Electric bike it’s got the right geometry and enough power range and speed to take you further faster and make your journey that much more enjoyable. The adventure is a competent trail bike, but it’s also got plenty of attachment points all over the frame to turn it into a commuter with a front basket and rear rack, or even a utility e bike that can tow a small trailer. The adventure has a starting price of 1899 usd 1899 usd and it comes in three different frame sizes that can accommodate riders from five foot, one inches all the way up to six foot four inches. It also comes in two different colors camouflage green, which is the color we received for review and fire black there’s. Also a downloadable companion app that not only tracks and records your ride data. It also has a social feature that allows you to discover and connect with. Fellow event and writers, but hands down the coolest information, this app provides is the total carbon emissions reduced and trees saved by your ride. It literally shows you in real time the positive environmental impact you are making by using an e bike instead of a car bus or some other gas powered transportation. Now that is pretty cool all right, let’s dive into the specs. The adventure has a buffeting 750 watt hub motor that can bring this bike up to a top speed of 20 miles per hour out of the box or around 32 miles per hour in the unlocked configuration which we were able to hit pretty easily during testing.

Now, like all the fang motors, this one is strong and has great pull right off the line and all the way up to its top speed. You can reach the 20 mile per hour top speed with the throttle or the 32 mile per hour top speed with the cadence sensing pedal assist now like pretty much all cadence sensors. This one does have some latency with motor activation and deactivation, but the good news is the adventurous throttle is live from zero miles per hour, which means you can just use that to override the cadence sensor, whenever you’re at a crosswalk or starting from a dead stop In a high gear now that is a huge plus i’m. Also, a fan of the double sided aluminum bash guard, because not only does it protect the chainring teeth in the event of a strike, it also helps prevent derailments by keeping that chain locked into place, and since this is being billed as an adventure bike, this was A good call the battery on the adventure is 48 volt, 15 amp hour battery with samsung cells and a max estimated range of nearly 45 miles. The battery here is another hugely impressive feature on the adventure, not just because of the specs, but because of how seamlessly it integrates into the frame it’s clean the battery locks to the frame and is removable with the included key. It just takes a second to pop. It out, and maybe a few more seconds to slide it back into place.

The adventure weighs in at about 73 pounds and has a max carry capacity of 300 pounds. The frame here is great as well. The geometry is ideal for trail riding and it feels like it just wants to be ridden aggressively and, while it’s not technically a step through frame that top tube does swoop down quite a bit and that’s going to make putting down a foot while in a corner That much easier. I also appreciate the fact that eventon has bosses all over the place on the adventure frame. The bosses on the stem will allow you to attach a front basket that actually attaches to the frame, and that does two things. First, it means that your front basket can actually support the weight that’s in it and second, it makes it easier to steer – and i guess, as kind of an added bonus, it does also help keep the stuff inside the basket from actually spilling out. Eventin does offer their own basket for ‘.99 usd which isn’t bad, but you can also grab an aftermarket one if you prefer there’s also bosses on the rear of the frame. In case you want to add a rear rack and a ventin’s rear rack runs for 49.99 usd. But again you could also just grab an aftermarket rack if you prefer that there’s also bosses at the very rear of the adventure near the derailleur, and you could probably use those to attach a trailer.

Oh and of course, there are bottle cage bosses. Speaking of derailleurs, the avenger has a shimano acera derailleur, with an eight speed cassette and trigger shifters. I mean come on that’s a huge upgrade from the traditional tourney derailleur, and it just adds even more value to the adventure overall. The acera derailleur shifts smoothly and is extremely snappy, even when taking multiple gears at a time and the 12 to 32 tooth spread makes pedaling at the top speed of 32 miles per hour, actually feasible. So 10 points to a ventum. One thing i would like to see in a future version of the adventure is a steel cage for the derailleur it’s, a super, affordable piece of hardware, but it can add a lot of protection to bring the adventure to a stop. We’Ve got bengal aries 3 dual piston hydraulic disc, brakes with 180 millimeter rotors. This is the first time we’ve tested angle, brakes and we’re impressed. The stopping power here is excellent and they’ve also got motor inhibitors to ensure the shortest possible stopping distance in the front. We’Ve got zoom suspension, forks with approximately 80 millimeters of travel, and these suspension do have preload, adjust and lockout, so you can dial them in to match your riding style. The suspension on the adventure do a good job of soaking up some of the turbulence from trail riding, but they’re not meant for anything too extreme. If your trail looks like a red bull course, turn around the adventure has an integrated, headlight and taillight, and oh man is the headlight bright normally right about here in the review.

We would advise you to get an aftermarket light for additional lumens, because, honestly, most e bike headlights are pretty dim but and i’m surprised, i’m even saying this, but the headlight on the adventure is probably good enough to ride at night with the tail light is also Pretty cool, though not quite as impressively bright as the headlight. Still it is constant on and it flashes brighter whenever you hit the brakes to let those behind you know, you’re slowing down honestly eventon just did a really really good job with the safety features on this bike. The wire management is also worth noting. It’S clean with everything grouped and bundled just like we liked, and it is internally routed and there’s, also flares on the frame where the wires go in and really that just adds again another level of value to the overall fit and finish the display on the adventure Is bright and easy to read in direct sunlight, but if you wear polarized sunglasses, you might find the polarization grays out the screen. It is adjustable, though, so you can tilt it forward and back until you find the sweet spot and just like the app we mentioned earlier, the display also tracks how much carbon emissions you’ve reduced, as well as how many trees you’ve saved i’m, not sure how eventon Is calculating that, but i really appreciate the positive lifestyle angle like i mean who doesn’t want to have fun riding your e bike, while also saving the planet.

Alright, that is it for the review of the ventin adventure now let’s, take it out for a ride.