Well done, you youll know we have a few new drones announced from ottel with more to be announced. If you go by the comedy league they released a while ago, but which one have i pre ordered for the uk, and when will we even see these models come to uk shores Music? So during the previous week, or so we have been bombarded with information about the new hotel drones, its all very, very exciting, and i for one am looking forward to the fact that were now going to hopefully have a little more competition in the consumer. Camera drone marketplace, certainly market leaders dji, could do with a little bit of a competition. Shall we say it will be good to see other companies pushing dji a little bit from the point of view of perhaps some innovation, although these drones are already pretty cool, but also perhaps from a affordability point of view, perhaps well start to see drones pushing down. Although looking at the hotel prices theyre, certainly heading up at the moment, dji gives you reliability out of the box confidence rarely found with other brands. Now i am open to other brands. The first brand loyalty i had was built with parrot. I loved their bebop from the point of view that i could crash it and make errors whilst learning and it wouldnt fall apart. The bebop 2 was a solid aircraft and stable in the air. Sadly, it came a little late in the game and my heart was already taken away by the dji mavic air, one with 4k capability, etc too much of a gap to the anathey, which actually led, in my opinion, to the whole brand falling off.

The bebop 2 was fantastic, but as a 1080p camera it really wasnt going to go anywhere, then i stayed with dji as their releases kept me satisfied. I had no reason to look outside the brand, for my droning needs even purchasing a now old tech inspire 1. Pro with x5 camera, which has been used on a surprising amount of commercial jobs, however, for the first time i find ottel turning my head a little, although previous releases, like the evo and evo 2 interested me, the spotty, uk availability and support, put me off a Little bit, plus the drones didnt really offer me anything over the dji models. I already own. Otto have a good quality record as well, and many of the geeksvana viewers have given me a lot of positive ownership experiences. So this makes me a little more keen over the releases from the likes of hubsan, which im still yet to fly their mini drone, but it does seem to be lagging a little bit behind in terms of functionality and stability. So far, there are more updates to come. Of course, at this point of the video it is important to factor in the uk drone regulations. As many of you will know, there is a lot of freedom for sub 250 gram. Drones at the moment were still waiting for the sea label drones, which would give a2 cfc holders the ability to fly c2 drones within five meters of uninvolved people, as we do not even have a sea label system agreed.

Yet then its going to be a while. Unfortunately, so for me that rules out the light, light plus or even the evo 3 leaked models, because they simply will not give me the freedom needed to get the shots. I want enter the nano series of drones from autel. These mini drones are sub 250 grams and therefore enjoy the freedoms in congested areas and flights over people we all enjoy so much with the mini too kendo of original dobo, recently invited myself and ian from mad tech to chat drones on a recent live stream. Ken also works with drone works, a drone dealer in florida, and he has been hands on with the nano, and this is what he had to say about it. It doesnt feel like a mini and that thats, where exactly you know and ill just say from touching one hands on it, doesnt feel cheap and i dont know how the hell they were able to achieve that weight. Its got to be from the battery its got to be from the battery because it doesnt feel like the mini, like it has a lot of flex, and it just doesnt feel it doesnt feel robust. This doesnt feel like that and thats, where i sort of like how the hell did they do this. You know i didnt personally say i didnt whip out a scale. I dont carry a scale with me when i go to places or talk to these companies.

Well, i mean that would be sort of weird. It would be weird im gon na weigh it im gon na weigh it now hang on. I would probably get some. You know, questions from tsa be like hey. Why are you bringing this? Why is this scale in your bag? You know whats in the scales in my bag. They probably think im transporting drugs or something um, but yeah i mean it. Doesnt feel it doesnt feel like its not quality like thats thats. My biggest thing i was like. Oh, this is actually – and you know to be honest with you – the whole 250 thing here in the states. It doesnt really matter all that much if, if youre somebody who is 107 certified, you dont give a about a 250 gram drone you just dont care. It doesnt matter at that point which is which is which is the opposite here in the uk, not not not for commercial operators, because its the same thing, but the sub 250 audience here is where i think ottel could make a killing in the uk and eu. The quality feel of the nano is another box checked for me. Lets also look at the specification of the nano series and more particularly the nano plus model. The nano plus drone offers a lot of tech for under 250 grams and i have to say, im genuinely impressed three way: obstacle avoidance, which ottel described as binocular vision, sensors with essentially cones coming from each sensor.

To improve the field of detection. The sensors will avoid obstacles which are in front below and behind the aircraft. Interestingly, as many of you have commented before on other dji releases were yet to see much in terms of side avoidance, which many would find useful in terms of flying, orbits, etc. But again, we need to give this little drone a break in terms of being so lightweight. There are the usual benefits. Youd expect to see on a dji marketing, page frankly, with lots of talk of flight modes. Editing on the go and quick share capabilities, dynamic track is one im going to be very interested in, especially as the uk drone rules allow the drone to go out of sight of the operator when, in this type of mode to a maximum of 50 meters, it Could make for some pretty awesome footage? The nano plus also gets a bump in terms of camera capabilities with a 1 by 1.28 sensor, which is 0.8 inch in real terms capable of 50 megapixel photos. There is also a ryb color filter array, which will be interesting to see with a large aperture improved over the standard nano to an f stop of 1.9, which should bring some decent low light capabilities. The hotel site wax is lyrical about the camera specs im hoping it lives up to the promise im slightly concerned about the controller, which looks a lot like the parrot controller later seen paired with the skydio.

I had one of these style controllers with my parrot naffy and i didnt feel like it gave a lot of the precise control that im used to with other aircraft. We will have to wait and see, of course, perhaps it might be an excuse to upgrade to the smart controller if compatible. So for me, this offers a lot of spec, but in a drone under 250 grams. So therefore, the uk drone rules, meaning at the moment you can flight in many more places than heavier hotel or dji drones. It also represents enough of an uplifting specification over the dji mini 2 for me to decide to pre order, one, as you might have already guessed ill, be going for the nano plus model myself with the premium package to gain the usual add ons and extras. You enjoy in such a pack. I have pre ordered this from drone works, who are able to ship internationally time will tell in terms of stock availability, etc, though, one of the main reasons im doing it. This way is availability, previous launches from autel, havent, prioritized stock and support for the uk and eu, and i would expect it to be some time until we see regular availability through uk retailers. As yet, otto have not even confirmed numbers and stock levels in the core market of the us, so it remains to see if the worldwide chip shortages will impact on numbers of units getting out there.

We just dont know so. Keep that in mind in terms of expectations on getting our hands on these, but i decided to do it as it would be great to have one of the new hotel drones for the channel. To give you all a closer look, let me know in the comments below which of the hotel models you are considering ordering. I will keep you informed on shipping, etc and well have an unboxing once it arrives. Ill, certainly be putting it up against the dji mini 2.