Today, the clouds or the sun has been in and out today, as you can see, but i was able to get some photos and videos with the sun out so ill show those at the end or towards the end of the video. But in todays video were going to do a little bit of testing of the obstacle. Avoidance were going to take some more video videos and photos and were going to test out some of the functions or special photo functions or whatever you want to call those things. So you guys just sit tight and well get right into it and if you are new to this channel be sure to hit that subscribe button and that notification bell, so you dont miss any of my content. Music. All right welcome back just lifted off. What im going to do is bring it up and then check my settings real, quick and im in smooth mode right now i want to get out of that and im going to start recording, actually not right. Now. Let me check my settings first now, im at 98 i took i believe i took off at 99 percent, so were gon na start the timer now and see how much uh flight time we get. It says 27 minutes, but im only going to bring it down to 20 and well see um. You know what we get all right, so lets go into settings here. I got my max altitude uh set to it says, set to 800 meter.

Let me go in. I need to change my settings again: uh. Let me go into control and imperial alright. Alright, i got it set to the max. Then my return of home is going to be around 250. Here got this water tower right here, just in case and everything um did a compass calibration already so im not going to do one again. Uh dont want to bore you with that, go into the controls flight mode, all right, so everything else looks good here. My camera settings, i want my grid lines on and my crosshairs photos im going to shoot, jpeg and raw im going to shoot raw. Happily, i dont think were going to get to the hyperlapse. Today, you dont, you only have choice between jpeg and raw pano. So what im going to do is just for times sake, im going to keep it in jpeg and we are going to have raw regular photos and everything else looks good there. Transmission so lets uh get on with this. So right now, im in auto is going to be in auto im. Taking video im going to start right now, start recording all right, so um just going to fly it around just a little bit. I am in standard mode and lets adjust this there. We go had to adjust the exposure just a little bit now. It is in auto – and i probably will lock my exposure at some point when i start um doing some maneuvers all right, so im going to take it over here to the golf course adjust this exposure.

If i can so theres the only thing about this, it is auto. I wish i could film in pro mode, but there were no filters. You know shipped with this package the premium package i wish they did include some type of filters in the premium package. That would have been nice, i know the evolite has it has them in it or in the premium package. So that would have been nice all right. Take a look over here. You can see the speed 22 miles per hour. It just seems slow to me um. I did fly this around a little bit before uh. I started recording you know just to uh get acclimated with a couple things and it just seems a little slow to me all right. This is normal mode and i dont know what obstacles its detecting but uh. Its detecting something i am 253 feet up and i dont think theres anything else up here, uh, it just seems slow to me for some reason i dont know um. The max speed, i think i saw was maybe 25 miles per hour. Maybe lets go. Lets put it in ludicrous mode or sports mode and lets see what we get so im in sports mode, and i dont know why its okay, its creeping up here, were getting and i am 250 feet up. I mean the wind is not that bad. What ill do is put the wind conditions up here on the screen, but uh its not too bad, so 25 26 max, i got and we are already at 78 percent.

So let me go back to standard mode, so i wont drain too much battery insane that we have 20 minutes left of flight time and i am creeping along at 12 miles per hour. I do not know why i am in standard mode. I have no idea why it is the wind shouldnt really take it that much its not that windy out here so uh i dont know. If anybody else has this nano, let me know uh. What do you think about the speed of it? I have it full. Stick forward and its creeping, i mean theres no obstacles up here. Let me see, if is there a difference, if i turn off the obstacle avoidance Music, its an advanced obstacle, sensors lets turn that off all right and see if theres a difference. So i am in standard mode im pushing full stick forward, and yet i am still barely getting past 11 12 miles per hour. Let me cycle out of normal mode now, if im doing something wrong. If this is my first all tail drone, so not sure if im doing anything wrong and those who are familiar with it, please let me know what, if im doing anything wrong, just let me know so i cycle through the the modes and its still lets bring It down a little im still creeping along, you know, i dont know i mean flies. Okay, it handles well its just right now, its just like slow im, not getting anything out of standard mode going.

This direction lets go this back this direction. All right must be a little wind coming up from uh that direction, but its not windy its, not really windy out here so im, not sure whats going on with it. Maybe it just doesnt have that much power in the motors, but you know it does fly it does handle. Well, i can tell you that it does handle well, i can do maneuvers. I just cant uh im, not sure where to adjust the gimbal settings and if theres any adjustments for the sticks or anything so so um i am taking video and what im going to do is switch over to photo. Like i said, i did take some photos when the sun was out, so these photos here are just for you know demonstration, and hopefully you know you guys get something out of it, so im going to take a photo of the golf course here. I think its good right there. I guess i am taking raw photos so um. Let me stop the recording, stop, recording lets go over to photo and were going to take snap a photo with the controller Music and lets uh. Do it again lets swing it around to the neighborhood here, Music and theres, something wrong with my screen recorded uh, its covering up the the uh shutter button on the screen, so i cant really hit the shutter button on the screen. All right next were going to do pano im going to do to do a wide angle, shot and lets see what it does here and its taking.

It looks like its taking uh im, not sure how many photos yeah. I think its covered up from my screen record, but i believe it takes nine photos. It does take a little while, to you know snap the photos im not sure if its just processing but its um, i think its only taking jpeg in the um the wide. The wide angle photos, and so its processing all right and lets go back into the menu and we can do a sphere lets. Do one sphere lets uh change. The scenery here and kind of expose for this here lets expose for this and lets take a sphere and its telling you not to move the sticks yeah. It may not be the best photo. I wish i can go into manual mode or something or you know its all – auto and ill put these photos up on the screen, so you can check them out Music, its done all right so here it is all right, so im down to 48 percent and We want to do a zoom test were going to zoom in on this water tower two times just press. The button takes a second four times all right. It does advertise that it goes up to 16 uh or x 16 zoom uh. In order to do that, you can long press any one of these buttons, so im going to long press the one – and it has a slider here where you can slide into 16 times zoom, but it takes a few seconds to do it.

There you go oh and it doesnt slow down the gimbal when its totally unusable, as you can see so uh im gon na long press again and go down to eight times, and it takes a second to kick in all right, even eight times or six point. Eight times is pretty bad four time. Zoom Music, i believe, is okay and i am filming in 4k, so you know zooming in maybe Music. I think zooming in two times will be pretty much the max if you want to get usable footage, so um thats that so im getting down on battery and another pointer here. If you uh swipe up, you can clear out your fpv feed or you can get a clean, fpv feed and then, if you swipe down, you get your telemetry back. So i am 22 is gon na actually me to come home shortly, maybe if it doesnt ill. Just hit um the return of home. What im going to do is uh raise up. Oh here it is right here, so i want to cancel that real, quick im, not too far away and im going to do a quick shot, real, quick, the orbit and im going to go to the right and im going to select this as a target and Im gon na go go all right now, once i reach fifteen percent, i believe is going to start landing so im going to try to get back as soon as possible.

The aircraft battery is low. All right see its forcing me to go so well. Do that another time so lets return to home aircraft is returning home all right lets get out of here and were going to record a little bit more start. Recording all right lets see how accurate this is. Please pay attention to the area below when the aircraft is landing all right, so its orienting itself back in the original direction. It did that by itself lets see how accurate this is. Music. It looks like its you know, pretty decent right now. Let me turn the camera over there: Music theres, the can all right Music all right. So here it is, it is a little bit off the the pad, but you know for the most part it made it back home all right. So what were going to do right now, uh? I will put the time on the screen the flight time on the screen, and so you can see what that is down to. I believe it was uh 15. Almost i think so. Um youll see you know how much flight time i got also im going to switch out the battery real quick and were going to do a quick obstacle avoidance test just to get you know through that and um well go from there all right all right. So i have the drone up its getting a little late. So what im going to do is uh.

Do a quick test of the obstacles avoidance, so you guys can see it in action and uh uh were gon na end. It right there so stand by all right, so i have it lined up with me right now: uh im gon na pull it back a little bit and then im gon na go full stick forward, so you guys can see it. Let me just get in the camera view anyway, uh, so im gon na go full stick forward and its detecting something i guess is detecting ground or something from there or whatever. So im gon na pull back and i am about five feet off the ground: full full stick forward. All right looks like its finding a way around too its slowed down. All right lets do that again and im going to see if i can line up a little better, but it did slow down full stick forward. Lets see if itll detect me full stick forward its slowing down slowing down and it stopped totally stopped. I still have the stick forward and it looks like its finding the way through finding a way around, which is nice. All right lets go backwards, just pull it forward just a little, and i have it lined up with me and lets go backwards. Stopped nice, as you can see, and it just bypassed me, thats good, all right, so the obstacle avoidance looks like it. It works. I mean they did a good job on that.

All right so lets try to go into the fence and im not going to do be too crazy with it, but lets see if it detects it at least, and it doesnt look like its detecting it. Oh yeah. Actually it is there we go. I didnt want to get too close all right, so it did detect it and im pushing this full stick forward, pull pushing full stick forward and i cant go any further. All right so thats good the sun is in and out so it looks. The sensors can detect a lot better and im going backwards and there it is. It stopped all right all right. So back at the studio, uh decided to do my closing here in the studio, um theres a couple things i wanted to mention about todays flight. So the crabbing that occurred in my first flight did not occur in this flight, so um im not sure if it was just because i didnt do a imu calibration on my first flight uh that i was crabbing that could have been a possibility. Also, after going back and looking at the footage, i did notice um in some of the shots that the horizon did look a little off. I wasnt sure if it was the landscape, this is a you know, kind of a hilly area, so i dont know if it was the landscape or if the horizon was actually off so thats something i would have to go back and look at on my next Flight, however, the footage does look good.

I filmed everything in 4k at 30 frames per. Second, it was in auto i didnt film in pro mode, because i dont have filters. I like to you know, use filters when im filming in manual mode, but for the most part the footage look good and also the obstacle avoidance seems to work pretty well. However, there is a big concern of mine, the speed of the drone itself. I was in standard mode, i flew in standard mode, smooth mode and in sports mode, but there was times when i was in standard mode and i was going, you know maybe 11 miles per hour, which should be the speed for smooth mode now. This is the second time this has occurred. Uh it occurred in my first flight, so im not sure what is going on with this. This drone right now im not sure if that can be corrected, with a firmware update who knows uh, but i hope if anyone from all tell is listening to or watching this video um. Maybe this is something they can. You know correct im, not sure if it had anything to do with the wind. I did put the wind conditions up on the screen, and this is the wind conditions are, you know were something that this drone should be able to handle being that it is a level five wind resistant drone. So the top speed i was able to reach was around 27 miles per hour in sport mode, which is you know, kind of slow.

So i hope this is something that alltel can address and uh kind of correct if, if its possible, but so far, that is one thing that is kind of concerning me so thats about it. If you arent, subscribed to the channel be sure to hit that subscribe button and that notification bell, so you know the next time i post a video on the autel nano plus, but until then you guys be safe and ill.