And finally, it seems stock is beginning to trickle through just at the same time as pre release. Leaks start happening for the mini 3.. So where does that leave us now? Music, hello, im ian and i play with drones, and it has been a frustrating few months for me trying to find out when the 750 million people, so people that make up the european market could actually get their hands on one of the new auto nano plus Drones because its camera specs handsomely beat the mini 2 and i figured this was very much the new little drone to get hold of this year. But sadly not been the case because, whilst our friends over in the us have been able to get hold of this fairly easily over the last few months over here in europe, absolutely not the case, every single outlet selling the leno plus has just either been showing Out of stock or just been taking pre orders only back in january, i duly placed my order and back then the listing text was telling me that stock was expected in early february as time went on, though that turned into march and then finally turned into april. My emails to autel themselves went unanswered, which in itself, i think was pretty poor frankly, and it seemed that the only way to get hold of one of these new drones was to either pay the extra for one of the grey imports uh outlets from overseas or Pay the 200 pound markup price from amazon prime, which put it straight into the same price bracket as the dji a2s combo, which frankly i thought was a little bit cheeky and then suddenly we start getting all the pre release leaks from the new mini three.

We have all seen the carefully orchestrated media frenzy that dj dji managed to produce each time they have a new premium consumer drone to release and im guessing this latest dji release will be no different, but, coincidentally, at the same time, we suddenly start seeing a trickle Of nano plus stock flowing through to some of the distributed distributors here in the uk and europe, so after waiting months, they finally get some stock to sell, just as its clear a new dji mini is about to hear the shelves. So what what to do? I cannot be the only person in this position eagerly awaiting a new nano plus uh drone with its premium camera specs. Do i wait for the mini 3, or do i get hold of a nano plus now? Well, frankly, ive been waiting three months for nano plus. So, from my perspective, what is another few weeks now i know a fair few youtubers have been sent the nano plus directly from autel to review, even here in the uk and whilst also ortel have sent me drones in the past this time. They skipped me right by and they wouldnt even answer my emails, i dont know i guess maybe im no longer their flavor of the month. Maybe they didnt, like my summary review, if you like, of the evo 2 pro last year on the four way win test where it did okay, but it didnt exactly shine either way.

As ive repeatedly said on this channel, i like to pay for my drone, so i can be as objective and critical as i want about them. I, like the freedom that this gives me. I dont want to be sent a high end drone and then have the expectation for the manufacturer that i gloss over any issues. You all saw my feelings on the mavic 3 and i did not hold back when things were not as good as they should have been, and the same with the ortel evo 2 pro last year, technically brilliant machine on paper and even holding it in my hands. I was mightily impressed with the build quality, but when i flew it, the obstacle avoidance kept kicking in, even though i was right up in the sky away from any obstacles and ultimately it really did not jump out in any special way. It really wasnt that too different to my trusty mavic 2 pro that audrey had been flying for the last two years and it actually sadly felt a little bit oversized and old compared to the shiny new dji a2s that had only just been released for far lower Price which of course, performed far better in the four way wind test, so i dont know here we are today some reports of the nano plus not being too great, even in moderate wind, but its still sporting. This really impressive, improved camera that goes well beyond the mini 2, 4k camera specs, so im a bit torn and for now im waiting.

I id always thought 860 was a little bit much for the nano plus premium, um thats a lot of money for a sub 250 gram drone, especially when you compare it with the mini 2 combo, which is some 300 pounds cheaper. Is the nano plus camera really worth that much extra money who knows, but what i do know is when i spend almost a grand on a drone. I also want some form of backup and repair service and, frankly, i dont think im going to get that with autel for uk and european customers, because what i actually do know is that you cannot take out their care package unless youre in the u.s or canada. So to me, that kind of just reinforces my thoughts that, despite hotel being a chinese company just like dji, they seem very much focused on the north american market, only which is a shame because theyre, probably the very best company to give dji a run for their Money and some decent competition – and you know competition – is always good isnt it. It helps control prices as well as pushing and new features and innovation and thats. Why? I really want autos models to be good and i want to see how they perform and i want them to give dji a good run for their money, but for now in europe. Certainly, i dont see much in the way of competition for dji, which frankly, i think is a bit of a shame.

And now, given the sudden impending release of the mini 3, i have decided to cancel my order for the nano plus im not saying im. Never going to buy it, but for now i want to wait and see what the new mini 3 brings, because you see to me dji have a habit of making stuff that works well, even if its a little bit shaky at first, although i reckon theyll, definitely Have learned their lessons after mavic 3 launch but despite me, usually buying every new mainstream drone model and make to test out on and review on this channel for now, im saving my thousand pounds and im holding fire on the nano plus until i know for sure That a its going to be actually supported in europe and b doesnt end up being an overpriced bit of an orange lemon. If you like, uh when compared to the price of the mini three, so lets see what dj are about to pull out of their hat. If they have got a pro version of the mini three with a posh new remote and a screen built in then all the better, because that just makes all the more fun for choosing which uh which model and which package to buy but either way. That is how i see things today tomorrow, i dont know who knows but look get in touch. Let me know your thoughts uh. If any of you have actually got hold of the nano plus id love to hear your thoughts on it because, as i said on paper, it looks like an incredible little drone and if anyone has any experience of getting it repaired in the uk or europe, then Definitely please get in touch with me.

Let me know as im really interested in knowing how it went and what sort of care and backup you get with autel over here in the uk and europe anyway. Look thats, it thats it for today. Uh should be a fair bit happening over the next month or so anyway, which is always good. Fun, uh, always great fun. When theres a new release and as i say, the media circus gets into town uh. My legs are fixing up still on the old uh crutches for the moment, but i should be able to get out flying later on the week, which surely is going to be a good thing and uh. Thank you for all the good words that you guys have sent through, because it does put a smile on my face, but look anyway. I hope its been helpful. Lets see what the next few weeks brings wherever in the world.