Before we begin, please consider, subscribing and enable all notifications by clicking the bell icon with that out of the way lets get started, the differences between axiom, verge 2 and its predecessor, and indeed between it and many other games of this format, are apparent almost right away. Youre playing in organic outdoor environments a lot of the time, rather than claustrophobic indoors, that so many games of this genre make their haunts. It also ends up de emphasizing combat drastically your weapons. Now are a melee pickaxe and a boomerang. You can use at range, and while you get both of these pretty early on, you also end up realizing equally early. That combat is really not the point of this game. Exploration and traversal are, in fact, axiom. Verge 2 is so committed to de emphasizing combat that even the bosses are entirely optional, theyre there and beating them nets. You some cool upgrades that you can then choose to grow indra, but they can be entirely avoided. Should you be so inclined making bosses optional is just one part of the concessions to accessibility and accommodating players of all persuasions that axiom verge 2 makes. There are also extremely granular settings to control the games, difficulty from being able to control exactly how much damage your hits do to enemies to how much damage enemies do to you. Axiom verge 2 gives you the tools to define the experience and the challenge it presents to you. If you want enemies to be able to knock you out in one hit, then axiom verge 2 lets you do that if youd rather be able to explore the world without having to worry about dying and backtracking to lose progress, maximum verge 2 lets you do that Too its a remarkably well balanced and well tuned game across all the various permutations and combinations for difficulty and challenge that it provides, which means, no matter how you play youre, never getting a neutered experience.

Axiom verge 2 makes other concessions to modern game design too. On paper, you would assume these concessions could threaten to dilute the entire appeal of a metroidvania game. For example, you always have a marker on your map showing you where to go. You always have a compass, pointing you in the general right direction. You even end up. Unlocking a fast travel system that almost entirely takes the tedium out of backtracking, and it is true that on a macro scale, these kinds of systems and mechanics do take away from the world seeming as sprawling or unknowable as something like ori or hollow knight might. But axiom verge 2 is a very smartly designed game and within each area it maintains multiple micro, loops of metroidvania style progression and traversal, with each area essentially being a self contained metroidvania world full of shortcuts and barriers that are only unlocked to give you access to Newer areas and such once, you gain the powers hidden in that area. These micro loops of metroidvania progression end up doing a wonderful job of recreating the highs of exploring and uncovering a world, while also never getting so daunting that they threaten to make a player, lose their bearings entirely. You always know what direction to head to. You know that your exact location can be called up at any time. You even have the assurance of knowing that nothing in the world can hurt you more than you want to be hurt.

This ends up, freeing you from the stresses that a metroidvania game cant otherwise typically bring. It allows you to truly immerse yourself in the world and explore it bit by bit, and it is a world worth exploring. I mentioned those organic outdoor environments before, but even within the context of that, aesthetic, its remarkable how varied axiom verge 2 gets with its world from glaciers to deserts, from forests to caves from mountains to waterfalls and beyond. The world itself is inextricably tied to the story and lore and the more you play the more you learn, whether via the chatter from the occasional npc you stumble upon or the various notes and journal entries that are scattered around the world and which slowly reveal exactly What is going on around you raising a whole lot of narrative and philosophical questions that can and should give any player pause. This emphasis on narrative is another way that axiom verge 2 stands apart from most other games of its ilk. Metroidvania games are typically light on storytelling, i mean sure theres loads of lore and backstory, and even environmental and atmospheric storytelling going on in each of those to be clear. But direct storytelling is not something they often do, which makes sense. The more story you have, the less freedom, by definition, a player, ends up having and a metroidvania game that doesnt give its players. Freedom is no metroidvania at all axiom verge 2, as mentioned smartly sidesteps this issue with the whole micro metroidvania loops.

While it is true that your general direction and next objective is always known to you, the game also doesnt really mind letting you go off on your own and get lost, and it also rewards the enterprising player who decides to explore the world on their own time. But a narrative focus isnt. The only way axiom verge 2 sets itself apart from other games of the genre. One of the coolest things in the game is the ability that the protagonist indra ends up, getting the ability to hack into enemies and machines around her, which again can provide a bevy of ways for players to deal with hostile characters without engaging in direct combat. You can disable enemies or simply move them out of the way or, of course, you can hack them and turn them into allies, and let them do your dirty work for you or assist you in yours. Indra also gains the ability to spawn remote, controlled drones. Who can go into areas she cant go into navigating and nullifying obstacles that would otherwise keep you from progressing. This includes the drones ability to enter an alternate dimension, known as the breach which can allow your drone to get to places. It is otherwise physically impossible to get to in the real world and therefore ends up creating a path for you to follow the breach combined with the games non linearity, as mentioned before, ends up basically blowing the map wide open and lends to axiom verge 2s world Feeling, like one gigantic traversal puzzle, something the best metroidvania games achieve, though, of course, they end up going about it in very different ways.

All of this leads to a smartly designed and incredibly satisfying game and one thats entirely different from most other games of this genre. Axiom verge 2 does stumble to be clear. The bosses de emphasized as they are, are rather straightforward, encounters lacking the panache and thrill that they might have in other similar games. For example, the combat feels less satisfying than other games in the genre, and the broader world design does lack that sense of labyrinthine progression that marks the best metroidvania games. If you come into this looking for the sort of dizzying heights of world design that you can find in hollow knight, youre not going to find them here, depending on exactly what you look for from your metroidvania games, you might even be outright disappointed. In fact, this is a very different kind of metroidvania title. The bulk of its metroidvania progression is maintained in smaller doses, and the broader game is defined by a surprising narrative focus, but axiom verge 2 is trying to do its own thing. Its expanding the definition of a metroidvania game honestly and the fact that we have a game thats as non linear and expansive as this, while still being as narrative driven as this, while still delivering the metroidvania progression. So many players love makes it a truly great accomplishment. In game design, Music, the various things it tries, the story focus the non linear exploration, bringing in the breach the de emphasizing of combat the new setting the accessibility considerations.

All of it. They end up delivering a very unique experience that is still at its heart: a metroidvania game and equally important an axiom, verge sequel through and through. If youre looking for something different from the usual metroidvania game. Well, axiom verge 2 is the best place to start. So what are your thoughts on this go ahead and share them in the comments below and if you liked this video please subscribe to the channel and enable all notifications by clicking the bell icon to get new video updates.