So without further ado lets see what this drone can do. Hello im ian and i play with drones. So yes, as i said, cancelled my order for the auto nano plus the other week, because i was getting a little bit bored and frustrated waiting for stock to hit the uk shores and obviously the mini 3 is now impending and about to be launched. So i thought id save my money and wait until the mini 3 had been officially launched and then decide whether or not i wanted to go ahead and buy this. But ross from the good people at the edinburgh drone company got in touch with me and actually said: look weve actually got an auto nano plus. I think you want to have a play with it for a week, see what you think of it so thats exactly what im doing they were very good enough to send it down. To me id say: you need to check out uh edinburgh, drone, companys, uh, youtube site. Jack has put together some fantastic uh little tutorial. Videos on there so and theyve obviously got their heart in the right place. So anyway, for me now i have got the autel nano plus to play with for the week, so lets see what this mighty little drone thats had so much said about. It can actually do got the standard package, so you have the little baby drone and the chunky remote and a few leads which we dont really need now.

So obviously, a million in one comparison is going to be made between the nano plus and the dji mini 3. But i thought just for laugh. I would actually compare it with the huge big brother, the evo 2 pro you can see yes fraction of its size but um. Obviously a lots been said about this drone because its got a much better camera. Certainly, the nano plus has got a far better camera than the mini 2.. This is a 0.8 of an inch sensor. The mini 2 has got just under half an inch sensor, so for area wise were talking three times the sensor size for the um. For the nano plus – and that obviously means far bigger pixels as well so bigger pixels normally means a much better picture. A few reports of it not being so great in the wind. But a recent firmware update seemed to put pay to that and apparently it can handle uh stronger, wind, a lot better. So again, its actually a bit of a breezy day today, so thatll be a good test. Ive been told not to lose this drone, though, and im still on my little crutches, so i dont really want to go traipsing in the field hunting this down. So hopefully it is not going to fly away on me today, but just for today, im just going to do a quick late afternoon flight have a seat how it feels ive, never flown the nano plus before.

Obviously i did do a little review on the evo 2 pro last year, brilliant drone, it did frustrate me a little bit the obstacle avoidance kept kicking in in the late evening. Sun. The nano plus sets itself, apart from the mini two at least mini three dont know. Yet havent got these specs uh released, but this certainly the nano plus has got forward and rear uh obstacle avoidance, sensors and with that comes a whole host of other functions like follow me or active track and the like, or whatever, also ill, actually call their version Of it but thats for another video today, as i said, i just want to get it up into the air and see how this little beast actually handles compared to the mini 2, which im very well used to flying and have been flying for the last year. Right lets get on with it so, like i said you get literally the dr the remote and the drone itself, my first impressions of the actual build quality of the drone. This matches what i thought of the evo 2 pro very, very solidly built lets fold it out. I mean youve got to remember that 249 grams. You can only make it so solid and the like, you know me no affiliation to any manufacturer. I will say that to me the legs of this feel very, very firm. It actually does feel a very sturdy little drone. Well, the nano plus max top speed is just a fraction lower than the mini two, so i would expect it to handle a light breeze.

Today, uh pretty well, and i would hope that its flight characteristics are as good as the mini two anyway without further ado lets, take off the gimbal guard, and this is the little wee beastie camera that were all so excited about. Um, like i said, 0.8 inch sensor, which does mean its three times the area of the uh, just under half inch sensor that you have in the mini two both still do 4k video, though this has got effective 50 megapixels, although theyre, effective, pixels. So im always a little bit uh wary of actually quoting that spec, to be honest, otherwise, fairly similar really to the mini 2 youve got the usbc and the microsd card slot. At the back. There youve got the battery, which you can cant see in this light, but you press and you get the battery indication just like you do on the on the mini 2 ill pull the battery out there. It is again slots in the back again just like the mini 2, so obviously theres going to be a lot of similarities between the two drones theres. Only so much difference you can throw into drones of this size and, crucially, this weight 249 grams, keeping it under many of the restrictions both here in the uk europe and in the usa, so fully charged battery fully charged remote control, the remote actually its funny. You know ive got very used now to the standard, dji controller heavy feels very premium.

I was a little bit wary of this thinking. Oh and it just looks like an old game controller, but its got a very heavy sturdy feel. As i said in jurassic park, heavy means its expensive, i dont know, but heavy probably means its got, a good battery inside its going to last for quite a few flights. But anyway, its got a very, very good comfortable feel to to it when you hold it in in your hand, so the phone will clip on top lets, get my phone going and without further ado lets get the bird up in the air right signed into the App got an sd card, like i said fully charged. Gps has found, i think, were ready to take off its okay, so this will be the first time that i have actually flown this little beast. How will it feel compared to the mini 2 lets find out? Go in yep, Music, Music, so, okay, all very straightforward and nice, simple display very intuitive, looks like youve got the digital zoom here, yep, okay, cool nice and clear lets stay on auto focus shall we, i think thatll probably be better. Okay right stick is forward. Oh, he raised over the little tree there thats good, okay, well, the obstacle avoidance works right, got some low sun lets up. We go very clear, display very impressed with the uh. The app the new app theyve developed for the nano range come on lets see how far we go so nine meters per second, not sure if the old obstacle avoidance kicked in again there with the sun, be a bit annoying if it has, if thats still an Issue you see the little uh white spot there fly.

I did a video on what that little white spot is actually so, if ill do a link to that, but uh that little white spot isnt a lens error, its just a uh, an optical phenomenon, uh opposition surge. Its called, like i said, did a video on that the other day very apparent in this low sun. It all flies nicely. Its very still lets uh. Do some video you start recording ive got to slow down those stick movements: nice colors, though nice time of day, just an hour off sunset, lets, take a nice little picture. Okay, all very straightforward aircraft knows really theres no obstacle avoidance up there. They really do need to get that sword nice evening, uh nice evening. Shadows, though, lets go up a little bit higher aircraft tail. Now you see theres, no obstacle avoidance theres, no obstacles up there, so the obstacle avoidance is still kicking in occasionally, which is silly. Take a nice little photo of that. These are quite cool flight mode standard, smooth, ludicrous, okay, yeah, im, fine with the obstacle avoidance, not working, but ludicrous mode would be nice if i tap there smooth standard. Thank you very much. Okay. That makes good sense. So ive got quite a stiff breeze coming from this direction. Basically, im facing facing that now lets just see how fast we can go in standard mode. Okay, only creeping along three meters per second there, its a breeze, but you can look at the trees, not a lot happening with the leaves there.

So i would probably want to jump it into ludicrous mode, see if i can get that speed up a little bit. More five meters per second try a little bit of sideways flying so im in ludicrous mode and that obstacle avoidance is still kicking in so well. Its quite difficult to shop. Just cancel that just do a little bit more video. Let me just drop down nice colors, though very impressive, yep yep im, actually its just above me, so really not too much cool you cant, miss it bright orange. So what i see on screen im very impressed with the colors and the fact that uh its picking up uh its handling the contrast between the bright sky and the uh the ground very well, the obstacle avoidance is just kicking in non stop, which is just nonsense. Really start recording very nice colors, though quite vivid color, good contrast, stop recording all right lets get the boy down the aircraft battery is critically low. It will automatically land. Please adjust position manually to avoid obstacles. Why are you not able to fly forwards come on? It is not its not that windy sake why you should be able to be flying forwards, so lets just land. In my there we go. Okay, really didnt handle did not handle the wind very well at all. Lets go and get that quite quickly. Ah, not the first flight i wanted, but all back, uh all safe, now look uh what happened there so initially i thought it was failing uh in the wind, as it simply refused to fly back towards my location.

I could lift it up no problem, but it would not move forward at all and the critical battery forced landing was really not great timing. But if we look back at the screen recording you can see, it was actually the obstacle avoidance system that was stopping it from flying forwards. You can see it flashing red non, stop as im trying to fly back towards my location and, of course, thats the issue, because if it thinks theres an obstacle in front of it, it will not fly forwards. I have to say this is maddening. There were no obstacles in front of the drone at all, but, as you can see, it was, of course pointing towards the sun. The sun had been triggering the obstacle avoidance, non, stop throughout the flight, and so it was again here as im trying to get it back to my home location. As i said, when the critical battery forced landing kicked in, i had no choice but to land where it was, as it was easily retrieved, but really mad that this happened at all and in truth, i am really really annoyed that the obstacle avoidance kicking in because Of low sun is still an issue with this drone. I had exactly the same issue with the autel evo 2 pro last year and lets be clear back then that was already a two year old drone. So here we are three years on and that damn obstacle avoidance is still rubbish, still constantly kicking in due to low sun.

The very time that many of us love to fly due to the golden hour colors in all my years, flying dji drones. I have never ever had the obstacle avoidance system kick in due to low sun, so why? Why is this still a problem for all tel drones? I just dont, get it anyway. Look another point that does come out from uh. All of this flight is one ive said actually many many times, dont push the battery, even though im still on 15 battery the forced critical battery landing is something that can catch you out. You can push the sticks to regain height, but as soon as you let go of those sticks, itll start to descend again, of course, if that hadnt been happening, i could have gone in and switched off the obstacle avoidance and got it to fly back to me Without any problem, hindsight is easy, so the message is: dont push the battery and that way you will still have time to think clearly and act for the unexpected. So where does this leave me now with my thoughts to the the new nano plus well for new to me anyway, look during the flight. It seemed to me that uh it was slowing right down when flying into the breeze, and you know lets be honest. It was just a breeze. I know we all know that wind speeds often increase as you increase altitude, but for it to only be managing five meters per second lets say 11 miles per hour.

Uh in ludicrous sports mode flying into a breeze does not fill me with confidence for this little drone. So for now i need to get this little boy charged up and i need to do some more flying during the day without a low sun. So i can see how the obstacle avoidance system handles normal daytime. Weve also got stronger winds forecast this weekend, so maybe a gentle little wind test may well be in order too. As for the video and the pictures well fair play to all tell simply stunning, i thought it handled the low sun, the dark fields and shadow and the bright fields in still in sun all easily high contrast, and yet we got vivid, colors and brilliant results. So yes, camera amazing uh. For me, though, jury is still out because, whilst the camera is clearly brilliant, i get the feeling that the drone itself isnt necessarily as brilliant with regards to flying now, fundamentally, i know its easy to say that picture and video you get from drones is the priority, But in saying that it needs to be able to fly, and, crucially, you need to be able to trust it to fly properly, and i am not quite there yet, with this model uh in fairness, it was my first flight uh so but to me it is Still, a real shame obstacle avoidance false triggers still seems to be a major issue with this brand of drone. So very very disappointing.

In that respect – and we look sorry – i get the impression this is probably going to be a very, very long, video uh, first flight and first impression videos always are but look as ever drop me. A line drop me your thoughts below, especially if you have experience of flying this little drone. I really, i really do want to love it, and it seems a brilliant alternative to the mini too obviously were going to have to wait and see how it stacks up. Against the impending mini 3, but as i said for me, i desperately want to love this little drone anyway. Look thats enough for tonight more flying tomorrow, um until then, as ever give me a little thumbs up, always helps the cause.