You know i made a couple of videos with the uh autel evo nano plus so far and ive seen a couple of issues with it. Uh so lets put it up against its natural competitor. The dji mini 2. im at the schoolyard over by my house the exact same place where i had my first flight with this on a very, very cold day, its about 20 degrees warmer right now than it was that day. But what i might want to do is i want to fly kind of a similar pattern with this drone, as i did that day and check the video and, of course, what were looking for is those little shakes in the video that i saw that day and A little bit of jello that we saw but im going to try and do the same thing with the dji mini 2 as well, were just going to fly them both in the same pattern. And maybe we can just kind of just take a look at the video so uh anyway thats about it, the sun is going down. So let me quit messing around lets. Get these birds in the air hey before we start the flight with the autel evo nano plus. I need to tell you about a little anomaly that i had once i looked at the files off the sd card. The high definition file that the nano plus saves quit part way through recording the video.

I have the lower resolution thumbnail file and i also have a lower resolution file that is saved to my mobile device, so well switch to that when we get to that point. Obviously, thats going to make it hard to compare the video quality between the two drones, but it is what it is. Clearly. It was a problem with the nano plus so thats, why im showing it, but we also looked at some other things. We looked at some speed of the drone and so forth, so thats. Why im going to show you the whole video uh on with the show? Okay ive got everything fired up with the autel nano and it is grabbing. Some satellites now were just about ready to go. It says: gimbal is self checking please take off later safe to fly now. Okay, so were good to go. There im gon na wait to start recording with the nano plus until i take off, because it does that anyway, even if you start recording first, it will shut down record itll record in a lower resolution and as soon as you take off itll go into that 4K, so anyway, lets uh lets just do a manual takeoff, so both sticks in and well get the guy in the air, and there we are so lets. Uh lets uh lets uh start recording and ill bring it in here. Real quick well get it into the camera, so we can take a good look at it.

So there you go. You can see that little gimbal working like it should uh and ill tell you. This drone is just a pleasure to fly. It flies really well and what im going to tell you is im going to fly both of these drones in uh, normal mode or standard mode as uh as autel puts it. So uh lets uh lets go ahead and do our our manual dronie im gon na drop that gimbal down before i take off here so reverse and up now reverse and up and ill tell you what this thing is a pleasure to fly holy cow? Does it fly good, so well get back there? How fast are we going were going about six meters per second in reverse in standard mode? Uh lets uh lets just immediately. We went out there what about 98 meters from where we took off im going to uh swing it around here and theres, our favorite cell phone tower right. There im going to pick that gimbal back up and look at that it sees well. It says it sees something: a half a meter in front of it. I dont know what that would be uh because its as you can see theres nothing in front of it, but anyway lets go ahead and raise the drone up boy whats it seeing there. That was kind of odd uh anyway, so lets do uh lets do a manual dronie to the to the or excuse me a manual orbit to the drones right and well go around the tower here: real, quick and as soon as we get around here, looking at Where the sun is uh, youll be able to see how low the sun is in the sky and its going to be going down here.

Pretty quick so were going to make this a quick flight and then well get the the mini 2 in the air, but theres that sun low in the winter sky right there, okay, so from here. What i want to do is i want to turn around and i want to go over the top of discovery, school and and get that shot where were looking out over the top of the school and towards the boise front and theres. A good reason for that. One of the reasons is, is that it kind of creates a shot where you get some color uh, because theres a play structure on the other side of the school there, and then you get some things in in the near field and a little more distant too. So im going to pick up the gimbal just a little and im full stick forward and were at about Music, 8.8 meters, almost nine meters per second now over nine meters per second now, okay, so were going to stop right there, and – and this is where i I remember when uh the first time i flew this. I saw a little a few jiggles here so uh so from here lets. Uh lets turn back around were going to go forward back around and come back towards us where im standing here over by pathways school and and were going to try out a little bit of zoom. So again. Full stick forward – and you know, were up to full speed – were up to almost 10 meters per second and thats.

Full speed in in manual mode, so lets see, were at about a hundred and lets go in a little bit: 120, 425 meters or so away, and im gon na drop the gimbal down im gon na focus in on myself. And what am i doing wrong here? I dont see that zoom that ive seen before there just i just needed to touch it. Okay, so there were at uh, were at one time zoom and were gon na go into two times zoom and then were gon na go into four times zoom and ill. Tell you what thats looking nice and steady uh the other day when i did that you could definitely see the shakes and thats me adjusting the the the getting centered up there. So uh yeah im telling you that looks nice and steady uh, no complaints there and in zoom is where youre going to see things move around. Now my hands are completely off the stick now and im, seeing just a little bit of drift but thats. Nothing to be too worried about its theres a little bit of a wind today, so no big deal there. Okay, so lets go back to uh, just one by and and lets just do a little bit of a fly about here and again. What were focused on here with both of these drones is, is video quality thats? What this test is all about, and i guess we can also say that you know, with some of the anomalies that weve seen uh with this particular drone uh with inconsistent speeds, although that doesnt seem to be the case here today, im full stick and yeah.

That was about seven meters per second ive heard people with a lot of theories on uh on on the speed on this guy. I really think its wind related and how much whether its into the wind or not, now, im looking at my uh im, seeing a little tiny bit of a tilted horizon here very very slight. I can see it with the grid lines. On my fpv feed. There were up to the full 10 meters per second there thats top speed uh in the manual in uh, for this drone in uh standard mode. So lets go around here and were going to go to the other side of the school grounds here, and you know these. This is a series of charter schools here and god: okay, its starting to move now yeah took it a minute to get going there and again we are uh were right up to that 10 meters per second – and let me say this, i, the drone is behind Me ive got the uh im facing exactly the opposite way from the drone, with the controller, so uh good job autel on the uh on their control system. This thing is exemplary. Okay lets uh lets, go full stick forward again and were going to come right back up over the top of pathway school here and lets. Take a look at that uh top speed and again we want to look at uh what we see with regard to video quality.

I i can tell you what im seeing on the fpv screen sure looks good. So if thats the case im happy, but look at this see coming this direction, and i dont know why six meters per second so im at full stick forward. Why is it so much slower this direction and theres no theres, nothing. You know nothing with regard to obstacle avoidance uh, so i dont know thats odd lets. Uh. Let me gain some altitude here and uh lets see if i can do a a in orbit, the opposite way around and im doing it a little faster im telling you the controls on this thing are so good. It is so easy for me to keep that thing and look at that now were getting that. Looking into the sun, we got that aircraft nose warning so im sure that was sun related on the obstacle avoidance. I mean look at how easy it is to keep that tower and center frame god great job on the flight controls on this thing. They are amazing, okay, im going to im going to do one more uh thing here. I want to go back uh to the other corner of the park here and im, going to turn off obstacle avoidance and fly uh due east again, where we saw that that we couldnt get it up to speed and and lets see if that makes any difference. Just a thought and then well bring it in and land it and well put the the mini 2 up in the air im telling you what i see on fpv with this drone sure looks good.

I can tell you that much video wise im not seeing any noticeable shakes on fpv okay were faced. This direction again im going to turn off obstacle avoidance and let me adjust that vector just a little bit and were pointed exactly the same, and you know what im going to drop it back down to the 30 meters that we were at last time. A little higher and lets go well. I didnt get that exactly right, but im full stick forward again and lets see how fast it goes because i know some people have uh said that perhaps its the obstacle avoidance that affects the speed, but i dont think thats. The case yeah see its well below yeah its starting to pick up speed a little bit now, but its about, and now its slowing down its about seven meters per second, so yeah i mean whatever the speed situation is. I dont think it has anything to do with obstacle: avoidance, okay, im going to fly it out here over discovery school and were gon na. Do a return to home and uh. I think this guy might even execute a uh, a uh precision landing for us, so were gon na find out. So lets just point. It right go right over the top of the school and stop right there, and i am going to hit return to home on the controller. Oh, you know what i want to turn oa back on.

Okay, oh, is back on and i hit that controller its taken. The command immediately and uh yeah one thing about that oa is, i am probably about the height of the cell phone tower, but i dont have to worry about it because uh this guy is uh, has got obstacle avoidance. So this is me, dropping the gimbal, as we get closer here, so lets bring it down and lets see if we can get a precision landing. Okay, the gimbals pointed straight down its reorienting itself. I dont know why it says unsafe environment but im going to click landing. What didnt it like about that environment that it said was uh was unsafe, well, its not going to be a precision landing, but its going to be. It looks like its going to straddle that crack in the sidewalk here, which is okay, thats, not going to hurt anything and it picks up the camera, and there it goes. I mean its exactly its exactly on the crack on the sidewalk yeah and you guys you saw that on the gopro, so thats cool, okay and i love that it shuts off video uh. Let me get this one shut down and get the mini two fired up and man. My fingers are cold, hey, okay, so uh ive got the mini. Two all fired up were all connected. It says its ready to go were in normal mode. Im gon na take one quick look at the safety menu.

Yeah were good to go there im going to drop the return to home height down a little bit and yeah. I see no reason why we shouldnt take off here. So uh were going to do a a manual take off both sticks down and in fires up the motors and just like the uh, just like the uh autel mini its just uh perfectly stable hanging there like its hanging from a string boy. These both of these companies do such a great job with that lets, bring it in and well rock it back and forth here a little bit. Let you see how that gimbal is working and uh yeah, so i guess at this point again were in were in what dji calls normal mode uh we are going to do a manual droney, so reverse, and up now one thing i didnt do was drop that Gimbal down, i went too far and now im cross coupling because im looking at the gimbal yeah, let me do that over again guys i was uh. I was messing around with the gimbal and not paying attention to what i was doing so well start that all over again bring this guy into us ill. Tell you just subjectively right now, uh as im sitting here messing with the drone, it definitely uh. It definitely feels faster right, its kind of interesting flying them back to back okay, so i promise ill do better this time so reverse and up now – and i probably have that gimbal down a little too far now thats about 30 meters, and i think we were Only about a hundred meters out, so i went further with this drone.

Then i went with the uh with the autel mini, so you know trying to get get it. Exact is not uh, certainly not a perfect science and i def no doubt i had that uh that gimbal down a little bit further, but here we are at the cell phone tower again. So lets get this gimbal centered up on that and lets do a little uh half circle around the cell phone tower and again you know ill tell you dji makes it so easy to do these moves so easy to keep the center of that thing in the Center of frame its just a pleasure now, one of the things youre not seeing on the mini 2 right is any obstacle avoidance sensor warnings. Why? Because the mini 2 does not have obstacle avoidance, so i think thats about. As far as we went with the autel mini – and you know what i rotated the other direction, i believe when we turned around to face uh discovery school, so lets do that and again what i want you to focus on everythings all in automatic here i want You to focus on the quality of video. Obviously this is a few minutes later. So the sun is uh is down just a little bit more than it was with the autel nano, but uh, but close enough for us. So lets go straight out here over the center of uh thats me moving it sideways a little bit and yeah were immediately.

Yeah were over nine meters per second there, and i i kind of moved sideways. I kind of cross coupled there. So i think this is about where we were with the other drone. Let me back it up. Just a little bit field of view feels a little different and thats me messing with the gimbal uh, so yeah so take a look at that and uh and see what you think of that and then well move back around for me trying to remember uh. You know exactly the same moves that i made with the other drone, so im doing my best. Okay, so then were gon na come back over here and were gon na get just to the side of the uh im trying to remember how far away from me, i was when we when we did the zoom. I think this is pretty close. Thats me dropping the gimbal down trying to get centered up. Maybe we were yeah, thats got ta, be pretty darn. Close okay were on one by zoom. There is two by zoom and again you know. Uh. It looks like its holding this pretty steady im gon na drop that camera down im going to mess with the gimbal here and see if i can get it centered right on me, so thats me moving it around whoops, thats, pretty sensitive. Okay. That looks like its right on me: okay, so uh so thats, two by so one by and two by, and you can compare that with what we saw with the uh autel evo, nano plus okay lets go back to one by lets.

Pick that gimbal back up and and lets just fly it around here a little bit so, as i recall, we kind of went out to the corner out here, its uh its. So you know that when the sun gets low in the sky, you definitely get some glare, and so what are we up to here? I am full stick forward and yeah. You know what look at this guy is about seven, not quite eight meters per second, so thats, where we saw slower speeds with the with the autel drone as well the nano. So you know. Maybe there is some wind that that both drones are fighting. So, as i recall, we went this way. The autel drone got up to full speed, so lets try this. I am full stick forward and again yeah this guys getting up to uh. You know just about there theyre just about identical speed, wise look at that 10 meters per second, not just about identical. They are identical 10 meters per second. So if were complaining about uh low speed with the autel nano, we better have the same complaint about the mini 2 as well, because it appears to be almost identical. So lets move around and take a look and head to the other corner of this little uh. Compound here these, these are what they call charter schools that are in this compound on this side of the street. Lets move off to this corner.

Look at that just just same as with we saw with the nano were getting almost up to full speed. Theres 10 meters per second, and by the way i see im a little bit higher. I need to drop down a little bit because we were about 30 meters high, i think with the uh with the nano. So let me move around here yeah. This looks like about the same position we were in with the with the nano, so lets go. Lets go full, stick forward this way and lets take a look at that speed and see. Now this one see this is picking up its going right, where, where we saw the nano was a little bit slower going this direction. This guys going right up to its full speed, so yeah kind of interesting, okay lets get in position and, as i recall, we did a uh, we did a little uh get a little closer. We did a a an orbit, the opposite direction. So, im going to see, if i can do that with this guy too manual orbit, try and keep that so what i see myself doing is cross coupling there. I was accidentally what i was doing there that was operator error. I was pulling back on the stick. So let me move forward here a little bit. I was pulling back on the stick as i went around so thats, whats known as cross coupling, although heres what ill say if i didnt do that with the nano that means that the nano was easier to control right im having to actually physically force myself to Push forward on the stick on this guy to keep myself from backing it up, which is kind of interesting, but i will say: yeah look at see there im doing it again, yeah so im going to give the edge to the nano there i mean.

I i had a much easier time getting a good uh good orbit. Of course, my fingers might be a little colder now too uh, okay, uh and you know what look at were already down. I cant remember how full this battery was when we started, but were already down to 60 battery. I cant remember where we were at on the uh on the nano plus well have to take a look at that in uh. When i take a look at the screen recording of that one, so anyway, oh gosh were look at i even gained. In height too, i was uh. I was 50 meters high holy cow yeah. I was really cross coupling there, but there again im gon na say you know if i was doing it with this drone and not with the nano that tells me that the nanos controls are are a little better. So uh lets do a return to home here and im doing it on the controller and lets see how this guy does, and this drone does not even pretend to have precision landing. So and again. What were looking for here is video quality and were going into the sun here, and the sun is a little bit lower in the sky than it was with the uh with the nano plus, because we are at the end of the day, its about 4 35 Oclock right now on a sunday afternoon and thats me of course dropping the gimbal down.

Okay, the gimbal is straight down its uh, its quite a ways off here. Yeah. What i dont want it to do is land right on the edge of that curb so im gon na cancel. Look at that thats, not where i want it to be thats, not going to be good, so i canceled there. I did not want to land the drone right on the edge of that curb so thats me moving it forward lets see if we can get it get it over. The top of the of the landing pad here. Thats me trying to get it okay, so that looks centered right lets, pull straight down on the stick and see what happens straight down: bingo, uh, okay, and with this guy i need to remember to shut off, recording all right. Let me get everything shut down and well do a quick conclusion: hey okay, uh, the dji mini 2 and the autel evo nano plus natural competitors in the drone market. Right now, uh price, wise, the the mini 2, has a little bit of advantage. Uh features wise. No doubt the evo nano plus has an advantage there. It has obviously obstacle avoidance and tracking and a few other features that the dji drone does not have both of them shoot at 4k, 30 frames per second and thats, mainly. What were looking at here were looking at video quality. Now that can be subjective right. So what you think is great video may not be what i think is great video and vice versa and so forth.

But one of the things i think we can all agree on is uh that if you see things like jello or any shakes in the video or those kind of things, its not good, and i ive seen a little of that with this guy. I can tell you what i was really encouraged at on this flight is when i put it in full zoom mode 4 by zoom, and by the way this guy will only go 2 by zoom. When i put this one in 4 by zoom, it looked rock steady, i didnt see any movement at all, as opposed to the other day when i was flying it. The first time i was out here, i saw it shaking around a little bit, so you know im cautiously optimistic here, uh and as far as on just looking at fpv, i didnt see any anomalies with either drone. They both looked really good. I think the other thing that we can put to get to bed is the speed situation. Both of them got up to 10 meters per second in normal mode, so virtually identical there uh its its weird just, and this is subjective. But when i was flying this one, it just felt a little quicker felt like it accelerated, quicker and so forth, but there again thats, thats, totally subjective now from a control perspective. Im gon na be honest with you. I you guys saw when i was doing the orbit around the uh uh the cell phone tower here now.

I know that i my hands were a little colder and so forth. It was a little later in the day, but i had a much easier time with this guy keeping it in control. I was continually cross coupling with this guy moving it back when i was trying to move sideways, etc. So, im going to give the advantage to autel on that for sure at least thats thats how it felt to me. You may have a different experience. So when i get home im going to look at the video off the sd card of both these drones and if i see any big anomalies ill break into the video right here, i guess thats about it. Uh. I really like both these drones. The only thing thats been bugging me about this one is again that issue that i saw with some shakes in the video, but anyway well uh, hopefully on this one, we didnt see anything but thats about it. Ill quit jibber jabbering uh the suns going down anyway. This is marcus crawford with the idaho quadcopter channel out and if you like, this kind of content, please consider subscribing to my channel and most of all, i do appreciate you tuning in and watching this video and, of course well see on the next one uh, the Autel evo, nano plus and the dji mini 2 kings of the mini drone world.