Just wait until you see it so the tanker is this: it is the dapple silver bullet ica and just look at the finish on this thing. This is the one and only loco or piece of rolling stock, or anything that i own. That actually has a finish. Like this, its just a beautiful shiny, chrome, finish and also the value for money is pretty darn good theres, an rrp for this of 37 pounds and i bought mine from d rails models for 30 pounds 55.. Now, when i was looking at these wagons online, i thought well thats an okay price, maybe a bit on the high side for a bogey wagon, but the online listings do nothing to show the size of this wagon. I was quite surprised when this arrived and it was such a large wagon. So yet again it appears that this is a fantastic value product from dapple. Yet again, which is wonderful and if i can find an affiliate link to this product, i will include it down in the description, but for now were going to get this thing out. Fingers crossed this will be one of dapols high quality good running nicely produced wagons. Hopefully, it wont derail or anything crazy like that, but lets enjoy this thing lets see what its like. Here we go, so these ic8 wagons were actually produced in france, which is fairly interesting. I didnt know that they were built between 1989 and 1990 and its easy to see, obviously how they got their nickname due to the sort of chrome finish and the shape as well.

Slightly bullet, like i suppose, and the ultimate irony is that these are not particularly dignified wagons in real life. Obviously right here in the box, this looks like an incredibly shiny, beautiful wagon, but in reality they were actually used to transport. China, clay, slurry and in fact they dont look too good these days, theyre very rusty looking and they look like theyve absolutely had it and, interestingly, dapo are producing some models that look like that as well. I think its an extra three pounds, but for that you get the sort of rusty finish the weathering and such, and they look a lot more like the real silver bullets do so its quite cool that youve got the choice to get something like that, although, like I say its a little bit more expensive, not a lot, though anyway. The version i have is on the end of the box here. So this is 4f. 027. 020. Its number 33. 877898010. 6. Sorry for reading that out, i shouldnt have done that double o gauge silver bullet ica muer. Is that and this supports a minimum curve radius of r2 and as always, i dont have anything tighter than r2 on my layout, which means that this should run faultlessly. So lets pull out this wagon and see what its like so weve not had this out of the box. Yet god said it does feel quite light. So whether or not theres any metal construction on this im not sure for 30 quid.

It would be nice after the turbot, which was largely die cast. We know dapo are capable of that so yeah fingers crossed, although i dont hold much hope because of how light it is, but there it is, looks absolutely amazing. I mean its just worth getting one for the finish alone: crazy, really nice. I dont know how they do that finish instantly. Incidentally, okay weve got a detail bag and its looking good. So we do have some cosmetic screwlink couplings to fit always lovely to have that option and then youve got some vacuum fittings as well, which you can put onto the buffer beams. If you want to come on, then lets have a look at this thing. Lets pull this out its a bit tough. Oh! I think it might have been taped. Oh thats, a bit of a trap, isnt it thats the first time ive ever had a package like this thats been taped up. Oh come on, i need rusty. This is no good. Why do they do that? Theres, literally no chance of that coming apart in the packaging theres a box around it? Obviously, but there we go. Okay were in silver bullet ahoy. Here we go oh wow. My word look at that: how do they do this? There was a process that was used on toys many years ago, but its sort of terrible for the environment or something so i heard so yeah how they do this i dont know, but it sure does look good lets, lift this out.

Okay, all right so yeah its fairly lightweight, and it is clearly just a plastic construction which is a pity, but then again its only about 30 quid, so you cant really say fairer than that. Can you that said, the level of detail looks really really good. There are lots of separately fitted parts, i think the decoration and the finish is obviously the key feature with this, and obviously that looks fantastic as well so yeah overall, this thing looks pretty decent on first glance, but lets get it up against my white background. Well, take a closer look and see what the level of detail is really like. All right should be fun. Lets take a look so there it is the dapple silver bullet wagon up close and personal for you, and i do love this thing. Its such a head. Turner isnt it its one of those items that you just cant help but stop and look at and obviously, if youve got a model, railway and youre exhibiting it, and you want people to stop and look. This is exactly the sort of rolling stock that will achieve that on the downside. It is extremely light. It weighs in at just 86 grams, which is actually 17 grams lighter than the hattons warwell wagon, and that wagon is slightly shorter and it doesnt have upper body work of any kind. So this is very light and, of course, the reason is the all plastic construction.

We dont have any die cast on this, which, on the one hand, is a pity because youve got wagons like the turbot, which actually had a very good weight for its size because of its die cast chassis and, of course, that was far cheaper than this wagon. But then again this is a very large wagon, its very complex in its decoration and the separately fitted parts, and it was only 30 quid, so i dont think its a rip off or anything. But yes, it is quite light. Lets take a look at some of the detailing then so, obviously the chrome finish is done to a very, very high standard. It is perfect, its also a fingerprint magnet so as much as you want to touch the body work and caress it. Well, maybe thats. Just me its probably a good idea to lift this thing with the chassis so that you dont get your fingerprints all over it and yet theyve still applied some decoration to the tank. You can see. Weve got the logos there. Theres some looks like some sort of warnings on the side, yep all sorts of print work. The plastic chassis has got quite a bit of decoration on it as well as you can see. I cant read what most of this says: operating pressure three bar and then youve got this panel, which has got all sorts of decoration on it very, very good to see, and then the under frame has got all sorts of different separately fitted parts.

Youve got turning wheels in different colours: youve got little ladders, which are separately painted on the underside youve got little what look like pressure, tanks and theres little metal bits of wiring connecting them together. Similarly, on the top of the wagon youve got this very nicely produced platform on the top, which has all of the separately fitted metal, handrails and, of course, youve got ladders going up the sides as well, perhaps theyre, not quite as nicely produced. I dont know: maybe the tools are starting to show their age a little bit there, because theyre not 100 finely produced, but thats really nitpicking, because you have to look close to be able to see that and then on the one end. On the left hand, side from where were looking at it youve got another walkway which has got the metal texture on the ground. These handrails on the end are you know they look quite fragile, but theyre, actually quite sturdy. So as long as youre careful, those are going to be fine and then below there, youve got the buffer beams, which do have the coupling hooks pre fitted to them already, and then youve got these square buffers, which are quite common. I suppose, on rolling stock of this era, but theyre not sprung or anything like that, which again is a shame. You know it is a feature that excites me for some reason. But then again, this is not a super expensive wagon, so its fair enough that one or two details are not here, then youve got these couplings, which are sprung its the sort of djm type of coupling which might help to date the model, i suppose, but they Seem fine, hopefully there wont be any problems with those couplings and then here youve got the bogeys which are just molded.

I dont think there are any separately fitted parts on those bogeys, but they look the part dont they and then youve got these metal wheels which look nice, although weirdly they do have plastic axles, and i can see some gaps between the axles and the wheels which Suggest that maybe the gauging might be off a little bit, so i will have to look out for that when i test the gauging later on. Hopefully that wont be a problem, though okay, so there it is the silver bullet yeah its a really really nice. Looking wagon, probably one of the nicest ive got for me, it was an easy decision to go for the chrome finished version, but of course, if thats, not your cup of tea, if you dont, like the finish or youd, rather have a more realistic one, dapple have Got you covered there as well, which is fantastic for now, though, lets do some performance tests. I will check that gauging well, do some free rolling tests and whatnot and see how this thing performs. So the good news is that the gauging is okay. Well, its a little bit tight, but no tighter than other manufacturers, so 14.5 14.6 that shouldnt be causing any problems on points and curves and such and the even better news is that the silver bullet is insanely, free, rolling, like record breakingly. So it got all the way down to the bottom of gordons hill and even onto the curve at the bottom.

I dont think ive seen any other coach or wagon or anything ever do that before so its very, very free rolling. Indeed, here is my setup. Ive chosen a bachmann class 37 just seems like a reasonable enough choice for the loco for today and then ive got a few other miscellaneous wagons and they are, of course, bogey based to match the tanker right. So lets have a go at putting the tanker in as part of a train. Now we know its incredibly free rolling. Look at that, so yeah no problem at all in terms of friction, thats very good. Indeed, uh lets back up the 37. Then, unless its going to couple by itself, no, i thought it was going to roll and couple without me, touching it very free, so thats a good sign. I do have quite a few older dapple wagons that just wont couple no matter what i do with them. So the fact that that coupled first time is a good sign, can we get a full house with the other one? Yes, excellent, so thats one fairly typical, dapple downfall that this tanker is not guilty of. I suppose the next one is performance around curves and on points, so lets get this thing running around the track and see how it handles it. Fingers crossed it will be fine, lovely 37. I always get tempted to film the loco when im doing a rolling stock review, but yes must remember not to okay, so thats the difficult part thats the s bend and the tanker has done that without any problems and wow doesnt.

It look absolutely amazing. On the layout, the way it catches the light unbelievable so there you have it that is one complete lap from the silver bullet tanker without any problems at all which im really really pleased to be able to report so before we get to the ratings. Obviously, this tanker is absolutely fit for purpose. Yes, the wagon isnt, the most detailed in the world, and it is fairly lightweight, but this is all reflected in the price, which means a you could probably afford a fairly decent rake of them. You know you could get six or seven of them for the price of an expensive locomotive which is great and also because they are quite lightweight. You could haul quite a lot of them with not all that much of a monstrous locomotive which is another pro. I personally would have preferred the bit of extra weight. However, the thing does seem to be performing on my track, which, as we know, is a worst case scenario, so thats a very, very good sign for your layout, which is almost certainly going to be better than mine and therefore should also handle one of these tankers. Without any problems, yeah im impressed for 30 quid – this is a very, very lovely piece of rolling stock and im. A huge fan right lets. Try that horrible backwards over the points test now bear in mind im only looking to test the performance of the silver bullet.

Today, so if some of the other rolling stock doesnt play ball – and i have the feeling – some of it wont then ill just take it off so that we can test the silver bullet fairly on its own. But again, this is very much the worst case scenario backwards over a point and a very tight point at that. So here we go lets. Try it at a modest speed seems to be going fairly. Well: yup, oh okay! Well, i need them to put the little caveat in there about the other rolling stock derailing yeah, very nice okay forwards. Well, the forwards test is easier than the backwards test. So hopefully nothing will fail. This famous last words nope thats, the silver bullet. Okay, so that pretty much confirms that performance is fine, and here they are then the ratings for the dapol silver bullet. So the level of detail, ive given four star – yes, obviously ive, seen more detailed wagons and certainly dapples latest designed wagons – do have a higher level of detail than this and theyve got sprung, buffers, etc, etc. But this is still good, particularly for the money, the decorations really good. The finish on that tanker is wonderful and dont. Get me wrong. There is still a good level of separately fitted detailing youve got all of the handrails and such yeah. It looks great its a good looking model thats for sure performance. As far as im concerned.

There are no downsides here whatsoever, its an excellent performer, very free, rolling, no issues with the coupling it just does as its supposed to so theres no opportunity to deduct any marks at all from there. The quality well thats, not quite true with the quality ive. Given this three and a half stars, because it is very lightweight – and it is a pity about the largely plastic construction, particularly on the chassis, then youve got the fact that one or two handrails are quite fragile and prone to bending. And in fact, some of mine were slightly bent out of the box, and youve got some minor details like the ladder which was not 100 form properly, but those are all very, very minor. The main reason for knocking off stars here is just the plastic and lightweight construction value for money. Then the rop of 37 pounds and the typical retailer price of about 30 pounds 55 somewhere around there is very, very reasonable to me. Its no bargain, like the turbot, was as far as im concerned, but overall it is very reasonable for a large, well detailed and, like i said at the start, almost completely unique, looking tanker at least in model form, so there it is. That is my overall score of 7.96 out of 10, so basically, eight out of ten lets pop that into the logbook there it is. It is in the top five fifth place above the hattons rhtt and below the oxford 12 ton yeah.

If this is your thing, then i can highly recommend it its absolutely fine and it does what it says on the tin and plus i love it. Did i mention that. Well there you have it then folks, that is the end of yet another rolling stock review, and i really enjoyed this one, its very, very different from the rolling stock ive looked at before, particularly in its appearance. Yeah thats been a real new experience for me, so i hope you enjoyed that as well. Do comment down below and let me know what you thought about this thing. Have you got one? Have you got one from the previous release? I believe mine is from the latest release were the previous ones any different at all. Yeah id be very interested to know for now, though, once again, thank you for your company, and i will see you very very soon for some more videos, alright cheers.