This is the frozen review of the autel evo nano plus. I took this out in temperatures. You would not believe – and it worked pretty darn good, so im kind of impressed on that, although i did have one tiny issue with the gimbal that ill get into a little bit later, due to the cold weather and its written right in the documentation. Not to do something – and i did it anyways anyways enough about that, so this videos all about the nano plus – and you probably want to know what i think about it since ive – been flying it now for a week. Well, i think it has the potential to be the best, the best mini drone on the market in the year 2022.. The reason i say it has the potential is because not all the features are present in the drone. At the time of this recording in early january, the year 2022 well 90 of the features. Are there some need a little bit of tweaking, because not all of it is there, but the biggest feature missing is dynamic. Track 2.1 thats, where you just draw a box around yourself and the drone will follow you, your kids, a car, a motorcycle, a skateboard anything you want uh yeah its its not in this drone at this time, its coming, though they say, maybe by the end of January or early february, it will be in the drone all right im getting kind of hot here, so im just going to open this up a bit get some air in all right.

So what makes this drone so amazing! In my opinion, many of you know my background is in photography and videography. So whenever i look at a drone, i always jump to the camera to see how good the camera is, and i look at the dynamic range and see how well it is for things in that regard. This one is super good, not really good, but super good. They have, i have to read it over here because i honestly was not familiar with it. They said they put a ryb design, leica howie partnership technology in it. So you know, leica is a big camera company with good lenses and everything. And basically, if i dumb it down to simple terms that i can understand, it basically allows more light to get onto the sensor. To give you truer colors and representation, and i will say thats 100 true, because when i compare this to the dji mini 2, well, you could see a difference. The mini 2 is lacking dynamic range, whereas this automatically has it and thats, probably partly due to the sensor size, its a 1 over 1.28 cmos sensor, but, more importantly, the lens. Where a lot of companies you know they skimp on it. They didnt skimp on the lens on this one, its an f stop of 1.9 aperture. So that means it lets lots of light in no matter what the lighting conditions are outside. You know if you already own a drone.

It always looks pretty good on sunny days, but if you ever try to fly the same drone in the winter on a dull day, it doesnt look so good or if you fly it on cloudy days or dull days. The image doesnt look that good, if you know anything about photography the image doesnt, look that good. If youre, an amateur, probably looks good to you, no matter what you do. Another thing they added on here that i noticed right out of the box when i first flew it was that theres, a phase contrast, detection system for the focus. So this thing auto focuses but a lot of drones that auto focus when theyre on the ground theres. Something in front of them, while theyre focusing close right and then they go up in the air and everything is blurry because they havent readjusted the focus they havent. Clued in this thing is like instantaneous how it focuses it never gets it wrong. Max video resolution on this is 4k 30 frames per second, even if you drop down to 2.7 youre still at 30 frames per second, you got to drop all the way down to 1080p to get 60 frames per second. Will they fix that in the future? And add more frames per second, quite possibly your photos, you can take them in jpeg or raw or both and they are 50 megapixel photos, so theyre very detailed, a lot of image coming back at you and the photos.

In my opinion, look spectacular so youll be quite happy if you use this drone for taking photos like all autel drones, they put the digital zoom on this thing and you can go up to 16 times zoom, which looks, in my opinion, terrible ill show you that In the video, but if you stick like at two zoom, two zoom is okay: you can go 2.5, maybe three and it looks okay, but i wouldnt go past that all right enough of me talking about the camera and all the specifications. Let me show you some examples of the video and the photos right now and then come back to me and well get into this entire review check it out Music. So Music do Music Music, so the video looks great, but how about the photos? So let me show you your photo settings, so you have two choices: 16×9 or 4×3 and then for how the photo was taken. You have a single shot, burst, shot, thats, multiple shots, you have timer and then you have exposure bracketing and here are some quick examples of photos. I took Music now. I know someones going to ask me: how noisy is this little guy and im going to tell you the following? I did not test the prop noise, but when i was out flying this, i was like hmm. This does sound a little bit noisier to me than the dji mini 2.. I havent tested them side by side, although ive flown them side by side, youre going to see it in this video, but to me theres a difference in pitch.

But honestly, i dont think anybody notices the sound because check this out im flying over a frozen river here following the footprints of a guy whos walking out to do ice fishing hes using an auger to drill into the ice. Maybe he couldnt hear the drone with the auger going so anyways im flying around him. He doesnt hear or notice the drone until the very last second taking off in the cold Music. Now one of the most common questions i had before. I made this review when i told the world that i had the nano plus was: is it better than the dji mini 2? So, yes, it is better than the dji mini 2, because the dji mini 2 is old technology. It came out quite some time ago. You know the next best drone by dji is going to be the dji mini 3, and i dont expect that to late in the year 2022. So for now we have this baby. And yes, this baby is better than the dji mini 2 matter of fact check out this little video when i flew both drones in snowy weather in my backyard now, my backyard is known for having almost no gps reception because of all the houses surrounding my backyard. So drones usually dont, fly too well in my backyard and when i put the autel nano up and i put the dji mini 2 up, you can see that the mini 2 was sort of like struggling.

It was not getting all the gps signal and it was even saying it right. On my display and for the nano the nano was going im happy. I got enough gps signal. You can see the autel is locked in place with gps, but the mini thats uh. Moving around it is not locked in place. Look at that its just to move it im not doing anything its having difficulty getting gps, whereas the evo has the gps, and that comes down to newer technology and even in my video comparison flying both drones in my backyard. Looking at me with my yellow and blue jacket and holding up the landing pads with the color, you can see that the evo nano plus is showing a truer image due to dynamic range than the dji mini 2.. The mini 2 always showed that sort of image and people just accept it, but if you want a really really good quality image, then of course the nano plus wins out – and this is also true in the photo department. So here we go heres a picture of my street. Looking out check out the tree on the left. You can see on the dji mini 2 theres no detail in the tree, but on the nano plus theres plenty of detail, everything is properly exposed and check out. This second photo of me crouched down in front of both drones. You can see that my face my jeans. All parts of my body are properly exposed, whereas on the dji mini 2 it had difficulty with the exposure and theres lots of detail, loss Music, all right so now youre wondering well.

If the lens is so good and the cameras so good on this, how does it work at night? Is it any good for taking night videos so yes check it out right here you can see the night video it does very well. You know the iso only goes up to 6400. I wish it would go up higher on this camera, since it has an f 1.9 aperture, but it only goes up to 6400, but youll notice in this image. Theres. Well, i dont see much noise, so it takes the image and it doesnt introduce noise into the image, its almost like the dji mavic 3, where theres a noise reduction happening so taking photos at night or taking video at night. Your video is going to come out. Looking great and you will see all the lights of your little town in the city, as you see here, no issues whatsoever and its so good that, even if you pointed at bright lights, like you know, car headlights, things like that, it doesnt reduce the exposure and Then make your image all terrible. It just keeps everything the same and it looks good all right lets get into the physical features of the nano cause. Theres some really cool things on this drone, so that is different than any other mini drone on the planet. So let me unfold it its a foldable drone. The first thing youll notice about it is on the bottom. The sensors ill show you a close up, so you can see it.

The first thing i want to tell you is that remember when i reviewed the hubsan xeno mini pro, i said man dji and other companies are going to have to figure out how to put a huge communication system in a little drone like this with sensors and Reduce the overheating they all have to come up with a plan, so what autel did is they put a fan? The mini has a fan built into it. This is the first mini drone ive seen with a fan built into it. So, due to that fan, it does reduce your flight time slightly and the flight time for this little baby is about 28 minutes uh my flight tab. I flew it in freezing cold temperatures. I mean freezing cold wait until you see um yeah it. The flight time was actually pretty good, but i wasnt getting 28 minutes not in that cold temperature, but, unlike other drones on the market, it didnt complain about the cold other drones. I fly them and they automatically will say its too cold out were reducing the power from your battery to the drone so or some features dont work. But this seemed to work fine, so getting back to the sensors. We have our fan in the center and then you have two optical flow sensors right here, so they didnt just put one they put two and then you have an ultrasonic sensor at the bottom, so that sends out a sound signal to go.

Hey am i close to the ground? Is there anything below me it doesnt matter if its nighttime or daytime it works in both its not dependent on light, then, if we flip to the back of the drone, you have a spot to put your micro sd card and you also have a usbc so That you can connect it to your computer. If you want to pull your photos off that way or you can charge it up this way, the battery is removable in the back, just pull it on out like this, and my controller fell over and if you come from the dji world, youre used to click And then hold the second click well on this one here you just hold down for three seconds and it powers on, or powers off and thats. True for the controller as well, theres, no double clicking the battery is a 2250 milliamp hour lipo battery second best thing on this drone for features would be the obstacle detection up front and on the rear – and i will say they work phenomenally theyre really good, because They dont ruin your filming. Finally, you have that awesome camera up front with the three axis gimbal now i have to say there are two versions of this drone. You have a nano and the nano plus the only difference between the two is the camera. Obviously, on the nano plus it has that great camera. I was telling you about now.

Let me point out and a very important point to everybody who buys this drone or even reviewers out there who never clued into this. This gimbal is not designed to be used in cold temperatures; it says it right in the literature, so theres a little dampening system in the back. That takes the vibrations from the motors and stops this from shaking due to the vibrations of the motors that dappner does not work when it gets below minus 10 degrees celsius. I flew this in 19 minus 21 degrees celsius, so that dappner was frozen. It was not working, hey everyone, its super cold out here, im just gon na pull this down for a second. It is really cold. Today, ive got the sun shining on me. You would think it would be warm, but its super cold out today. Look at my phone, i dont know if you can see that it says minus 19 degrees celsius, minus 19 celsius. Does that even show up in there? I would never fly drones in this type of temperature, because most drones wont even fly in this temperature, but im going to take the autel nano plus out for a spin and lets just cross my frozen fingers here that it works. I do have gloves that go over these mitts or else my fingers will just freeze all right lets go the video still comes out okay, but you will see if you look straight ahead at something that goes straight up and down.

You will see that it will jitter. If you want perfect video, then flight in warm weather, like you, can see me here, im flying it indoors around the house and theres no jitter or anything because its nice and warm the only way. I could sometimes get around that jitter is to just leave this in my car. Keep it warm and then take it out and go fly it. It takes about maybe 10 minutes before it gets frozen, but yeah you could get 10 minutes of good video and then, after that, its like im, starting to see the jitter and for indicator lights. You do have a little one back here and there is what appears to be a light up here on the nose right off the bat. I want to tell you that this controller, when i first saw autel advertise it – i laughed at it because i thought, oh, that looks so plasticky and i, like their old controller, now that i have it in my hands. This is the best controller on the market. For a mini drone – oh my god, it is so solid and heavy. It feels like its made out of aluminum, but it is kind of plastic. There are some metal parts on it, but its more solid feeling than anything else. As a matter of fact, im gon na say this now and its probably true, if youre ever trapped in your car for any reason, and you have to break a window and if you have this, it will break the window no problem.

So the joysticks are probably some of the best joysticks ive ever felt in my hands. The button assignment very simplistic, nothing, exciting, thats, your antenna here for your phone, your cable, hangs off. You only have one scroll wheel on the front to move your camera gimbal up and down. You have a take a photo, take a video button over on the opposite side, and they did a really smart thing. They took off the buttons off the bottom because when the controller gets small, your fingers actually touch them by accident and they put the assignable function. Button right here, this function button allows you to assign two functions to it. So if you click once thats one function, if you double tap tap, tap, thats second function, so its like having two buttons in one. Your cable here comes off thats for your phone. They include cables, youll, see it in the unboxing. I just wrap mine around like this, and then i close this and the cable is secure. Same is true for the joysticks. A lot of people were complaining that hey the joysticks. Where do you store them? Because if you leave the joysticks on, let me just move this and you have the included bag. Well, hang on a second turn. It this way. Well, it kind of gets in the way those joysticks you can still squeeze it in there, but it kind of gets in the way some people have written on forums that they screw them into the bottom, because theres a bunch of little holes here and you can Do that, but i wouldnt do that because theyre not designed to screw into the bottom, but you can there we go.

I just screwed them in the bottom here ill bring it closer. You can see that go see how i have them screwed in right there, so that would fit in your bag. Nicely no problems there, however, since those holes are not designed to screw the joysticks in youre, actually wrecking your joystick. So what i do is i do this. You see. Oh, this opens and closes, and i stick my cable up there and everything else. I put the joysticks there as well, because theres a little shelf in it. So im just going to show you here. So i stick my little joysticks and you can see that close up. You can see how i have them right in the front right there. So thats, what i do when you have this controller, do whatever you want to hide the joysticks, because a lot of people want to fit in the bag and see how it just falls in the bag. Now, no problem, if you want to record your voice while youre filming something you can and your voice is then recorded onto your cell phone with all of your video and photos now thats, something i should mention about the drone and your cell phone, and that is, Can i just put this over here there we go, and that is that this drone has something on it really cool in that. If you only fly away from you less than one kilometer, the video coming back to your cell phone is at 2.

7 k streamed back to you at 2.7 k that is very high resolution. Most drones top out at like 1080p 60 frames per second, but no its 2.7 k coming back. However, when you go past one kilometer in flight distance, then what a stream back to you is that 720p, just like most rooms. So if i havent mentioned it already since im talking about all this stuff, the range on this is 6.2 miles ill, say it in miles because i always say these things in kilometers so 6.2 miles in range and it has really good penetration because i tried it Around my neighborhood, i like to do that with a lot of drones that are under 250 grams ill fly them around my neighborhood and see how good the penetration is see. If i get any jerky video coming back or anything from flying the drone, because all the houses have wi fi and all sorts of communications coming out of them, which messes up your signal, if youre flying you know not too high up in the sky, so to Fly this drone youre going to need the autel sky app and if you want to know if it works with your phone, just download it and put it on your phone and if it works, then i guess it works with your phone all right. That was probably a really bad demo, so let me show you it a little bit better check this out.

If you look at my phone on the right hand, side, this is where all your settings are for taking videos or photos. So i have quick shots. If i touch it, you see it gives me all the quick shots on the left. Next, one down is portrait mode ill show you that coming up, then we have take a photo mode and you have a zoom control as well, that we have a video mode and you have a zoom control as well. Then you have hyper lapse mode and you can do manual or orbit. Then you have a panel mode and you have all these ones that you see here and then you have pro mode and thats when you want to really play with the settings and you have p m and s and each one allows you to play with different Settings on the camera now, what i want to show you next is my tiny little test of the obstacle avoidance, because a lot of people always like obstacle avoidance. I dont personally use obstacle avoidance on drones. I, like obstacle avoidance to tell me somethings there, but dont stop the drone so im, not really one that uses obstacle avoidance. I tend to turn it off on a lot of drones. This one here, i tested it out to see what the range is, and it has multiple ranges depending how close you are, how far you are – and i also tested it out to see if it was like the dji obstacle avoidance, in other words, when its coming Up to something, if theres something in the way, do you have the ability to go around it or will it just stop so check this out? Okay, if my hat cab is working, lets test the range of the obstacle avoidance on this drone.

So let me walk in front there. We go its beeping fast. That means theres something there and, as i walk backwards, look at on my phone screen at the very top. It tells you how far away i am and oh there we go so red is bad. Yellow is less bad and of course, pretty soon it should go off. So when does it stop its getting up to eight meters and uh wow thats pretty far still going? Okay, there we go. Oh, i thought it was stopped there we go so thats. The distance of the obstacle avoidance and what is it in the rear? Let me spin it around so now i have the back of the drone im going to walk towards it. Lets see when the obstacle avoidance comes on, coming, coming, sneak it up on your drone. There we go so my glasses. I cant see what that says on my phone screen, but you can see it now on the video. So if youre wondering what it does with the obstacle avoidance ill stand here, ill bring it towards the slow its coming right. At me, the beeping should increase there. We go its gon na stop and if i hold the joystick more forward, it should keep coming and it will just stay in place. It doesnt go around me or anything. It just stays right there. It uh, i dont, think it has in it yet the software to allow it to go around objects when it sees something maybe thats coming with the tracking, but right now i dont think its there.

So yeah you can see from that video. The obstacle avoidance works. Quite well, but there is no system at this time, at least not in my test to go around an obstacle. All right now i mentioned dynamic track 2.1 is currently not on this drone. Not yet anyways itll be on probably by the end of the month or early february, when the next firmware updates come out and more things will be tweaked and made better and better and better, like all drones on the market today. But it does have sort of the ability to use some of the features of the dynamic track, its not tracking as per say, but you can select yourself or any object and have the drone do something autonomous. So they have something called quick shots and youre going. Oh not quick shots. Dji has quick shots well, its kind of the same, but with the autel twist to it so check it out. Here we go with quick shots, so theyre almost the same as the dji quick shots that weve all come to know except theres. A few twists, so this ones called flick and basically you select anything yourself or any object and then the drone will just spin past it, but keep the camera pointed at it as it flies away here. Ive selected, my jeep, so its just going to fly its going to keep the camera pointed at the jeep and then well fly far far far away and when i say far away this, this drone will just keep on flying unless you hit the pause button.

A lot of times, so what ill do next to show you a live demo of how each of the quick shots function? Look on my phone, it says flick! Pick myself! You can pick any object. You want im going to pick me and im just going to say, go and here we go. It records automatically. Oh its going on that side. I thought it was going to go on the other side so to flick past me. There we go im in and then i just have to keep my finger over the pause button because it will just keep going backwards until i stop it. So, however far i want it to go backwards, thats as far as it goes shooting completed, and it comes right back ready for the next one, whoa that suns bright Music, so Music, Music, three two one go in this example. My jeep was selected as the target to do an orbit. However, as mentioned you can select anything, you can select a tree, a mailbox, a piece of grounds, anything it will orbit or do a rocket or do a flick or do a fadeaway Music. Next thing i want to show you on here: is the camera zoom, because a lot of people like camera zoom so just like on most drones, if a drone has zoom its usually digital, because they cant stick optical in those tiny little lenses anyway, so its digital, Which means that its just like having a picture on your computer and you zoom into it on your computer, its no different youre, not getting a full like zoom lens type effect with these drones.

All right lets go to photo snap a photo there. We are now you can zoom in as well, but i wouldnt go more than two theres a two time: zoom ill snap, a photo looking up there we go now. The autel digital zoom was first put there a long time ago with the autel evo for search and rescue. So you could zoom in to look at something youre trying to find. However, it was never designed for like photography or videography or anything like that, so it doesnt. Look that great. If you go beyond two times zoom now, the zoom control does allow you to go up to 16 times zoom, which looks really bad and to access that all you do is take your finger. Stick it on your phone right beside the zoom controls a little wheel. Will appear – and you just slide it up and down to pick the zoom level you wish all right so for you, people who go on vacation a lot. This is the perfect vacation drone, because its so tiny and a lot of countries dont mind drones too. Small and a lot of people dont mind drones this small because theyre so small, they think its a toy. The biggest thing people do when theyre on vacation with drones like this, is they take photos and they always take panorama. Photos to get wow lets get that huge vista so that when we show the neighbors and family and friends, we can show what we saw with our eyeballs, because if you take a photo with a camera, even a camera drone, it only gets so much in and It doesnt look as good as your eyes see when youre looking turning your head side to side, so you can do panoramic photos with this drone and the good thing is: it saves the original photos in jpeg or raw as you wish.

So when you get home, you can do something else to them as well. It will stitch all your stuff together for you, so you dont have to go on a computer and stitch all the photos together to make something so heres. My little examples of panoramic photo and a sphere check it out all right next thing: ill do is ill, take it over the construction yard and do a panoramic photo either pano or sphere. So here we go, have a look at the right hand, side of my phone screen. These are all the panoramic style photos you can take so right now the drone is doing a sphere and it says its 26 shots so im just letting it do its 26 shots over there in the construction yard. Once all the shots are taken, the drone will automatically stitch everything together and youll. Have your results on your phone Music, and here we have your normal panoramic shot from left to right and when you put it in your editor, you can do things like this to scan left to right now. The nano drones do have hyperlapse, because a lot of you like hyperlapse out there and im pretty sure autel, is going to enhance the hyperlapse in the future with more features, because i found the features a little bit limiting for what you could do and what you Get in return but uh for now yeah for those who, like hyperlapse, im, not sure if youll like this but check it out right.

I want to try a hyperlapse mode and im going to do an orbit, and i have to pick me so tap me and there we go so its got me and lets go. Do a hyperlapse all right, so there it goes and as it does the hyperlapse going around me, you can see there its very smooth. The hyperlapse just means its going to take a series of photos and stitch them together into something. So i have to move, or else it looks pretty boring so im just going to walk and make all these little tracks in the snow and when you see the hyperlapse its going to look like im, stop animation youre like a character moving around here. Doing this extremely quickly, so lets go all the way out this way. As long as i see myself that it should still keep working, hopefully it just keeps on orbiting. I dont know if its finding me and orbiting just around me or orbiting around the center point that i selected when i picked me because im always in the frame, i can see it here, Music. Now one of the cool things i was looking forward to with this drone, but the feature does not seem to be there or i cant find it so someone help me out here is the portrait mode portrait is designed so that you can take a photo of Yourself or two people or a group of people, the drone will adjust itself.

It is supposed to blur out the background, so only you are in focus uh, but for some reason that doesnt seem to be in my software. So let me pick me for a portrait shot there we go and im gon na pick close because im, the only one here, okay aircraft moved and now ill take a picture there. We go so im. Gon na go medium. Next, the aircraft will move backwards. A little bit as, if theres two of me here, just to get more people in the frame and then look up snap a photo and of course you can go long shot now long, its going to go back a little bit further there. It goes and its ready for your photo. So once more the background there we are now. Some viewers asked me to do a speed test on this drone because they watched someone elses review. That said well, it didnt fly very fast. I wish i could fly faster. Its not good for me to do a speed test because its so freaking cold here in the battery just cant put out the amount of power it needs to put out, but i did one anyways and i was frozen so check out my speed test here. Our drone is up here is my my head, even in the shot drones over here and were gon na, do some speed tests with it. So here we go all right. This first speed test is the smooth uh flight mode, so i can change it just by tapping the button on my controller.

My mouth is almost frozen here, but lets go really quick all right. So let me spin the drone around coming at me and on my phone. If its recording, then it will display the speed here. We go full speed coming at me, so on my phone it is showing a speed of not very fast and smooth. Okay. When i tap this button on the top left, its gon na go from smooth to standard there, we go should be in standard speed, now standard speed coming over there we go and the last speed mode is sport. So if i push this its going to give me a warning, i have to confirm and it tells me theres – no obstacle avoidance. My hands are frozen. This is the last one im doing all right sport mode. Here we go there, we go. My hands are frozen head, stop all right! Hi, yes, stop! Recording! Yes, i am so frozen. I have to go in. I got ta. Stop this all right, im going in so after having the drone for a week and flying it for several days and freezing cold weather. Did i notice anything? You know that needs improvement. Well, theres. A few things i noticed one is that for some reason, probably because my temperatures so cold, this thing does an olympic belly flop when you hit return to home, it just comes out of the sky at full speed down to the ground and does not stop now.

I think this is due to the cold weather and it freezing up the barometer, because, honestly, if this is what this drone did for every reviewer, then it would break the gimbal. Youd have people smashing into cement or pavement all over the world, but i seem to be the only one whos noticed it, so it must be the cold weather. Second thing i noticed, which is an annoyance for me – and i tell you have to fix this because this is driving me up. The wall is that when you put the micro sd card in the back, you go fly you record video, you turn it off or change the battery and then go to fly again. It says micro sd card not inserted here. Watch this no sd card well switch to flash card, and it does that every time without fail. The only way i can fix it is to pop out the micro sd card and push it back in so its either, because my drone is 100 ice, cold frozen. That its doing that or its a glitch in the software that autel needs to fix, i dont know all right. So the version i have right here is the evo nano series premium bundle. This is the most expensive of all of them. So, im going to show you what comes in the box right now and then come back to me. This is the box. Your nano comes in and inside that box you have a very nice shoulder bag with the autel logo and inside that shoulder bag would be your nano and all the accessories total weight of the drone with battery is 249 grams.

The premium bundle comes with three batteries. A charged tray and the power supply if the batteries are empty, each battery will take 90 minutes to charge so to speed things up, put two batteries on the charge tray and one battery in the drone and plug the drone into a usb power supply. You also receive multiple sets of spare props and a screwdriver. The remote controller is included and just needs to be charged up. Cables are provided for every type of cell phone, so you can connect your cell phone to the controller and finally, manuals are provided now. Im going to give you my final thoughts on this drone in a second, but let me just say the following: this drone does come in four different colors, so this is the search and rescue autel evo orange that the classic color that they always have you can Get it in red, you can get in white and you can get it in gray. It also comes in two versions. If you dont have a lot of money, you can just buy the nano version. If you have a lot of money, buy the nano plus version. This is the nano plus version. The only difference is the camera. I should also mention these things are very hard to get right now. The nanos, because theyre super popular dont, make the mistake i did. I went to the united states trying to get one through all the stores, and they all promised me yes.

Well – have them in stock theyre coming soon, whatever they never ship them, there theres no stock because they were giving them out to everybody who pre ordered them. A long time ago or friends or whatever so i couldnt get one i went over to china. I found one retailer rc going. They sent me a photo of what they had in stock and said yeah we got it. Do you want me to ship it out to you today they had everything there. The prices were exactly the same, really good, so yeah. I would recommend buying from rc going im going to put a link to them below. If you want to get this, as a matter of fact, i have the evil light as well. That youll see a review on next week and that came from rc going as well all right. So what are my final thoughts on this drone? Well, you can already tell i like it and im confident to say that if you bought this drone, you would not be disappointed its very good out of the box, its very reliable, and it can only get better because its released before its release date. It was not supposed to be released to the public until the end of january, but due to demand – and i guess autel looked at what dji did with the mavic 3 – they just said: yeah lets just release it, even though we dont have all the features in It well add those later so its released and you can get it and youll enjoy it, and it goes without saying, since its an autel drone.

There are none of those silly no fly zones, so you can fly this wherever you wish. As long as you take responsibility, so if youre going on vacation to different locations or youre in different places in your country – and you want to go flying, your drone is telling you cant take off youll, never get that with this, it always can take off. I should also mention, if youre on vacation with this drone – and you want to transfer files from the drone to your phone, really quick, even though theyre cached on your phone but say theres stuff, you want to the high quality ones. You want to transfer them right to your phone to do something with them. Then you can. It has a system built into the controller to the phone and with the drone they connect very very fast, its probably got the fastest over the air download ive seen you can transfer files at extremely fast speeds. I should also mention again that this does have editing software in the application. Just like a lot of drones have so all the photos and videos you take, you can go into your phone and you can edit them all there any way you want put pictures on it, change the coloring, all sorts of things change the video timeline, whatever you Need to do and then send it out on social media to all your friends, its all included in the app the only thing lacking in the drone that some of you might be looking for is waypoints theres, no waypoint feature whatsoever in this drone.

Now the funny thing is autel has the best waypoint software. They have something called mission planning its in their pro drones and a lot even the old autel evo. You can do mapping with that software, which is really good. So i tell if youre listening. Please add that software to the app to work with this drone it would it would make this phenomenal all right. I hope my video wasnt super long, and i hope i answered all your questions about this drone if theres something i didnt answer just post your comments below when the dynamic track 2.1 comes out, ill, probably take this drone out again in the cold freezing temperatures and Have it track me and see how cool it is and, finally, if youre interested in buying this drone, which i think most of you probably will be since the year 2022, this is pretty much the best drone on the market in the mini category. Well, im going to put links below to where you can find it matter of fact, im going to put links to rc going because, like i said, i was very impressed that they could send me this so fast had it in stock and yeah. You know no one else could and only they could so props to rc going so their link is going below this video, and now, with that i say i have to go outside and do some more drone reviews of other products on the market.

So i got ta get warm. So if you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and i will catch you in future videos with many more reviews of all types of cool products and if you want to see them, make sure you subscribe catch you in the next video bye, Music.