 20 grams. So add like another 20 grams on top of the 332, so about 350 grams. This is without a camera and without a battery um. The 2004 motors on this one have a higher kv than the cinelog 35, so on the force is 2910 and on the 6s, its 1810 versus 2550 and 1750 on the cell log. Now i had the 4s version of the cinelog 35 and i thought that the 2550kv was a little low uh on on that version uh.

Well, i never tried the 6s version, but ive heard from people that the 1750 was adequate uh, so they made some very strange choices on their kv. Moto kbs for that model, like i said, i would recommend the 6s version of the cylinder 35 over the forest version and, of course, on the blue cat. Here you know um having it at 1810 is, i think, going to be pretty good. I felt like it was totally fine. I flew on a 6s uh 1100 milliamp hour lipo with the gopro hero 8.. I didnt feel like it was underpowered. I felt i had good control in terms of doing normal type of cinema flying as youll see here in the flight demo. Of course, i didnt try the uh forest at 9 at 29 10 kv, but, as i said before, on the cinelog, the 25 50 felt low. So 2910 is probably about right, although i still would recommend the 6s version. I just think that youre going to have more efficiency better flight times, i think overall, compared to the fords version. Now this is just my my speculation. I havent flown the forest version, so im just kind of making a guess here. Now, if you compare the 2004 motors to the to the 2105.5 uh forest analog, sorry, the forest version of the veyron, so thats, a much bigger motor whats interesting, is like the veyron has bigger motors in the blue cat, but it actually weighs less than the blue Cat, so the analog is like 267 grams versus 314 for the blue cat, and the dji is 294 versus 332 for the blue cats.

So, even though the blue cat has the smaller, lighter 2004 motors, the veyron has much bigger motors but overall a lower weight, and i think what theyre going for here and also by the way the kv is much higher. As you can see, this is a question. I got from some people is: why is the kb so high 2800 for 6s and 3600 for 4s, and when i flew the variant i didnt feel like i got hot motors or any kind of weird oscillations or vibrations. It is a very high kb. It does have more punch out performance for, of course, at a higher kv, but its much less efficient, so um yeah from my remember, correct collection, the 2006 motor you know bigger than the 2004 and a higher kv it wasnt as efficient, even though it weighed less On the same battery, so youre going to get less flight time, but youre going to get more performance. So if youre looking for more acura ability more aggressive flying, i think the veyron is probably going to be better than the blue cat. But if youre looking for more cinematic flying a little bit more uh efficiency, better flight time, i think the blue cats going to be better and then at least in this category um this sort of weight class. But then, like you know, for the lighter cinelog 35. I think the the advantage there is that you can go with a lighter battery, like maybe like an 856s an overall overall, lighter setup and still get the same amount of flight time.

Although the downside on the cinelog, i think, compared to the other, two is going to be, the prop guards are probably the weakest out of the three, and so, if you have a tendency to crash a lot, maybe you probably want to go for something like the Blue cat over the plastic prop guards of the veyron and the cinelog, although you know um, those prop guards are probably pretty easy to replace, whereas the ones on the blue cat. If you crack the carbon fiber, you got to replace the carbon fiber. All the tp parts arent going to break just have to replace the carbon fiber parts, so maybe well have some spirit parts i didnt see any yet, but im pretty sure that theyll make those available and those little you know those carbon fiber parts dont seem like They would cost a lot because its just like you know one piece, so it really kind of depends on what kind of crash you have as well. So you know, every crash is a little bit different, so its gon na be hard its hard to really judge the durability, the long term durability of the blue cat over the other two, but i think its gon na be a little bit better.