This is something i havent done in a while. I havent worn this rig in a while. I got the hat cam on and im just gon na do in a um, a quick little uh first flight just to get it up in the air and see how it you know, looks and if its you know nice and stable uh. I will do a more extensive flight. Um later on, today was a little messy today. Um, the the weather is not the greatest so uh its very cloudy out here, as you can see and um, i couldnt really get out and fly today, so i will do something better uh in a in another upcoming video uh. I just wanted to get up in the air for the first time and see what it was like so um. Now i wanted to correct something i stated in my unboxing that you have to press press and hold the power button. All you need to do is just press and hold the power button and then it powers on and the same thing with the remote just press and hold to turn on and press and hold to turn off. I have the hotel sky app open right now, im going to go in and im all connected already lets see here. Also. Another thing i will do is go over the app uh in another video i just wanted to, like. I said, get this up in the air and see what it looks like.

So as of right now, uh, it looks like im in photo mode, so im gon na go in video mode. Now is almost four oclock. I think. Let me see what time is it. It is four oclock exactly so the sun is going to be going down shortly. Let me just do some of my checks im going to go in here to the menu max altitude ill put that around. Maybe you know somewhere around 250 somewhere uh max distance im. Just going to max that out, no limit return, the home height, actually max altitude. Im. Sorry max altitude should be you know whatever um, but you know i know better enough. You know, i know better to you, know: stay below 400, so um return to home altitude ill. Put that around 150 i mean 250.. I want to make the home point me and ill confirm and uh. What im going to do is a im going to do a compass calibration im going to do that im just going to do a compass calibration, so im going to start my compass calibration and it wants to to turn it and then move it up and then Turn it and Music rotate and thats it easy peasy everything looks good. I havent done an imu calibration, but i will do that Music, please um off later now, saying is attitude mode. So let me it might be because im on this deck here asking me to take off later Music.

So let me put it on the concrete so go through my safety checks, advanced settings, sensors everything looks good control, have it in imperial mode. I will program these buttons later. Gimbal mode is stabilized mode and lets see camera everything looks okay, video format ill, just keep it where it is right now and safety. They dont have anything. Oh battery information here we go uh like i said ill go over this in a future video and uh battery temperature. They dont have anything about the battery levels or anything um i mean i dont know its different from the fly up. So i you know, i guess im too used to the fly up right im going to do a auto takeoff, see if it allows me to take off and hold it down and slide all right there. It is first flight and, as you can see, the its very quiet, very quiet, its very stable and then again, theres no wind here so theres, no wind right now, uh its just hovering right there in place lets do a quick walk around all right and, as You can see on the screen record obstacle. Avoidance is detecting me, nice, all right, so im gon na bring it out to the middle of the the yard there thats cool it, gives you information on the on the screen of your distance and everything lets go up. All right, so the image on the uh, the screen is um excellent, very clear lets go down and, like i said i will do a more uh, more testing on this.

As far as the speed and all that in a different location, of course, ill be doing that in a in an open field, all right, so what im gon na do is uh. I have it on video and im gon na keep it on auto. I guess its auto lets see: do we have okay yeah just keep it on video, and i guess that stays in auto im gon na record some footage and i believe its 4k lets – hear yup im, recording 4k 30 frames per second and thats the only option. I have 4k 30. theres no 24 or anything else like that. Uh in 2.7 k you get 30 30 frames per second thats. It and 1080p looks like you get 30 and 60 frames per second, so im gon na record in 4k, 30. and there you go all right and you can also go and adjust the gimbal settings. Uh ill do that at another time. So what i want to do is take this over wheres. My battery, like i only got 46. So what i want to do is take it over here to the field all right, so i got it pushing straight forward and its crabbing ive got to push straight forward and you can see hes crabbing to the left there and its only going 10 miles per Hour 11 miles per hour, so i got ta check what mode im in yeah definitely got ta check what mode im in ill do it when im over here come back over here, because i definitely got to look for that.

So i got to get acclimated to this new app setup here. Um lets see if i push forward again. Okay, now its going straight. Maybe it couldnt fight its way through the wind and it was just pushing to the right a little all right, so lets head back and now im only going yeah 10 miles per hour. So i must be in either city mode or something because this is extremely slow. So once i stop over here, im going to see coming back now its creeping along all right, so lets see what mode im in in. Let me see if i can find this here: uh standard. Okay, there we go, so i can just press that here to the upper left standard and visual okay. This is ludicrous mode. Just let me know that the obstacle avoidance will be invalid at speeds over 23 miles per hour. So i wonder how fast standard mode goes? Music, hes, still crabbing just a little bit to the left, hes still crabbing to the left. Thats, not me. It says my height is 1′ feet. All right lets come back in ludicrous mode, all right 25 miles per hour, its not the fastest, but you know so im at 28. I was running this battery indoors for a little bit, just uh, going through the menus and stuff. So what im going to do is put it back this way and im going to do a return to home and see what it does all right lets uh im going to press the return to home aircraft low battery? Oh so its telling me i got to return hes returning home telling me i got to return home anyway.

Give me the low battery warning so its raising up to the return home height and its right over there all right so far. It looks like its doing what its supposed to do. You right above me and pay attention to the area below when the aircraft is landing nice. It talks to you all right looks like its not coming. Let me cancel this. It looks like its going to land on the uh, the furniture all right, all right so far its uh. You know looking okay theres, a couple things that i just noticed right off the bat and also you saw that it was crabbing in smooth mode and its not windy out here, theres no wind at all, so uh, even in smooth mode. It should you know, cut through the wind at least a little bit, and it did crab a little bit in normal mode, so um. Those are a couple issues right now, uh! Well, do this again, like i said this is just a initial flight. Just to start this up see what it looks like and uh. Let me see how much i have 16 percent lets see real quick. If i can take off see if itll, let me take off okay and lets, see what lets get out of sports mode and go to standard mode lets see what it does with the obstacle avoidance just really nah its not lightning to avoid obstacles during Music low. Please landings the battery okay.

That thing uh be aware of that. Also you can go in your settings and change your battery warning. However, it looks like this thing: lands immediately. It doesnt even give you a warning Music after you get that warning critical warning. It starts landing, so um just be aware that uh, where can i go safety battery information? Maybe uh lets see here, lets go to safety battery info critically low warning. I have a set to 15. What im going to do is lower that maybe just to 12 or something like that and um Music lower this to 20 or close to it, but just be aware, once you hit that critically low battery warning, it will definitely it will start landing doesnt even give You time to react to it so uh be aware of that yeah stay tuned for more videos. Uh, like i said, im running a gun in today and uh im going old school right now, so um, you know hope you enjoyed it. Alright, so um be sure to hit that subscribe button and the notification bell.