Now these firmware updates are for both the regular model and the plus models. They also released an update to the autel sky, app and well take a look at that here in a minute. Now, primarily, this video is going to focus on the nano series, but we are going to touch base with the light, because theres a little bit of confusion on what features were added to what drone so lets go ahead and well. Take a look at the release. Notes here, first of all, the autel sky app has been updated to version 1.2.2. So you do need to go ahead and download that before you update the firmware now, if we take a look at the firmware for the evo nano series, you can see its now version 1.2.14. Now, under the new features they listed added, hdr video support and as well as log mode now, what gets a little bit confusing is behind that. You can see there that they only list the nano plus, but it is indeed available on the light series, and we will take a look at that here in a second, its also added wi, fi fast downloading. The next item there is more for china so well skip that and lastly there you can see it says its added a feature to upgrade the battery firmware individually and that firmware update thing is actually pretty important, because many of you are already aware the way autel Was doing it when you downloaded the firmware for the drone, it took quite a bit of time about 20 minutes even longer, but every time you put a new battery in if there was firmware for that battery, it had to reinstall the firmware for the whole drone.

Everything all over again, so if you owned a couple spare batteries, you know you could be looking at 45 minutes to an hour to upgrade firmware. Now. If we take a look at the firmware update for the light series here, you can see it says its added dynamic tracking personally for the evo light, so it doesnt mention the evo nano. They havent added it to the nano series yet im sure that will be coming soon and the other interesting thing it says person only and i believe thats just because it can only track people right now on their website. It does say that the tracking will be able to track vehicles and animals, but thats probably not ready to go yet so theyre just putting it to people only now i havent tested it. Yet i am going out to do that today. Like i said this, video is primarily focused on the nano again. It mentions something there about china, thats not really relevant to us and then, of course there. It says its added the feature to upgrade battery firmware individually as well. Now the other interesting thing here under bug, fixes and optimizations you can see they actually give us some information of what theyve optimized and what they fixed thats. Actually pretty refreshing, because many of you are well aware, when dji does that theyll just list bug fixes, but they dont actually tell us what theyre fixing so its kind of nice that autel does list that now before we get too far into things here, like i Said this video is primarily going to be about the nano drone.

I just want to touch base here with some of those features to do with log and hdr, as mentioned it. Doesnt really state in the release, notes that log mode and hdr is supported under the light. But if we go to our camera settings here, you can indeed see that we have hdr, we can enable and we can go in and enable log color. So lets get back to the nano here now when autel or a company like dji releases, firmware updates for drones. I like to make videos about it for a couple reasons. First of all, id like to test them out to make sure everythings functioning correctly, but also just a quick demonstration to show where everything is and how to access some of the new features. So i took the nano out yesterday. I ended up putting two batteries through it and i didnt really find any problems per se. There was one little issue that did come up and we will talk about that here in a minute. Mainly, i just wanted to test out some of the new features so lets take a look at the log color profile. First, you can see you can access it here. If we go to our camera settings we can toggle it on or off, if youre, not quite sure. What log footage is is basically, you can see here when we turn it on. We get a very flat color profile, theres, very little color in it at all, and the reason you would want to film in a flat color profile is, if you want to do your own color grading yourself when filming in a normal color profile.

Everything is done for you. Basically, they just have it set to a neutral, color profile. Everything looks good and for the most part, most people are happy with that. There are some people, including myself, once in a while i like to do my own grading and kind of give it a specific look. Usually, you can tend to get better dynamic range when filming in a flat, color profile and, like i said you can just adjust it to exactly how you want now, the only thing when filming in a flat color profile, you do have to be careful because it Can be very difficult to see fine details in some of this footage you can see down in those trees if we were to get too close to them. Itd be really hard to see some of those thin branches because theres not a lot of detail, so hopefully they do add some kind of preview lut when filming something that dji has done with their mavic series. You can actually turn on your flat color profile, but then you can enable a preview lut. So the footage is recorded in flat to the drone. But what youre seeing on screen does have a lut to it, so its colorized and you can actually see what youre filming a little easier. So hopefully that is a feature that they will add in a future firmware update. Now the next thing were going to be taking a look at is hdr again we can go into the camera settings and we can toggle that on and off now, hdr tends to allow more detail to show up, especially when youre in complex lighting environments, if youre Filming something thats bright, but theres, also a dark area.

You can tend to get more uh, more detail in the dark areas and even in the light areas. A good example is when youre filming with a bright sky. The skies can tend to be kind of washed out. You dont get a lot of detail in the clouds, but when you enable hdr, you can tend to get more detail in both the ground and the sky. And lastly, here the other thing that theyve done is added a histogram. You can see we can go into the menu into the camera settings and we can enable it and now its on the front screen thats, something that a lot of people have been wanting. So it is now available now, as mentioned, i did run into one problem and some of you may have already spotted it in some of the clips ive been showing, and that is my fpv seemed to be quite jumpy now before im going to say, theres a Problem with the firmware im going to do some more testing today could have even been an issue with my phone. Sometimes the operating systems on these phones get a little uh weird. You have to reboot them so im going to try that first. I also did make sure i did have it in the smooth mode and not that hd mode or the 2.7 k, and it was really hard to get specific moves like when youre trying to do a nice smooth rotation.

Because the drone looks like its jumping around its hard to tell if youre doing it smoothly or not, and what the footage is going to look like now, im curious to know. If you have the nano series and youve updated the firmware and youve done a test flight, do you have that in your fpv feed? Is your fpv smooth, or are you getting that jumpy kind of leggy look now quickly before we go well? Take a look at the last new update that theyve added and that is that quick, wi fi transfer. So if we go to our album here – and you can see – were reading content from the sd card, we have this option up here. We can click on and thats going to ask us to join the wi fi network lets, say: im going to transfer the content via wi fi, instead of through the cable and the controller. How it normally would do it you can see there. We got a message that its turned on, then you just go into the file and you can hit download and it will download at a significantly faster rate than what it was now depending on the environment. Youre downloading in you know, if youve got routers near you other cellular devices, you could get interference and that could affect the download speed. Now, if youre more interested in the evo light, i will have a video coming up soon were going to be testing out.

The tracking im heading out later today to do some testing with it so uh that video should be ready in a day or so so definitely stay tuned for that.