The pace 500. lets check it out. The evanton pace 500, which is now on its next gen edition, has a number of interesting new updates from the original pace. 500 from the integrated battery to the built in lighting the hydraulic brakes and so much more theres a lot to see on the new edition of the bike. But i know you all, like the numbers so lets hit the specs here. First, as the name implies, the pace 500s rear motor is rated at a continuous 500 watts. Though you know, the peak power is definitely higher. I mean it has to be because this model is a fast class 3 e bike that gets up to 28 miles per hour or 45 kilometers per hour, and it doesnt take too long to get there either plus the 8 speed transmission lets. You actually pedal fairly comfortably at higher speeds too. The bike gets powered by that new 48 volt and 12 amp hour battery with 614 watt hours of capacity. I love the way its built into the frame because it looks so clean and elegant. That said its a bit smaller than we usually see in this class of e bike, though only slightly even so, you still get quite good range and in fact i love the way. Evinton always gives us. The real world range figures showing us that not only does the throttle only range give us about 30 miles of range at 20 miles an hour but depending where you fall on the pedal assist levels from 1 to 5.

You could get anywhere from 24 to 47 miles of range. So far, i think only evinton and electric e bikes have gone this far. To give us real world range data, though avinton has been doing it for years and deserves credit for beginning to shame. The rest of the industry into giving us the real world range data and not hiding behind lofty estimates, but enough of me waxing poetic about e bike ideology lets get back to the nuts and bolts. In fact, you wont find too many of either on the pace. 500, because the bike is just so sleekly integrated everywhere, like it was all designed from a single piece. Look no further than the beautifully integrated tail lights, for example, instead of being bolted on theyre, just a part of the frame and from the high quality welds to the slick fork. This frame is a beauty. The lack of suspension will be a turn off for some, but this is a commuter bike and thus punts on the suspension in order to offer a lighter weight ride and a longer lasting bike that weight by the way tips. The scales at 52 pounds or 23.5 kilos, which is actually pretty light for a fast and long range e bike like this. It can also support riders up to 300 pounds or kilos, so its not some delicate little commuter either. The bike rides on 27 and a half inch by 2.2 inch street tires so theres a bit of a cushion there to make up for the lack of suspension, though, admittedly not a ton of cushion.

Even so. This is still a comfortable bike to ride because of the geometry: its not a forward. Hunched commuter bike, but its also not a totally upright cruiser either and the adjustable stem lets. You set your handlebars higher or lower to move towards either end of that spectrum. That youd, like, along with those nice touch points like the sell, royale saddle which add to the comfortable feel of the bike and with quality parts like tektros, dual piston hydraulic disc brakes. The bike feels just as good coming to a stop as it does pulling off the line on the software side of things. The beautiful looking color lcd screen integrates nicely with the avinton smartphone app its easy to go in and pair your bike to the app and then have access to all sorts of parameters right there on your phone, considering the bikes price of sixteen hundred and ninety nine Dollars youre looking at a slightly more premium end of the value e bike space, though the nicer parts and the higher quality construction dont come cheap and so 16.99 feels fair to me, though, itd be even more fair if they included the rear, rack and fenders as Standard equipment, even without them, though, im definitely going to recommend the new aventin pace: 500 as a great high quality electric commuter bike that combines a sleek design with great performance thanks for watching everyone, and we hope you enjoyed that review of the avinton pace.

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