Oh, i forgot to turn it on what the heck is wrong with me. All right. Try very well now, you know what you just did you just destroyed my whole entire place, shes the thing of the beast. I just had a really sick. Romantic of this thing deleting my whole entire garden, like literally he he was like a weed whacker. He just went like this with this thing, like literally he just whacked it around and then whacked a bunch of dust around. Look completely fine. Oh my gosh. I am not doing anything with this. I landed it in a very dirty spot. My garbage can see thats. Why this thing is the beast that is my first beautiful shot on here. Those two other ones were bad shots. Third times the charm good shot, little dusty, but completely fine. Why does it look like its beeping? Why does it look like the light, its changing its? Not changing, i mean its lighting up in different colors, but not color. Changing no come back Music. If you dont come back fine, i am going to that is perfect. Second perfect shot. Now, when this thing gets in the grass it doesnt get tangled, so thats really good because it doesnt get tangled. There is wires, so it cant get wet the wires you cant really see. But can you see them just slightly in those little see that white thing thats a wire actually thats a motor? The wire is the black thing over here, not sure.

If you can see that you see that black thing thats the im gon na wire, a very decent slab, coney eggs, Music – i love this drone. I love this drone. I love this drone sick, drone montage. I dont know why i just did that Music. Oh no! Oh my gosh, do i have like a skeleton thing there it is. I had to cut some of this off this fabric off because it got tangled in my drum so yeah thats why i was like. Oh so i had to cut it Music for me. Oh, i think thats gon na be a tiny bit of break so maybe ill make a third part, but today was an eight minute, video, so Music, im gon na wait for it to be nine minutes all right.