Autel Robotics X-Star Premium Drone Review

See half 2 of this evaluation right here https://youtu.be/FNnX5HFlmFs If image high quality is your most vital high quality in a drone, the Autel Robotic’s X-Star Premium is the …


  1. I have had my X Star Premium Deone since December. I can not get my Samsung Note 5 to work with the Starlink App. I have talked with Autel customer support 4 times and have not been able to straighten out this issue. I was told that they will check this out and get back to me. No one has ever gotten back to me. I have talked to a couple of customer service reps that seem to know what they are talking about and a couple that have no clue. Their ads always say their customer support is US based but if the reps don't know what they are talking about it doesn't matter where they are from. I paid good money for a drone that I have never flown.

  2. if you want picture quality and don't mind spending more money, just get the inspire 2

  3. Very Nice, @ 4:10 got a little close to the subject

  4. sorry but phantom 4 pro blows this out the water.

  5. there was some pretty severe rolling shutter (jello) in the 1st clip


  7. Great video looks good have to check it out.

  8. I got one about a month ago and use it for my real estate business. This drone is absolutely amazing.

  9. Thanks for the straight forward review, so many on YouTube take forever to get to the point. I'm curious on one thing though, stability in medium to high wind with both the gimbal and quad.Thanks again

  10. Hi Randy Have watched a lot of your videos, very professional! I have the Xstar too, would you mind sharing your settings for still photography?

  11. its a drone that flies……like the phantom
    Its a nice orange color………..unlike the phantom
    It charges batteries fast……….like the phantom
    It shows nice video………….like the phantom
    Its got a nice strap to go on it………….unlike the phantom
    It is a nice case thats included…………unlike the phantom
    It has a lcd screen on controller…………unlike the phantom

    If you guys want a basic what the whole video is
    He compares everything to the phantom

  12. The bridesmaids looked like they were afraid you were going to hit them with the drone. lol


  14. Look cool 😀 Is the Gimbal 2 or 3 Axis? and how does it work?

  15. had done a little research on the autel drone as I am used to flying yuneec and dji. I hired celebrations of Tampa Bay for my recent Florida wedding. and I am more than happy with the production that they just sent out to us. thanks!

  16. Can you control the camera exposure settings in flight or set it in manualy before take off ? Thanks

  17. I think the filter size is 28mm but not a 100% sure.. Does anyone know for sure?

  18. Are the props and batteries interchangeable with the the P3? Can you use the waypoint mode to fly it out of radio range and have it only flying with the onboard gps?

  19. Do you have any still shots that you could share?

  20. I find your "10 Advantages" over the DJI to be completely subjective and irrelevant. DJI's Lightbridge offers a far better control interaction and feedback. Both the DJI GO and Litchi apps offer features Autel owners can only dream about. If Autel were so great, then why aren't the majority of Professional AP (Drone/UAV) pilots/companies jumping to this less expensive option? I will say that it appears to be better than the Intel backed Yuneec Q500/Typhoon, but that's hardly a ringing endorsement. Cheers.

  21. Nice review. I had the p3 but got rid of it….compared to my p2 dji decided fo use much cheaper materials. My second drone is the blade chroma 4k….fantastic video, way better than the p2 or p3. Looks like Autel is my next buy.

  22. Great review, can you tell me what the diameter of the camera lens so I can order an ND filter please?

  23. bird is amazing, had mine for a couple weeks, and im very satisfied with it, even though i had phantom and yuneeq before, this one is nose to nose with them.

    great carrying case, cust service is exceptional, plus now, if you buy it from 07-15 to 08-## they send you an extra battery, i bought mine on 07-08, and still will send me my battery, cant ask for more.

  24. Looks pretty good but don't like the curved horizon.

  25. Nice but no optician avoidance. ???

  26. Great demo of what is starting to be my favorite video platform for video as well The X-Star Premium, and I own a Phantom 3 advanced!!!

  27. Thank you for a great review Randy! My X Star comes in the mail tomorrow!!

  28. how does their "wide angle" lens do with horizon bending? i saw that they have a 108 degree field of view, as opposed to the Phantom's 94 degree angle. do you still get that weird bending effect when you tilt the camera up and down?

  29. I'm still hanging in there with my "ancient" Phantom 2 Vision (non +). Except for the lack of a gimbal, I still like it. I quit upgrading software ages ago, stopping with the "Ground Station". I've resisted upgrading every time something new shows up at DJI simply because it seems like they keep upgrading every few months. Now I'm glad I did because competition is appearing everywhere. Stuff is getting better (and less expensive!) every day. Until I stumbled on this video I'd never even HEARD of Autel Robotics! Now I'm gonna watch all the videos. Thanks!

  30. the price difference is really big against the phantom 4. i think the 4 can fly further but this x star goes far enough for me. i live in long island, NY and it is very strict here

  31. i love video and I am buying one today!

  32. The Banding lines were from a defective camera,, which Autel sent a new drone to replace, see our latest video where we compare the Phantom 3 with the X-Star Premium https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNnX5HFlmFs

  33. I liked your video even though I don't agree about what you said about the Phantom 3 Pro. The Phantom 3 Pro is truly far better than the X-Star camera simply because of those banding lines in the picture. It shows the limitations of its cheap sensor, obviously it isn't a Sony CMOS sensor like in the Phantom 3 Professional. None the less, I'm going to tell you how I think you can eliminate them, as I too am a wedding videographer and I think your bride and groom deserve a lot better then what you have offered them with that quad. Try putting a ND filter (I would say #16 or 32 in Florida's bright sun) if you can find them for this camera, it should take care of the problem. It will also slow down the cameras shutter speed and provide a smoother look to that choppy video you didn't overexpose. Anyway, good luck and stop putting down the Phantom, its the best drone for the money you will ever find, perhaps the Yuneec Typhoon H is its closed competitor, I will find out later today after mine gets delivered. By the way, you can now buy a Phantom 3 Pro for the same price as your X-Star, I would recommend buying one before they are all gone! 🙂

  34. what dou you recommend ? premium phantom 4 or x-star premium

  35. great footage! I am also a film maker, photographer and dj. I really like this drone. this is my next one for my professional filming projects and photography

  36. you should come out sunday to Apollo beach are having a bunch of people get together to fly if interested let me know and I will give you the address azpholt@yahoo.com

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