Now this is the premium bundle and it just arrived on my doorstep today, and i thought i would do a quick unboxing to show you pretty much whats in the the box and also to introduce it to my channel. This will be the you know. First of many uh videos with this uh drone, i will be doing an extensive review on it uh. So if you are new to this channel uh, please consider subscribing to the channel and um hitting that notification bell. So you know when i post a video now this package also came with this 64 gig sd card, which was free when you ordered um, which is you know, a nice gesture, but uh just quickly were going to go over a couple. Key specs of the uh nano plus before we unbox it um. This is a sub 250 drone um. I did order the orange classic orange. I wanted the red, but they didnt have red available when i ordered so i stuck with the classic orange. It has a one over the camera on this drone has a one over 1.2 1.28 cmos sensor is capable of flying out to you know 10 kilometers, and another key point is that it has three way obstacle avoidance. So this new series of drones just started shipping out. So if you ordered it, you should be getting it pretty soon. So lets see whats in the box, Music, all right. So inside the box, you get your nice little carrying case with autel written all.

Tell robotics written on the front: it seemed like a nice quality bag. It may be water resistant with a couple pockets on the outside and on the side here, uh to hold batteries or something like that. All right so lets see whats inside the bag, all right. So you get your couple of compartments in here. You have your quick start guide your packing list and a couple guides on the charger and a disclaimer or safety operations guide. You also get your pack of accessories in this box here, charging cable, uh, your sticks, thats. What it looks like yep, your joysticks, you have all your propellers, you have your data cables, you get three, you get your micro, usb, your usbc and then your lightning cable, and then you get a nice little screwdriver for your propellers. Also, you get your charging hub for three batteries: Music and down. Here you get your three batteries, so the batteries are 2250 milliamp hour 7.7 volt batteries uh you get three of them, uh two coming in the bag and then one is in the drone. You know, i believe you can get 28 minutes of flight time in perfect conditions with these batteries, so to charge your batteries on the charging hub. You would just uh hook it in here and press until you hear a click then connect your charging cord here and then plug it in and there you go, and then we have more stuff in the bag.

We here heres your charging, brick with the foldable prongs. Now we also have the remote, and we will take a look at this shortly after the drone but uh first impressions. This thing does have a little weight to it and it feels um. You know pretty good, so well. Take a look at that shortly. Lets get here to the nano plus and put this over here to the side right so heres, the nano plus uh it comes with the battery installed. It also has this nice little um. You know propeller strap to keep your propellers. You know nice and secure during storage, which is a nice touch, all right, so heres the camera all right. This camera is capable of shooting uh 4k up to 30 frames per second, also its capable of shooting 50 megapixel uh photos. It has a like i mentioned before. It has a one over 1.28 inch cmos sensor and it comes with a fixed, f, 1.9 aperture. Now, with the larger sensor larger than the dji mini 2, with the larger sensor and the wider aperture, it should do. You know pretty decent in low light, especially maybe a little better than the ddi mini 2. We will definitely test that out now going around the drone starting in the front. You have your two obstacle avoidance sensors there, and then you have two obstacle: avoidance sensors in the rear, also in the rear. You have your usbc port, along with your sd card slot.

Now the power button is on the battery. Well, try to you know power. It up shortly, but you also have your indicator lights here, to show you how much battery you have left now switching over to the bottom. Here you have your led uh light indicator there along with a ultrasonic sensor, and then you also have your two optical sensors. There downward obstacle sensors, along with a air inlet here, as they call it air intake, and you have a couple air intake slots there as well. Now, if we open up the the arms just flip them out, youll find a couple more air intake slots there on the side on both sides. Now this comes with brushless motors and the propellers. Are you know, kind of flimsy flexible so well see how they do. How quiet they are when we test fly it? The arms are pretty rigid, uh, no, pretty much no give in it not too much give you know, and then um, like i said, the build of it is, is pretty solid. Now, compared to the mini 2 im going to grab the mini 2 here and place it on top theyre, pretty similar in size, the body of it uh lets see. The body of the mini 2 is slightly wider than the autel. But the looks like the arms are a lot shorter, so the autel does have a larger, wingspan or arm span. If you want to call it, but it does look a little bit narrow in the the body portion of it heres how it looks side by side.

You can hear how they look side by side fold it up now to remove the battery. You depress these two tabs here on the side and just pull out and thats it all right. Well come back to the aircraft in a moment. I just want to get to the remote now the remote has a little weight to it, uh, it feels good. Actually i like it, it has a little rubbery uh coating here on the handle for uh, better grip and um. The buttons have a nice little tactile feel to it, get a nice little positive response when you press it. So i kind of like that now it doesnt look like it has any place to store not from what i can see here. It doesnt like it has any place to store um your sticks, but it only comes with uh one pair of sticks. I only found one pair in the bag. I have to look through it again just to make sure, but i only have one pair of sticks now the sticks are uh metallic, build with a rubbery uh coating on the sides. Um the gimbals or potentiometers. Are you know very responsive they? You know snap back very quickly when you flick. I know uh a lot of a lot of the stick flickers. I will be uh happy with that. So um now going around the the remote um, like i mentioned these, these buttons, you have your.

It looks like you return the home button here you have your power button and your pause button here. On top of the remote you have your shutter button, which uh you can take your photos or record video with. Then you have a, i guess, a program, a programmable function, button here, and then you also have your gimbal wheel here. Also on the bottom of it, you have a couple of air intake outlets here, and then you also have your connecting port for your device right on top and then down below. You have a connecting port, a usbc port for charging. Now this here is where you place your device, and it also doubles as an antenna. I believe – and this portion here is where uh, what transmits the signal it looks like it can fit. You know a pretty large phone uh, so lets grab my this is my z, flip phone or my samsung flip phone, and it fits that and it looks like if i stretch it out a little bit more. I have maybe a half an inch to play with there, but you definitely will not be getting a tablet in here unless you have some type of special mount made up for it so again lets power. This on lets see how this powers on so what i did was a press press and hold to turn it on, and press press and hold to turn it off and also on the drone press press and hold turn it on, and also press press and hold To turn it off alright guys there it is the autel nano plus premium bundle.

I hope you found this useful also, if you are thinking about buying one of these, i will leave a link in the description below, so you can go ahead and check it out. Like i mentioned before, this is the first of many videos with this drone. I will be doing a flight test, maybe tomorrow, and i will film that and get that out as soon as possible. So if you arent subscribed, please consider subscribing to the channel and ringing that notification bell because thats important, so you know when i will post you know when i post my videos so um. Also, if you did like this unboxing, give it a thumbs up. This does help you to pass it along to other people who are searching for content like this. But one thing i wasnt able to do was weigh it in just to make sure the weight is as advertised didnt have the scale available. So um, maybe next time on my next video ill, do a weigh in just to show you exactly what it weighs uh with and without the battery. So with that said, uh you guys be safe and ill.