When i put this on you should you should be aware that, like youre about to get its a good one, its a good one, very nice, so i asked him if i could borrow it today and see if i feel a difference between the normal stubbies that I fly out here in the field and, to my surprise, this is actually the axi 533 version, but you can get the regular version or the double axey version Music and having the antenna. This far above my head does feel like its giving me a little bit more clear reception. Normally, i use the stubbies, so were gon na switch back to my regular stubby and see if theres, any more breakup or, if its, all in my head, um. I do like this option right here, but if youre walking to the pits dont forget to take your goggle off, because its gon na get caught in the netting right there, but other than that a really nice option. So for those of you that are flying um long range, you may have a patch on the bottom and one of these on top, especially if you fly bandos or something where you might be going around each other having this far above the giant bowl of jell O that is your head and skull that could block some of those analog. Video signals might be a really good option here. It is the axi 2 long stem. This is a nice thick sort of bendable plastic.

So if you do find yourself looking at the ground, when you fly a lot, you can actually position this to kind of make up for that a little bit or just keep it straight. That also means that it is very foldable inside your back heres how it mounts onto your goggle right there. This is the rapid fire module going into the skyzone 04x v2 aka, the best analog goggles on the market. Now you can see the length i barely can get it in frame and compared to what i had been using prior tbs triumph pro right here. You can see that you get this up quite a bit above your head, which does end up getting slightly clearer reception. The higher you can get by this logic, a ground station would be even better now. This thing has 2.2 dbic of gain an axial ratio of 1.0, which is near perfect. The bandwidth is 5.3 to 6.2 gigahertz and the radiation efficiency of 98. So this should mean that you get improved range with a higher gain and a clearer signal, better rejection to interference, thats. Basically, what i was observing in this sort of informal test, as you can see, though, this did get very good reception as well. This is one of the better antenna combos. I have the triumph pro down here, and this is like the old triumph pro. So as long as im taking off antennas to be able to travel, i might as well have the longest possible.

Is the difference like incredibly large? Is it huge? Is it like life changing not really, but if youre like me and getting that extra 10 to 15 clear signal um its worth spending, you know just 20 bucks to be able to get one of these. They also have the double axey, which, as yvonne says, gives you double more pleasure. I got two of them. Yeah nicoles perception is going to be even better than yours, no hes just going to have double more pleasure than me for 30, but this one is good enough for me, this is what ill be using from now on for my racing now, of course, if youre Flying a little bit longer range you are going to want to have a traditional patch. This is a very portable small patch, but my favorite patch, of course, is the vast crosshair extreme. But if youre, mostly flying close to each other, like us at the night spot, do or racing where we are not necessarily directly in front of each other, but were also not very far. I think im gon na also upgrade these two up. Here i may do the axis, where i may do the true rc so stay tuned for another antenna on the sharkbite system very soon. What do you think guys? Can you notice the difference between these two? I think im gon na go ahead and get one on my own. The axi long stem this is the 533 edition, but well have the regular version and the double below thanks guys: Music Applause, Music, Music, Music Applause, Music, Music Applause, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, this isnt freedom spec.

This is the full voltage thats right Music. What are yall smoking today, uh.