This is actually the nano plus. So i give a shout out to autel. I actually just got back from ces and they were able to provide me one of these pre production units and, of course i am excited to test out the nanoplasma, the nano in general, because its one of the ones that i think a lot of people have Been waiting for because weve had something like the dji mini for so long, and a lot of people are just trying to find out whats. The next thing is there any other competitors to the mini, and i think, as of right now as far as specs wise, the nano plus might be that drone and because this is a pre production unit, i did mention that there is going to be a firmware Update coming out for this pretty soon so this video is really just a quick unboxing of the new evo nano, as well as putting it side by side and just showing you guys, as far as specs go just putting some basic side by side. Specs. Not doing any video comparison just yet, but just talking about the specs, what does the specs look like from the evo nano plus compared to dji mini 2.? And if you guys are new to my channel, my name is aldrin estacio. I do a lot of drone tech tips, tutorials and product reviews right here on this channel, so if thats something interesting, please consider subscribing and also hitting that bell to be notified.

When i post new videos now this is the evo nano premium bundle. They also have a standard bundle, so were gon na think like on the dji side. They have the standard, they also have the fly more kit. This is pretty much considered the fly more kit which they are calling the premium bundle, one of the biggest reasons why this is such a big deal, 249 grams or basically sits under that 250 gram mark that everyone wants to try to stay under and everything is Packed on there we have the drone on the right hand, side. We have your remote controller and a box that says accessories and probably it looks like a charging cup so lets, take it all out of the bag. Super small, of course, just like the mini, so it does come with a little propeller, strap on it, as you can see, to keep your propellers nice and snug nice and tight in there, the remote control. So this is an all new, remote control and, like i said, i saw it at ces, but you know its always different when youre gon na be flying this one, the one at ces was, you know, everyones touching that one uh, but the remote control reminds me Of like a gaming console remote control, then we also have a box top here of accessories. We have the hub for the batteries theres three battery at the right bottom thats, where the extra batteries are as well as a charging brick.

So we have the charging brick. We have a full size usb, as well as the usb c port for you to charge up. So, ideally, you need to be able to charge your you know either your hub as well as im, assuming itll direct charge straight to the drone, as well as charge up your remote control, two extra batteries at the very bottom. So three batteries total because there is one on the drone and first thing i see here we have a little little screwdriver. These look like theyre gon na, be the cables youll need to hook up your phone to the device and, yes, they are a bunch of tiny little screws inside of this bag, as well as the joysticks for your remote and im, not sure so theyre not including Or doesnt look like there is theyre, not including an extra pair of joysticks and from what i can see on the remote control or what i cant see on the remote control is a place to store them the extra or to print the joysticks. So if you take off the joysticks im, not seeing any place on the remote control to store them all right, so lets go through the spec comparison between these two and i am going to be comparing the mini 2, which is the top of the line or The you know the most advanced one from dji. They also have the minion se. The nano is coming out with two versions right off the bat, so it can be a little confusing, but this is also the nano plus which is the more expensive or higher end version of the two and the biggest difference between the nano and the nano plus Is going to be a little bump up in the camera? Size and specs just want to get it out of the way, because it was a little confusing.

Even for myself, when i was trying to figure out what the differences are between the nano nano plus light light plus but um ill make sure all that info is on the screen. But we are going to be comparing the mini 2 versus the nano plus. Now, right off the bat, the first thing, of course, when youre talking about drones, youre going to look at is the price differences and there actually is surprisingly, a significant jump in price from the mini 2 to the nano plus the mini 2 by itself. The standard package you would get is 449. That includes all the basic stuff that you need to get up in the air, and then they also have the fly more combo, which ive talked about earlier. Thats gon na be 5.99, so youre talking 449 for the standard and then 599 for the fly more combo, which adds a couple extra batteries and the charging hub and when jumping over to the nano plus kind of bigger jump here, 799 for the standard version. For the nano plus and if you wanted, the premium bundle youre looking at 940 for the premium same thing, couple extra batteries battery hub now when it comes to size and weight, like i mentioned earlier, they both sit under 250 grams. They uh, i think, actually rated. I think the mini might be rated for a little bit less than that, but i have a little scale here: zero that out just gon na put it here.

We have the mini two coming in at 238. This is just my home scale. So, of course, you know take that with a grain of salt, 238 grams for the mini 2 and then lets put the were at 250, so 250, exactly on the nano plus and we have the mini 2 coming in at 2, 38.. Now, as far as dimensions go, the nano plus is slightly bigger than the mini 2. Pretty much all the way around. We talked about length and width, so, but nothing too crazy. Its i mean youre talking a very small amount, but it is slightly bigger than the mini 2.. Now, when it comes to memory storage, they both do not have internal memory. However, on the back of both, you are able to put in an sd card here on the very back now. The most important thing for me that i look for is that transmission, the feed you get from your drone to your remote control. The mini 2 does use ocusync and its rated for 10 kilometers in distance and its nice to see that the nano plus also has that 10 kilometer range between the nano plus and your remote control. So i do want to test that out, because by far the most important thing i look for is how good is that transmission for these drones and that remote? Now, when it comes to flight time up in the air, we have 31 rated minutes on the mini 2.

The nano plus comes in at 28 minutes, of course, thats, not really what youre gon na get youll normally get something around that 24 minute or so 24. To 25 minute on the mini 2 and of course, ill definitely do some tests on the nano plus. Well, probably, you know get something roughly the same, maybe 20 to 23 minutes or so another. One thing i do like about the nano plus is that we have a wider aperture. We have a 1.9 aperture on the nano plus and here on the mini 2, its a fixed 2.8, now having a wider 1.9 aperture is going to be really good for low light situations. So thats going to be one test that i think a lot of people are going to want to see. Now, even though i talked about that price jump from the mini 2 to the nano plus theres, a big reason. Not only is the camera a little bit bumped up, but we now have obstacle avoidance and intelligent modes because we have sensors here on the front. We have sensors here on the bottom. We also have back sensors here. So if you are looking for obstacle avoidance, we do have that on the nano plus. That is something we do not have on the dji mini actually any of the minis. The only thing we do have on the mini is we have the sensors here at the very bottom, which does help for takeoff and landing.

But now we have what a lot of people were hoping the mini 2 would get ideally were assuming the mini. Three would get it, but not even just basic obstacle avoidance. The one thing this thing says it could do is dynamic track, which means i should be able to now do follow me with a tiny drone like this, something that i think that the mini three or the next mini is going to have to have, because now We see its possible with the nano plus and thats reason why we have that jump in price. The ability to now have optical avoidance, as well as dynamic, track. Follow me with a little tiny drone. Both platforms can shoot jpeg and raw. The mini 2 has a 12 megapixel photo. The nano plus does have a 48 megapixel photo. I do want to see how thats gon na work theyre rating it that this can get. They can get a 48 mega 48 to 50 megapixel photo out of the nano plus and the nano. So i will definitely put those side by side and see exactly if, if theres such a big difference between those megapixel counts, uh, just looking at the quality of them and lastly, the speed, we have a top speed rated for 35 miles an hour on the mini 2 top speed rated for 33 miles an hour on the nano plus theres, definitely more specs. We can compare, but i just wanted to highlight some of the main differences between these two right here.

Top of the line, small drone from dji, which is currently the mini 2 versus autels latest and greatest. This is the nano plus and that biggest difference there, like i said, a little bit bump up in the camera obstacle avoidance, and we also have things like dynamic track that im gon na be testing out and putting all that stuff side by side to see if Its really worth the money, if its good and theres definitely some you know ways im gon na do that standard test that i know im gon na do up my hill. Can this thing also follow me up elevation? I guess well have to find out thats about all. I got for todays video, just a quick, unboxing and spec comparison between these two drones right here. Of course, if you guys got some value from this video, a big like would be much appreciated and make sure you guys are subscribed to the channel. If you guys want to see more comparisons, as well as a full review on the autel nano plus. Do you want to check out all of these other features that it does have how well and how good is the optical avoidance and that dynamic track make sure you guys are subscribed to the channel? This is aldristasio with ill see you guys.