This is one of the 249 gram category quads, and this is a brand new step for all tell so something everybodys been pretty excited about. I think i know i was pretty excited when i first heard it, but i was actually leaning more towards the light series and uh. Then prices came in a little bit high and i got to thinking you know what its its, not not enough for me to have that and a uh air 2s. So i steered away from that and i kind of considered the nano that wasnt going to put it in my shopping cart, and then i decided you know what im going gon na go ahead and get it and by surprise. I got it four days later, so i just ordered this thing and it came pretty quick. I thought i would fall down to the bottom or behind all the pre orders, but it only took four days so i got the color i wanted and uh everything worked out great, so well find out what color i got as soon as we as soon as We open her up, but i want to point out real quick. First, it comes with a sandisk extreme 64 gig card. If you order them now. Anyhow, i dont know how long that deal is going to go on, but thats one thing: theyre theyre, giving you is a nice little extra gift. Your maximum card size that you can use with this card is 256.

I believe i want to say yeah its 256 gig is your maximum. I was thinking, maybe 128, but no, i i remember specifically, they said 256 on the spec sheet that i read before so this is the quad lets, do a little unboxing and see what we got here and i lied. I already opened it uh i like to get all the plastic and everything out of the way so ive already opened. It got got rid of all the little plastic baggies plus i wanted to do a weigh in on it and let you know what the um weight of this baby is with the battery in it get all the plastic ripped off of it. So we can trim a little fat and see what it really is, but first off i just want to say: uh youve got this front pocket theres, nothing in the front pocket. When it comes to you got these little side pockets. I dont believe theres anything in them. I didnt check those nothing in that one theres a tag in that one and thats it. I think yeah, just a tag yeah a little shoulder bag tag is what it says here and then i call it a lunch box. Not a shoulder bag, but it technically is a shoulder bag. Its got a long strap and it does appear by the zip zipper that it is waterproof. I would not say that its something you could submerge underwater, but you could be out in some heavy rain with something like this probably im with this type of fabric.

Usually they repel water, but the zipper is a water sealed zipper. So lets open this baby up and find out what color i got. First well just see what all comes with it: your typical stuff. Here we have our multi channel charger guidelines. Quick, simple guides, take a look at them. You have your packing list, double check! Your packing list make sure they supplied you everything thats on this packing list disclaimers and safety yeah, and your quick start guide. Very quick, simple, nice pictures make sure you check that stuff out. You are going to also get a little tiny phillips screwdriver for your props youre, going to get a set theres two props in each bag, so youre going to get six of those plus the quad itself is fully loaded already dressed with props and youre, going to Get a little bag of sticks, but be very careful. These sticks are, for your controller, be very careful because they put prop screws in here too. So when you go to pour these sticks out, all those little tiny screws will want to come out and spill and its too small to get your fingers in there. So lets get that screw there. We go so theres all our little prop screws and our spare props. I dont think you really need to see those because youll see them on the quad, but well put these sticks aside. The sticks have really nice padded, thick rubber, soft rubber on the sides of them, and then your texture grip on top for you thumbers im a thumber.

It comes with one usb c type, cable and it comes with three cables for whatever device youre going to be using. So, whichever device you use, you have your options or you have the cable thats going to work for you, its c type on the controller and then the other end is either a c type, micro, usb or lightning cable. So those are your three cables to connect to your device and then the charging cable that goes to your charging hub. Your chair charging base station. There is usb c type to c type and then well grab that and you simply plug it in there like that, and then it comes with the little cube unfold unfold. The plug this is usa style, and then you have the c type and the regular usb plug in your c type, plug that into your outlet. One thing i just wanted to say that i do as a practice. I connect all my batteries to this on any of these, whether it be dji ill tell whoever i always connect my batteries. Then i plug this in. I dont plug this in and then hook up my batteries, because, if you cross arc any of these, when youre trying to put your batteries on, if you fumble and just accidentally, come in a little crooked and youre able to jump a pin, you can short circuit. The safety circuit on your battery and sometimes that kills the battery out so just something that i do as a practice and ill just grab the batteries and show you Music and then, with that youll see what color quad i picked.

I picked white so when youre putting these on they really they only go on one way. But on some of these you can this one seems to be pretty good, but on some quads you can cross jump those pins and that can short out the battery. So you dont want to do that, whether it can happen or not with this one i dont know, but its just a practice that i do so just something im passing on to you guys to just hook up your batteries first, just like so the other ones. On the quad well, leave it on there, snap them in place and then plug this into the wall, real simple: they already come about half charged. I think from what ive seen on others, yeah press it once itll tell you what it is and then to turn the battery on you just press and hold it and then it stays on and then press and hold it one time and it goes off. Okay, sorry, my stomachs growling, so that is the batteries in the charging hub, and then we have this controller im gon na go over that in a little bit. This is a nice controller. I, like the controller im, not 100 crazy on the style, but i like the controller now the quad itself. Like i said i went with white and i really like it and heres why i went with white. I went with white because i already have the evo ii and the classic orange i have djis that are, or every dji ive bought is gray and um.

The only other white quads ive ever had was the original xeno. I dont think i had any other quads that were white, but i just wanted something a little bit different once its up in the sky. We dont see what color it is anyhow, so it really doesnt matter and for some people thinking you want to buy the orange or the red because it is easier to see that may be the case for me, im not going to sit here and lie to You and tell you that i sit there with my eyes out there on the quad the whole time my eyes pretty much a hundred percent of the time once it gets up and im flying. I want to see exactly what the quad scene get my shots. The way i want them, i do not take my eyes off that app pretty much 100 percent. Just being honest here guys some people dont like to hear that they like to hear that youre constantly watching the quad and uh theres those drone police out there, but im not gon na lie to you and a lot of people. That say they never look at the app or theyre constantly looking at their quad. I just i have a hard time, believing that, and there are people that say that so um it comes with, were not trying to be controversial here. Im, sorry, it comes with a nice little strap a nice prop housing strap on there.

I like that, because when youre sitting here showing it like, i am, the props are flopping all over the place, but not only that when you put it back in the case, you dont want to catch these props. If youre not paying attention, you dont want to catch them and bend them backwards. Once youve been increasing them, youre done and youre going to have to waste a new prop so thats nice. It protects it while its in the case and theres no harm when youre putting it in or taking it out simply goes on with a snap, take it off and it just unfolds off the bottom leg, its all rubber, nice and simple, so thats nice that they Add that lets go ahead and unfold it. You bring your back your front legs forward first and then you bring your back legs out and there she is the altel evo. Nano plus premium bundle so were just going to call her nano, and i am very glad that they went with nano and not mini, because we have too many minis out there. So this is the first mini thats, now called a mini and im liking. That fact right there, i love the look at the white with the look of the white with the gray. This does not have the carbon fiber legs, like the light series does, but i do like the look and once i slap on my qc sticker sticker, i think it will look nice so going over the quad key features on the quad first off.

Your first key feature obviously is 249 grams. The next key features are that it has three way obstacle avoidance. You have your forward facing sensors, your rear facing sensors and then your bottom facing sensors. Also, you have your ultrasonic sensor and then you have this led indicator. I was worried i was going to forget to talk about that because its just kind of hidden there, but this is your indicator for your drone status, so well youve got a low battery youre, not bound to your controller. This is going to flash its going to give you different tones to let you know that that will all be in the manual to tell you exactly what those what those are thats something you want to get you want to get to know and learn as well. One nice little surprise that we have here not a surprise now is everybodys, probably already seen it but wasnt expecting to have a cooling fan to keep this baby from overheating. Wasnt expecting that in the very beginning, but slowly we finally learned that they did add one to this and still keeping it under 250 grams, so thats pretty cool, so um 28 minute flight time with this – and this is a 2s lipo, 2 250 milliamp hour battery. I was going to pull one of those but lets just pull this one make sure im correct yeah, 2, 250 milliamp hour battery and, like i said its 28 minute flight time, thats the advertised flight time on this, and then the gimbal of course, is your three Axis gimbal feels very nice feels like a gimbal, but it looks like its a a decent construction mechanical gimbal here i can see the wire and lets go on to the rest of the camera.

3 axis gimbal, like i said, 4k 30 frames per second, and this is a 50 megapixel uh photo photos 1.1 over 1.28 inch sensor and then your large aperture, f, 1.9 thats, nice and thats all it says on there um the filter on this. Let me look at my cheat sheet. The filter on this is the not the rggb they this one has they. They highlight the our yyb filter, um or color sensors. What thats called i think uh for this one, so that i, from my basic understanding of it, is to bring it it its better for bringing in more light um as a filter, so um, i dont. I really dont know ive read up on it, but i dont i dont fully. Remember you dont need to you. Dont need to put it in the comments to educate me ill, go re, read it, but uh dont quote me on: it is what im trying to tell you one? The other thing is, it has a 16 x zoom on this baby, so uh, those of you who want to get that nice close up shot well see how well the six sixteen times zoom works and what it does with your with your image there so thats Pretty much all of that and uh we talked about the battery um were going to move on to the controller, but i just want to say the build. I i i like what i see.

I mean they all pretty much look the same, but uh this this. They were able to kind of kind of give us that that uh evo to look with these back sensors the way they are kind of reminiscent of the evo 2., all of them pretty much. Look like a mavic up here or a dji mini, and these arent fake thats the best part about this on most quads. You have this up front and theyre fake, except for the hubsan, but uh on this quad theyre, real, so uh this one and the hubsan are your first ones with the the uh sensors, all the way around front back and bottom. So yeah im happy with the quality of the build. These legs feel really good. They feel very good and solid im happy with it uh. One thing i did notice in folding it back up is be careful because once they get to a point, they really kind of pull and they they go back hard, so careful slamming those babies in place but yeah, just it folds folds up its its the same Size as as the dji uh mini two uh theres, really not much difference in size whatsoever. They are almost the same exact footprint, except for your leg. Your wingspan, your wingspan, is a little bit wider on this than it is on the dji mini 2. So and i would assume the mini sc and everything as well so thats, the quad theres, not much more to go over with that lets put our sticks on the controller and also, i just wanted to say the winds, the wind speed and the flight speed on The quad so um, it is a uh second lets get these in.

These are a little bit tight. First going on its like the threads arent, fully cleaned out, so it might feel like theres something wrong when you first thread them on, but they they went on. Fine put that aside real quick, i did want to go over, like i said the wind, the wind and the flight speed on this. So your um. This is a level 5 Music, wind resistance and then your flight speed on this. You have a stable normal in sport mode, stable mode is 5 meters. A second normal mode is 10 meters. A second and then sport mode is 15 meters a second, so thats the advertised speed on a good calm normal day, and then your your max wind. So now well go on to the controller. I really love the look of this controller im, not a big fan of these game controllers, but im getting used to them. I i i like it. The only thing i would complain about is i dont know. If you can see they dont give enough here, i i would like to see that extended itd be nicer if that were a little bit bigger, just a little more a little more grip, but its got a nice a nice coating, as you can hear that grips Your hands really well so yeah. This is nice, its got all your typical buttons. You know you got your scroll wheel here for your gimbal and everything your fn button, that you can control uh.

You can uh program and then your your uh picture and video here and then your home and all that your power, but the sticks feel really good. Potentiometers have a nice stiffness to them, theyre not too loose. I, like the feel, i like to feel a lot now for your device, if youre going to use a tablet, youre going to need a adapter that goes inside here. This is just enough to hold my phone with my case and ill show you. So if i, if this my case, goes in really tight, if i try to do it this way, theres just not enough room, so i would have to kind of just push it a little bit, but ultimately, i think the best way to do it would be Sliding it in from the side, but it just holds my case. So if you look – and this is the iphone um 11 pro max – i think something like that: um its not the newest model, its its the 11 max so uh, the 12 its. I think the exact same size, i dont, think theres any problem holding that, but maybe maybe if there is any thickness difference or something its its going to have a hard time with the case, but uh yeah. This is nice. I, like the i, like the controller heres, where youre going to plug your you, get my right kind, heres, where youre going to plug in, to keep that nice and out of the way its not down here where your hands are, and then you just plug it Into your device, if youre going to use a tablet, adapter and use a tablet, then youre going to want to get a bigger otg data cable like a 12 inch thatll, fit that but yeah.

I like the way that is that thats out of the way and uh youve got your youve got cooling fans in here or a cooling fan in here as well. So youve got your vents where itll let the heat out and then underneath theres a blank hole. I dont know what that is. Definitely dont know what that is, but then we have our plug our c type port for our charging. So when you want to charge this, you plug in here not up here. This is where you connect your device. One thing i really want to point out is theres no place to put the sticks, thats something im, not crazy about at all and ill. Tell you why and that thats, because the um im, just looking at the construction of this nice and solid um, you have to leave either leave your sticks on or take them off, but with this type of case youre not going to want to leave them on. Because when you put it in your bag, youre going to either break these sticks or your potentiometers, and you definitely dont want to break those. So once you take these off, the case itself has nowhere. That is specifically made for these sticks. I know not a big deal, chris, not a big deal, its the little things because you lose these youre in trouble and the these are the type of things that can happen. So you really, your only place, is to stick them in this front, pocket and thats.

It if you stick them inside this front, mesh pocket theyll poke through they can end up scratching on your quad scratching. On your controller, you dont want that, but do not put these on your controller and then put your controller in the bag. Thats. One reason im not a fan of these kind of bags, plus we all gather accessories on our quads and then what you take with you becomes more mass and it doesnt fit in these bags. I, like the the cases, the suitcase type thing so be looking for. One of those for sure, because thats what i do with all my quads, i dont use that bag for anything, except for when i take some camera accessories and things like that with me – maybe ill put ill use one of those bags other than that i give Them away so in the future, if anybody wants that bag ill probably be giving it away, but uh yeah. I really like this um theyve got the carbon fiber look here on the antenna, thats your antenna, its its really overall a nice controller, so yeah thats. Everything pointed out everything on that. I think i nailed it all um. Oh one thing i wanted to say is for your devices: if youre using android, you want to use android 8 or later, if youre using ios like i am you want to use ios 12 or later thats whats compatible based off of their specs.

So i think i covered everything i want to cover on this um. I didnt really do any cheat sheet bullet points or anything. So i might have missed something: cut got cut cut um. I completely forgot to weigh it so um actually im just putting a screenshot up there. I put it on the scale and uh. I did weigh it. I just forgot to show you guys but uh just to let you know, i took the plastic off the front. Took the plastic off the back, we have the battery in it, theres no extra anything on here whatsoever. It does not come with filters. This looks like its going to be a hard one to come up with filters on im, not crazy about the way that lens is for filters, but itll be interesting to see what we get with filters on, that good old free will get to work. Please and Music pop up the picture here of what it weighed in on my scale. So as you can see, it weighs in at 248 grams on my scale. I did see in another review that his weighed in at 250 grams, even and then i did speak with chad and he said his scale. He hes got 249 grams, so obviously all our scales are going to be different. The only way were going to get the most accurate between us is. If all three of us were weighing ours on the exact same scale, all scales are calibrated.

Ours are obviously different types and calibrated differently, so were not going to be exact uh, but the key feature here is its under 249 grams im going with 248 on mine, just because thats what my scale says but uh. I think youre gon na see between 248 and 249, depending on the scale youre using so thats. It just want to make sure i shared the weight. As i said, i would im pretty sure i said i would but Music back to your regular programming. I wasnt expecting, like i said, to jump into the ring on this one, but i decided to last minute once i saw it was available. They said ships within 48 hours and yeah sure enough. They shipped it within 48 hours. I had it four days later straight from mainland china, so it was a really nice surprise. Real nice, clean sleek, look im going to add my qc logo on front there or top. You got a little vents on the sides and nothing else on the back. I already said you got your c type in your micro, usb, very nice and clean. So now i just want to see what it looks like inside its going to be at another time ill eventually be working on. One of these. I think, since i fixed drones, but curiosity is going to get the best of me and i will look inside here and check out for myself what it looks like and what it entails, but yeah so welcome to my channel little evo, nano plus premium bundle.

Thank you guys for watching uh. You know i dont normally do unboxing.