The high resolution enables the ability to zoom deep into a scene crop an image or video to 4k without any loss in quality and pushing color further than ever before, equipped with 19 groups of sensors, including 12 visual sensors, the main camera ultrasound, imus and other sensors Enable building of three dimensional maps and path planning in real time capture every detail, partnering with sony. The auto evo2s 48 megapixel sensor, is superior to any aerial camera by providing sharper images, greater detail and richer color for k. Khdr video with 16 exposure values. Ev control combines long dash, medium and short term exposures into a single frame. Adding dynamic range 10 bit color depth captures over 1 billion colors to provide greater flexibility in post production, while still retaining rich details in the shadows and highlights only olo offers hyper lapse. Photography in 8k, with hyperlapse mode, no post processing is required. The 8k images may be taken straight out of the drone and may be shared immediately. Jpeg and raw files are recorded simultaneously, create perfect flight paths and achieve accurate, repeatable hyperlapse videos with just one click thanks for watching.