For example, we have the nano and we have the nano plus. Basically, the difference with the plus models is that it has a better camera and well talk about the specs here in a minute and of course, then they have different packages. You can get the base kits and then you can get what they call a premium bundle which is similar to a fly more combo if youre coming from something like dji, so thats. What we have here today, the evo nano plus and its the premium bundle premium. Bundle basically gives you an extra case, a charging hub and two extra batteries, and one thing you can see right away from the box is. This is the first year that theyre offering color options traditionally autel drones in the past have been that autel orange, but, as you can see here, they have a red version, a white version. They still have the classic orange and they also offer a gray version. Now. I opted to go with the autel orange. I like the orange color. It looks very industrial now it was kind of a toss up between the red, because the red does look really good as well. So lets just get right into the unboxing here and were going to talk about it and why this drone is very important, of course, well run through the setup procedure. Im sure theres going to be some firmware waiting and well have to activate the drone and get it connected to the app so well pull out the case.

Everything is packaged inside its a pretty decent looking case. We have a pocket here at the front. We have two side pockets with elastic, so they do expand another one. On the other side there, of course, just a zippered front, this top pocket up. Here we have our quick start guide and some other literature. You can see. One thing that is a little different here: they have this extra piece that kind of goes over. The drone offers a little bit extra protection from the top a little bit of crush protection, which is kind of nice, so lets go ahead. Here were going to pull the drone out and im just going to set it aside. Well, take a closer look at it in a minute here. Lets go ahead first and well see what else comes inside the case. We have the controller and, like a lot of people, have already stated there is some weight to that, but not in a bad way. Just has a nice solid, build to it so again. Well take a closer look at that here. In a minute we have our charging hub, as you can see here pretty standard. We have a box of accessories well open that up here in a second and we have our two spare batteries. Now the autel nano series is ready to fly for 28 minutes, so that is respectable, its not as much as obviously the new mavic 3, but 28 minutes, isnt too bad.

And lastly, inside there we have our charging brick inside the accessory box. We have a usbc to usbc, cable and then here we have the data cables that go to the controller from the smartphone and whats new this year is. This is the first time theyre actually including a lightning connector, the original evo, the evo 2 series. They never came with a lightning connector. You always had to provide your own. I dont know if it was a licensing thing, but this year they find the included one, which is nice and of course they have usb c to micro usb and they have usbc to usbc. You can see here we have spare propellers in this little package. Here we have our control sticks for the controller and we have some small screws for when youre, replacing propellers and lastly, a little screwdriver for replacing the propellers. So lets go ahead and well take a closer look at things. Um one of the biggest problems with autel drones in the past is that their controller was not very good when youre watching reviews of the evo2, the evo2 pro. That was one of the complaints, including myself, that most people had with it. For the most part, the controller did work fine on it, but it just was not very comfortable to hold just not just wasnt, very intuitive. So, with all that customer feedback, they did indeed redesign the controller, and these sticks are actually pretty beefy and, as you could see there, they are removable.

But as many people have already pointed out, one kind of design flaw already with it is that theres nowhere to store the sticks when you remove them and the sticks do have to come off when you do put it in the bag. So you do have to be very careful that you dont lose them. Ive actually lost. Some control sticks in the past because if you are taking them off – and you happen to drop them down into some long grass – they can be really difficult to find. And there are no spares in the box, so you do have to take some precaution there, but yeah the controller actually feels really nice uh. You know well do some more testing with it. When we get out to fly it but uh. You know im pretty happy with that on the front there we have a return to home button. We have a power button pause button, some leds there below that the bottom there we have a usbc and theres a little charging icon behind it, so thats how we charge it up and you can see there. We have this other little opening shape of a usb c connector, and some people pointed out thats a good way to store the cable. When it comes out the back, you can put the other end in the front to keep it from dangling around at the top. Here we have another usbc port thats, where we connect it to our smartphone.

We have a gimbal dial, a programmable function, button that we can set to do various tasks and we have a shutter and record button. On the other side, there, the data cable just plugs into that back usb port, and what people are talking about is you can actually just plug that in there like that, for when you have it stored away in your camera bag. So now lets go ahead and well take a look at the drone here and uh very small seems to be well built. You know for a mini drone, theres only certain types of material they can use to keep it under that 249 grams, and i think i did forget to mention that this is under 249 grams, which is extremely important in many countries, especially in countries like canada. Here, in order to fly a drone, if its over 250 grams, you have to have a drone pilot certificate. Now that pilot certificate is pretty easy to obtain its open book and its just multiple choice that you do online, but for some people you know its not something that theyre really wanting to do. On top of that, then you have to register it and theres a lot of restrictions around drones, but with a drone, thats, 249 grams or under you dont have to register it with transport. Canada. You dont have to have a pilot certificate, and on top of that, you can fly in more places that you can a drone thats heavier these sub 250 gram.

Drones in canada are not regulated like a regular drone. Basically, they give you suggestions and just mention you know: dont, do anything dangerous, dont, hurt anybody and dont be stupid. Now you cant go and fly on a tarmac at an airport with this, but you know you can fly within that bubble, which you cant with a larger drone. Some stickers on that will remove. As you can see here, they do have a little propeller guard holder. Keep everything uh itll, keep everything tucked away when you have it stored in a camera bag. Now, as mentioned, this is a very important drone release just for the fact that it gives pilots drone pilots, some of the features that they want in a sub 250 gram. Drone that just havent been available. First of all, we have obstacle avoidance now, as you can see here, we have obstacle avoidance, sensors at the front. We have two at the back and we have two here at the bottom. It also offers tracking. Now i dont think the tracking is quite available, yet its gon na be coming with a firmware update, but i could be wrong. They may have added it already, and it just gives us a lot of the intelligent flight modes that arent available on something like the mini 2, but whats most impressive about this drone is. You can now have a sub 250 gram drone, but you dont have to give up on image quality.

This is almost a one inch sensor, its a 0.8 inch of a sensor, which is pretty incredible for a small drone like this now thats for the nano plus. If you do go with the regular nano, its going to have a half inch sensor, which is still pretty good, so yeah, it actually looks pretty good its about the size of a mini im going to do a comparison. Video here, coming up, probably in a couple days, were going to be comparing it to the mini video quality features set. So uh keep an eye out for that. You can see the batteries load at the back there uh. We will have to charge them up before. We can update the firmware now lets go back to the specs of this drone because, like i mentioned theres, a lot of intelligent flight modes included this, including tracking, but another really interesting feature is autel, has something called skylink thats their version of ocusync? If youre more familiar with that terminology from dji, the nano is rated to fly 10 kilometers, but whats really interesting about the skylink. Is that when youre flying within one kilometer of the controller, where you are, the downlink is at 2.7 k, which is pretty unheard of. Thats going to give you a nice quality feed, probably one of the best in the consumer drone market right now, when you fly over a kilometer, then its going to go down to 1080, which is still really good, so im actually looking forward to seeing uh how That works and what the quality is like, but 2.

7 k for downlink is pretty impressive. Both the nano and the nano plus are capable of recording at 4k 30.. It has a bit rate of 100 for both drones. It has full raw support for taking photos and both the nano and nano plus offer 16 times digital zoom. Now, when you get to that 16 times, that image is going to really fall apart, but if youre just kind of searching around looking for things, then definitely that 16 times might come in useful. You can shoot panoramas with this drone and it also has timed interval. It has something called sky portrait and that will allow you to film in a vertical format. So if youre filming content for youtube stories or instagram stories or even tick, tock youre going to be able to capture content in vertical format. The drone is also capable of hdr and it has a brand new app called the sky app and were gon na. Take a look at that here. In a minute, once we uh get everything charged up so im gon na kind of pause. The video for now im gon na get the drone charged up and then were gon na fire. It up were gon na connect it to the sky. App were going to get the firmware, updated and then were going to take a quick look at the sky app and how its laid out so weve gone ahead and got everything charged up. Weve got the controller charged up.

We have one battery for the drone charged up, so were going to fire it up here and were going to check to see what kind of firmware is available for it, and, as mentioned, we do have to activate it. I do believe this drone needs to be activated, so lets go ahead and well get that done now now. One thing i do want to mention i forgot to mention at the beginning of this video uh, one appealing feature of all ill tell drones is that they dont have full out geo, fencing and im not sure about the sky app, but with the autel explorer app For the evo 2, pro itll give you a warning when youre in a no fly zone, but it will not prevent you from taking off, unlike dji drones, that sometimes youre grounded, depending where you are. Even if you have authorization to fly there. Sometimes it can be difficult to take off, but ill tell leaves that up to you, the responsibility up to you, whether you can fly at a location or not, and a lot of people do find that appealing so lets go ahead. Here were going to get our phone mounted in the controller just sits in there like that uh one thing i am noticing right away. It does feel a little top heavy once the phone is installed, but nothing too extreme, but something to make note of, of course well plug in the data.

Cable and ive already gone ahead and downloaded the autel sky, app with the autel drones, its just one, single long press and again long press for the drone, and you might be able to hear that this drone actually has a fan built in and i think its, The only mini drone that actually comes with the fan, which isnt a bad thing at all, youll just have to bear with me through the noise. So you can see right away its come up, that we have to activate the evil light and we have a firmware update, lets, go ahead and well activate the drone first, so im going to hit cancel for the firmware update, so its now activated and its asking Us if we want to purchase the autel care im going to go ahead and skip that for now well, go back and well get that firmware, updated, so well hit upgrade and there you can see it gives us a list of what its upgrading so well. Just go ahead and let it do its thing, so you can see there. We got a confirmation that the upgrade has been successful and it took approximately about 10 minutes, so just hit acknowledge, and that should be it. This drone should be ready to fly now. If this is going to be your first drone, i do highly recommend doing all your calibrations before you go to fly for the first time its a good idea to calibrate the controller.

Perhaps the gimbal. Definitely the imu and the compass so lets just go in and well take a quick look at the sky app and uh. Basically, its like the fly app for dji drones, its a new version that they have its a little bit simpler and not so overwhelming. For new pilots now im indoors here, so im not going to be able to connect to gps. Now, when you are flying one thing i do want to show you here: you can actually swipe up. You can see you can just get a nice fpv feed and then, when you want to see your telemetry, you can just pull down again over on the very side here you can see. This is how we switch to all our different modes and lets start. You can see, we have quick shots and we have different, quick shots, we can do, we have flick, fadeaway rocket and orbit, and then we have portrait mode, as mentioned where, if you want to film a portrait style video, we can do so, we have photo. We have video mode you can see here. We can also film hyper lapses with this drone, which is pretty incredible if youre coming from something like the mini 2 youre, actually able to film a hyperlapse now and of course, we have panel all different panels, we can capture and then we have pro mode and Thats, where, if you want to go in and do all your own settings, set your white balance iso and different things like that, you can do so there.

We have our settings button here at the top, so whatever mode youre in lets go to video to demonstrate that we can click on that and thats where we set all our settings, change our resolution and uh one thing that a lot of people already pointed out Right now, youre only able to film 30 frames per second. I know a lot of people like to film at 24 frames per second but youre not able to on the nano as of yet. That is something that may come with a firmware update other than that. We have some of our battery information at the top gps strength. All our flight telemetry is in this circle here thats kind of their version of a compass you can see when the drones up in the air itll show you what the angle its at, and it gives you your distance and height. We have our take off button and then we have a meter there. That shows us the angle of the gimbal, as you can see, as i turn it down that adjusts accordingly and at the very top here thats how we change our flight speed. Now they have whats called smooth, regular and sport, so right now its in smooth mode, thats kind of like cine mode for the dji drones. We have our standard mode and youll notice here when we put it into sport mode its going to give us a warning there that obstacle avoidance is not available at the top right.

You can see thats our obstacle avoidance. You can see its green meaning that obstacle avoidance is enabled. We can turn that off just by clicking on it and that can come in handy if the obstacle avoidance is kind of interfering with a shot youre trying to get say you want to get in nice and close to something you can turn it off. If need be, then of course we have our settings here, we can set all our altitude and distance limits. Update our home point. Do our calibrations, you can see here we can check out our battery information, set our critical low battery warning and our low battery warning and some other settings that we can adjust locate. My drone, if you happen to lose your drone, some advanced settings there. If we go to the control tab, you can see, we can set it to metric or imperial. You can set your stick mode. If we go over to flight mode, you can see we have some adjustments for the gimbal, so youre able to fine tune that to your liking. You can see here. We can also customize that function button. We can calibrate the rc set our gimbal parameters, gimbal calibration and we can recenter the gimbal if we go to camera, should we format the memory card and this one i forgot to mention as well. This is an interesting feature. You can enable audio recording, while youre filming so its going to use the microphones on your phone to embed into the video, not quite sure how that works.

That is something we will be testing out, uh, but definitely a nice feature. If you want to do some commentary or capture some of the ambient sound around you, sometimes thats kind of a nice feature. Of course we have grid lines we can enable and uh. Here we can set all our photo parameters. You can see. We have jpeg raw raw and jpeg for hyperlapse. As you can see, we can set it to jpeg raw or video. Only panels we can do jpeg or raw for video encoding. We can do the h.264 or h.265 download size im, not quite sure what that is, but one other interesting feature that this drone has is uh when youre done flying. All you have to do is bring the drone close to the controller and it will automatically download all the content, so uh thats something were gon na. Take a look at here – uh – maybe not in this video but uh, well, test that out in another video. We have the option to turn on defogging and uh, of course, overexposed warning there and we can reset the camera so yeah its pretty well organized, and you know its just one of those things that already feels familiar so yeah, that is the new autel evo nano Plus, a pretty important drone release its just nice to have competition and choice on the market. If you are interested in the nano drone make sure you subscribe to my channel as i will be, covering it fully over the coming months, well be testing out all the features doing comparisons, and as mentioned, i will be getting the light version in as well.

It should arrive next week so, of course, again well be doing some comparisons well test it out to perhaps help you decide which drone is right for you. I want to thank you for watching give this video a thumbs up.