Yet our last story on the autel stock situation received comments from other us dealers. That deliveries were still somewhat on schedule. What is happening? Music, hey everyone. My name is sean and welcome to geeks varna for more drone and tech. Focused content, including news updates, like this one, feel free to hit the subscribe button. So, as regular viewers will remember back on the 10th of november, we posted a quick update to provide information that we had regarding the latest news on the new hotel models, in terms of when we might actually get our hands on the pre order. Units of both the evo nano and light models, i myself have a nano plus premium bundle on order and cannot wait to get my hands on it. The specifications combined with autel build quality on their other models means im genuinely hopeful of a serious contender in the sub 250 grand market to dji, which is something us uk buyers in particular, will be looking forward to. In that story, i reported conversations geeksvana had held with official hotel dealers who were concerned that the delivery dates for the new models would again be pushed and could miss a pre christmas delivery. Some, including b h, suggested the date could actually be as late as february 2022. In the comments to that video, a couple of other dealers, one based in the us and another in spain, kindly reached out to state that they felt a pre christmas delivery was still very much on the cards.

Although the dealer in spain was kind enough to follow up with confirmation of a further delay and a 100 euro price increase for the evo light range, with this information in hand, i still felt relatively comfortable that there was a strong chance that well be seeing the Units before christmas, so when viewers of geeksvana in the us started to reach out to confirm they were now receiving refunds on their pre, ordered nano and light drone orders combined with b h, changing the status of the models to discontinue on their website. I was left feeling very concerned about seeing the drone at all, let alone before christmas, which lets face it. This is being recorded on the 15th of december, so that is already looking unlikely. Indeed, as you can see from these screenshots, the units are showing, as discontinued rather than unavailable or merely just removed from their website. Several of their customers have also told geeksvana that refunds have been issued. One viewer told us that they contacted the b h sales department due to the fact that they were showing the units as discontinued on their website. He spoke to a staff member who informed him that b h is in the process of refunding their pre order. Customers, as these drones will be delayed well into 2022 or auto makeouts or the lines altogether. When geeksvana approached b h for comment directly, we were told that the products had indeed been removed from the website due to concerns over fulfillment of orders and lack of news from ottel.

They informed us that their purchasing department were still discussing any future potential to reopen those orders with ottel, as the unit still appears on the main autel robotics website. So no official discontinuation of the lines from ottel we have reached out to ottel robotics marketing, who did come back to us very quickly to assure us that these drones were not discontinued and that they are going to have their sales team check the issue and see Whats wrong in between and hopefully come back to us with, some confirmed dates for the uk and the u.s marketplaces. Every other website we checked in the eu uk and us from dealers listed by ottel robotics, still show the units as available to order. Most still quote. The pre christmas hopes for delivery. However, when you dig a little deeper and ask for an open comment on the situation, things get a little murky again. There is no suggestion from any other dealer or hotel themselves that the drones will not be coming at all, although getting someone to confirm when they expect delivery is a little tougher one. Uk retailer clifton cameras told us that they had not heard anything recently from ottel. Apart from to expect the units early in 2022., another uk supplier drones direct, told geeksvana that they are no longer quoting a stock date or providing any predictions on delivery. Due to the recent information from ottel of further delays, both uk suppliers have committed to updating their online status soon, as the information is still being assessed and processed by their it teams.

So what does all this tell us b? H are a business and need to sell products to be successful, so there must have been a very good reason why they removed the products from their website. I can only assume the marking of discontinued is something which happened internally to allow for the orders taken to be refunded, certainly from ottels email. Today they are confirming that they have not discontinued the products. We could speculate for hours about what is actually happening. With b h, but i would remind you that it was their website which first confirmed 2022 shipping for the nano and light drones, something other retailers are now starting to confirm as well. It could also be the case that something has happened between b h and autel, meaning they no longer wish to take pre orders. The answer isnt always the first one we can think of. However, with uk retailers now pushing back predictions and one no longer giving stock updates, there does seem to be something there. The ottel needs to address again ill, be delighted to receive my nano plus premium bundle and personally feel pretty relaxed about whether that is before or after christmas. But it would be nice if we could have some confirmed dates that stick from ottel. I know many of you have funds out there with retailers for this drone, so the continued frustrations and lack of information on shipping is, of course, concerning. Let me know in the comments below, if you have pre ordered and whether or not your supplier is changing their shipping predictions now remember, we are in tough times and the retailers can only pass on the information that they are passed by the manufacturer.

I will, of course, continue to keep you informed of this story, including any updates we get from ottel directly, as they have now promised to provide. So if youre new here hit the subscribe button and if youre still watching this video, now, please hit the like button.