This is a few of my friends, Diego Robert and Shawn, all with their axial crawlers out in the mountains of Oregon. Some of the most punishing legit rock crawling is happening right here in this state, very, very punishing for these trucks and cars. So we're gon na check out the axial capra 1.9 today, because I just got mine from a local hobby shop, give them a little bit of support and go out there and have some fun with my buddy, so there's mine it's in the box brand new, the Axial capra 1.9. I love it it's mine finally paid for it with my own money and it was four hundred and fifty dollars not cheap, but it does have a Digg transmission, which is nice. You can press the button on the transmitter and lock up the rear wheels to do a 90 degree turn. It also has stainless steel, pivot and steel links on this baby and we have an LED bar up top. We have large bore aluminum shocks there. Oil filled as well, and we have a universal axle set with 45 degrees of steering, which is pretty nice for smooth driving and wild board, drive shafts let's spin it around now let's check out the back of the box. We have the STX 3 transmitter dynamite. Waterproof 2, 2 3 s ESC also lipo or nickel metal, and we have a metal gear. Servo drive servo on the front that is also reinforced inside that servo horn with metal, which is also nice and no strip in there s our X 300, and we have pull tabs on the pins for the hood release, which is super sweet.

I love those things. Skid plate with a boat side, so we don't get hang up on the rocks. Everything is nice and flush, their three piece beadlock wheels baby and we have f9 portal axles which are all metal inside as well. You want to make sure these are nice and lubed up. So if you get one go ahead and add some extra Lube to those there's another look at that clearance there and let's go ahead and break the seal and pull it out and let's just get this baby out of the box man. This is a good looking. Crawler I love it. There was my spectrum transmitter now I've got to go inside here and snip off. These zip ties, snip, snip, snip and now we're out of the box. God that thing looks cool. It is just the coolest looking crawler Wow. That is really nice. Go ahead and peel off this little sticker on the top and check out the suspension, and we could loosen that up. A little bit looks a little bit tight. Look at the clearance underneath the bottom over two inches of clearance, I'm sure that's about two and a half to three inches of clearance. Really good. Looking frame – and here are trail grapple of tires and those are neato and listen to the traction on those really really grippy tires really nice. I might upgrade these to 2.2 later and what I like the most about this particular crawler is the fact that it does have that roll cage on here it's, not specifically a canopy body.

Over top of this crawler it's just pretty much a roll cage with panels, and I love that has inset LEDs across the top as well like. I showed you before, but look at the graphics on the hood as well. Two pins release this hood and inside there is your battery tray on the side. We have the side panel that's for access underneath for your ESC and your motors. I love the scale detail inside this car ler they're, even wearing their racing seatbelts and the speedometers right there and as well as your box in the back for your spectrum, receiver and plenty of angle, ons. The suspension on this crawler it's kind of insane and I've. Seen from other reviewers that this crawler will actually make it up about a 45 degree angle, which is a pretty good incline for any rock crawler out there, honestly 45 to 55 degrees, it's, just pretty insane. These are the bead lock. I believe those are three part. Rims inside with two stage foam – and we have also a pretty good tread and very very tacky grippy tires. We have plenty of smooth clearance down here for crawling. These don't stick out at all they're shielded by that boat style skid plate on the bottom. That should be pretty nice and smoothness I'm going over some of the jagged rocks. It won't get a lot of hangups, which is nice, and you can see those articulating drivetrains all the way up to the front there for our four wheel drive front to back there's.

Another side view of those tires no screws on the outside for the bead locks and about 45 degrees worth of steering servo tilt in the front it's gon na. Allow you a lot of leverage in those tight spots when you're trying to rock crawl that'll, give you a huge advantage on pretty much any rock crawling course really nice. Looking I'm hoping this does well out in the oregon terrain, but let's go ahead and look at the spectrum transmitter that came along with it they're ready to run STX. 3. 1. 2.4. You can see your dig buttons there on the side and your servo trim and reverse and throttle right there pretty nice. We also have four double A batteries that go on the bottom, which is nice. They come along with it: foam grip on the steering wheel, there's, the four double ace, an extra wrench, a blind plug and those pull tabs on those pins which are super nice and so far. It just looks great all the way around, and it also comes with the instruction manual instructions on how to use to dig transmission top and bottom buttons there channel three and the manual looks pretty decent we've got information on how to bind it up. Some of the extras that you need you will need a battery and a charger does not come along with this particular crawler let's go ahead and pull those pins out pop the hood. Let me show you that shorty battery tray inside there – and this is the measurements you'll – need 26 millimeter by ninety eight by forty seven millimeter battery size, that's, the maximum battery size.

Remove those four bolts off the top of the receiver tray and inside is my SRX. 300, you can see that there it's a three channel receiver, take the side panel off right here. Man, the graphics, look awesome on this. You can see my Digg servo in there ICS X, 107 spectrum, analog surface, dig servo it's about 15, so gross and not too much to replace and also the dynamite. 35 T brushed motor. This is a brushed crawler. By the way, you can also upgrade these two brushless, if you want to, but honestly, I don't think it's necessary unless you're competing Gared transmission also baby. This is not going to strip out as long as you have everything lube inside waterproof dynamite, 2 or 3 s. Esc, it also has adjustments for lipo or nickel metal battery in there. You can just pull this little dongle out and move it up. Four lipos and we're gon na do some fpv rock crawling coming up so I'm super excited about that check out this angle. Right here, just playing around with a suspension, it feels like a boat baby I'm ready to do some of that. Fpv rock crawl and that's gon na be a lot of fun on the channel, also just for a pure rock crawling enjoyment. It looks like there's plenty of space inside the canopy for mounting my fpv camera, which i've got to decide where i'm going to put my camera up top or inside.

I think inside view would be nice and realistic looking, but this is the most insane looking crawler that i've ever had and I'm really excited to to have this one and hopefully show you guys more rock crawling on the channel coming up this year. It'S kind of something new that we're getting into my friends and I that fly fbb now we're starting to become rock crawler enthusiasts as well and it's. Just most one of the most relaxing things that you can go out and do mainly because, aside from flying drones, what we normally do on this channel, you don't have to worry about these falling out of the air and bust it into a million pieces. Most of the time, if you break something on these it's one or two part to replace it and you're back to rock crawling, which is kind of nice, but how awesome does the kappa 1.9 look? It is super awesome, really nice front to back let's, just give it a little whip right there, yeah, yeah, it's, just really nice, so stay tuned on the channel, guys coming up more Rock Crawler action. I'Ve got some more on the way for reviews and we'll. Do the full review of the capper, 1.